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  1. Killed 50 in 4 hunts. Not bad. Still getting warmed up here in Kansas. Some folks out by the bottoms are blasting them like crazy!
  2. Nice job mud. Nice to see some pics from ya...
  3. Randy L.


    Exactly! Thanks Jones!
  4. Well, I guess no gun will stay perfect forever. My 10 year old SBE has started to stove pipe. I bet it has 10K rounds minimum through it....I has done this twice today on a hunt and once when I test fired it. The gun is meticulously maintained and cleaned after each hunt, to some that is subjective, but I can wipe down the internals with a papertowel and only get fresh break free residue with no dirt. The springs are all original, but it fine shape, cleaned yearly. The chamber area is worn nice, and shows mostly silver (painted black when new). I heard there is something that needs to get filed down after several years of hard use on these guns. Can anyone elaborate? This has been an amazingly reliable weapon and I am sure it's something small causing it to hang up. My dad's did the same thing, he sent it back to Benelli and they fixed it. They claimed that they had to file something down as well. He lost the paperwork on it and I am trying to avoid sending it in if I can. Thanks in advance. Randy
  5. Randy L.


    Sent ya a PM...need some help! thanks
  6. Ahh, them are some pretty sweet photos. I assume you whacked them for molesting your decoy?
  7. So I have been wanting to get more into turkey hunting this up coming year. I have shot 4 of 5 turkeys in the past, but I was always with a buddy who knew what he was doing. My 5 year old son want's a turkey decoy for Christmas and I have been wanting to get a Dave Smith anyways, so I figured I would get it for him and I would use it. LMAO. So anyone fans of these? They look amazing....
  8. damn man! That sucks. I don't think it should do that with them heavy of loads, but perhaps it's not broke in. Some guns need to be shot a bunch and "loosened" up so to speak. Maybe try some 3.5" shells a little? I would think that the more you shot it, she better it would get? My SBE is from 2003 and it stove piped a few times the first year I had it, but 30K rounds later, it's as reliable as it gets....Just a thought. Hope you get it figured out.
  9. Very simple fix. Odd for that piece to break. Love my Nellis too!!!
  10. Any idea on a normal stock and not the pistol grip?
  11. I've got an M2 that I bought for my wife to shoot. It's the american model and I am curious if there is a youth or shorter stock that I can get for it. She is small, about 5'3". Any suggestions?
  12. Bowhunter, Taker her easy bro, nothing was directed to you specifically or anyone in particular for that matter. I think his reply was a general statement. I have seen it over and over again in public areas ( I'm sure you have too) where people skybust because "they have 3.5" capability". There are very few times when I opt for 3.5" shells. Late season is when I pack em'. Some of my recent hunts, had I been shooting 3.5" shells, I would have probably ruined the birds. We were knocking em down inside 20 yards and the 3" 2 shot heavy metals did some damage to them! I should have packed my M1 Super 90 .20 banger! haha
  13. This year has been hit and miss for me and my 2 buds. We have had some great mallard shoots, but overall, it was "okay"season. Them boys up in the Dakotas have been having an awesome year as they birds have stayed north....
  14. There are a number of quality shells out there. For geese I'd reccomend BB shot. Heavy Metal shells are awesome.
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