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  1. I just saw your posting and the advice might come late but here it is anyhow. You better use the recommended ammo by the choke manufactures. Thats why I warned everybody about the terror chokes. SRM uses a ****** material for their chokes and it does not warn you about the limitations. Remember, it is not the ammo which damages the barrel (in most cases at least ) - it is the expanded/damaged choke which damages the seating choke area in the barrel or the threads of the barrel get damaged either by choke deformations or when you remove the expanded choke.
  2. I want to let everybody know what kind of jokes these chokes are. They are manufactured from 4130 steel which is inferior compared to 17-4ph SS used by most of the well-known choke manufactures. Now, the other guys at least warn you not to use steel shot higher than a certain speed with their IM or light full chokes (or no shot bigger than BB’s). Jeff instead promises you everything until he has your money and start explaining BS when the choke gets stuck in the barrel. A rogue that’s what he is. I know it, because I ruined a new Benelli barrel with a 0.675 choke – after only one day of
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