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  1. Yah but you're the same guy who's lucky enough to hunt in raining malard country. I should try my SBE2 with lighter loads just to see how it does. When I first got it after break-in period, it still would not digest 1 1/8 oz less shot. Now that it's loosten-up a bit, maybe my old eagle would take it. I shall try it out coming Spring.
  2. Your Black Labs must be having a ball. Man you guys are kicking ass of malards. LLOOL..
  3. Do you even know what you shot with? Mine will shoot anything and cycle anything also as long as it's 1 1/8oz load.
  4. Holly Mac, Did you hit a flock of mallards only? Where did you find such a hunting spot where all there is Mallards? Nice!!!
  5. SBE2 and shot a S Vinci last year. I prefer my SBE2.
  6. Who are you guys talking too? Anyone here with a bit of research knows that if any Inertia Driven Benelli 12GA require 1 1/8 oz load in order to cycle without issues. It's clearly written in all Benelli manuals Some here have reported shooting with smaller stuff after break-in period without issues and consider themselves lucky. When I go out on a Duck Hunt, I don't take chances and always buy the 1 1/8 + stuff. J
  7. I don't think the majority here on this forum would agree. Depends what you mean by beat out?
  8. There's no difference with 3 1/2 shells. They both shoot 3.5" unless you go with the regular Vinci which only shoots 3". The S Vinci is faster for take down and reassemble hence faster to clean. However, I have no complaints about taking down my SBE as it's very easy and fairly fast to clean. For me, the SBE II shoulders better and feels better and never had mine jam. I think the Vinci cycles a bit faster but not enough to notice IMO. If you shoot 1 1/8 oz shot + and keep it clean and well maintained, neither should jam. If they do, and some have, call Benelli Customer service to have the issue addressed. Both are top notch and to me it's more of a preference in a personal way. Camo is easier to maintain also BTW. Good luck with your choice. J
  9. You just answered your own question. 1 1/8oz shot minimum is what's required for inertia to work. You should however break-in with heavy loads.
  10. 1- Reliability and easy to clean 2-Inertia Driven Action parts 3-With Comfort tech stock? yes 4-Once after waterfowl season over 5-Approx> 1k 6-yes 7-Ducks and Geese
  11. I don't have the answer you are looking for, however I can tell you that you are running the black sheep of the Benelli family. I've tried this in the past only to keep having problems one after another. Then I upgraded to the mid range of the Benelli family which is Franchi. Ran an I-12 for a while but the gun only ran good if kept clean and lub on rails only. That's when I got fed-up and splurged on a New Benelli Super Black Eagle II. Never been so happy since. Was a lot of money, but would have been cheaper if I had started with the Benelli from the get go. Worth every penny.
  12. He's asking for Mudhen not you.
  13. Most common Auto loads only come in Super Vinci, Vinci and Super Black Eagle II or you can go with Cordoba, M2, Super Sport, Sport II, Montfeltro, Legacy and Ultra Light. Nova and Super Nova are pump action guns only. http://www.benelliusa.com/
  14. Well, I didn't take any chance on it. Only used below 1500 fps Black Cloud stuff. Did notice one thing that even after tightening the choke with the wrench, after about my first box of ammo, the choke was loose a bit and had to re-tighten the choke. Was not too impressed with that. Is this normal for Carlson chokes?
  15. Well, I finally decided to try and install my new Speed Bead for this upcomming season. Had I known there was a bit of gunsmithing involved, I never would have purchased the darn thing. Instructions tell me to cut or drill out the oversize knobs that line-up to the receiver to the shim/buttstock. This is BS. You buy an expensive Burris product that tells you it fits a SBEII while it does not without mods. Burris, you just lost a customer for life.
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