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  1. ChÃ*o bác hi v?ng du?c lÃ*m quen v?i b?n. Em lÃ*m bên ki?m d?nh

  2. I though politicians were our natural asset,thats why i havnt hunted any of them yet.
  3. I am considering a new shotgun.The vinci is the one that has piqued my interest.I know nothing about them only have seen pics.I have heard that the timing was off on them but rightly dont know what that means.I want to know if they are worth the money,or are they over rated.I have had SBE and SBEII owners try and sway me to their shotgun of choice but im not interested in those Fowling pieces.If there are any Vinci owners out there I would be interested in their opinoins.The pros and Cons,if any,and are they justly satisfied with their purchase.This will be my first "B" gun.
  4. Anybody else have a good dove season this year?Last year I got maybe 30 birds all year,this year close to a hundred.Awsome hunts this year.I have to toot this horn because so far this duck season is 0 with no water.And still looking for a spot.Its usually the other way around,with no dove and multiple limits of duck.Well,guess you cant get all the game.
  5. Seriously, you can only hunt crow three days a week?Who is writing your laws?!!!!VOTE THEM OUT!
  6. Curious if anyone here has used these,and if they happen to know what their I.D. is.I havent used the chokes or the shotshells but plan on using them this weekend.Almost all my shots are within 30 yards at decoying ducks.I think this "hexodronal shot" will make a good spread at close ranges.I like a wide pattern for mach 3 flybys.So by matching the I.D. with my several chokes I have I should be able to get really close to the specialty chokes performance.
  7. I know,I know coyote's are not "Big game".But there is not a thread for predator hunting.
  8. Anybody do any coyote hunting on this forum?
  9. This is off topic slightly,but you like those glowing buggers on the end of your barrel?
  10. I have always heard and stick with nothing tighter than a modified constriction when shooting steel or any Hard shot.and 1550 is the fastest,anything faster and its pandoras box.i say 1550 because thats what i have used and had no problems getting out chokes.I have never used terror chokes but even if this guy said i could shoot steel or hard non toxic shot through a .675 constriction i would tell him he is full of Sh**.I have a XX full turkey choke that mics at .670.it is lead only and i have put lead BB through it and it blows the pattern to crap.that tight of a choke likes #6 or #5.I would think you are very lucky to not have an emergency room visit.
  11. Has anybody started busting crow lately?Havnt had a chance yet but plan on one in the morning.
  12. i know its not season,but when i was a kid we had several covey of quail on dad and grandpas land.probably about 600 acres.there were at least 5 coveys of about 20+ birds.on that same land now there are maybe 20 total.and i know we didnt hunt them out.something happened to the population.this itsnt just on this property but everywhere else too.any ideas or thoughts on what went wrong?i have heard a few reasons but wondering if anybody has heard what really went wrong.i know somebody on here has inside knowledge.
  13. should have named it"patiently waiting".
  14. same here fellow bird buster.i do hope for a good migration this year,but a bad day at the marsh,beats the **** out of a good day at work.
  15. easy to shoot,but not easy to keep calling,get the same birds in close.they quickly figure out what is going on,and seem to know your range.shooting a tom at 15 yards or a duck hovering at 25 is easy,calling them that close consistently is the hard and fun part.i enjoy hunting crow and it never seems easy.they have an intelect that other species do not possess.i find myself constanly changing my tactics to keep them off guard.but i dont have any orchards to hunt which would provide alot of food,i.e. greater population.i also got that same deal from our neighbors when i was a kid,it also did not last very long.
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