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  1. You don't need all the math. Go buy 3 boxes of 3.5" ounce and 3/8 steel duck loads and run em through your Vinci. Should cycle your 7/8 stuff just fine after that.
  2. The Trulock By Benelli "Pass" choke is an improved modified. The "Decoy" is Imp Cyl. These are chokes that can be purchased through Benelli for waterfowl hunting. I called Trulock directly and was informed that the "Pass" choke would be just fine with steel as long as I didn't shoot anything larger than BB through it. I purchased both and in the end, the Patternmaster Code Black Duck patterned better than either of the Trulocks. I have killed over 100 ducks so far this season and have killed my last 15 ducks with 16 shots with my SBEII/Patternmaster setup.
  3. I have a new SBEII. After a day of duck hunting over salt water I took the gun down and cleaned and lubed it thoroughly including spraying the exterior with WD40 to remove any salt. The next morning I found myself hunting in rain over the briney again. After returning to the truck I noticed the comb insert and recoil pad were discolored and blistered on the edges. Obviously a reaction to something, but what? The rubber returned to good condition in 48 hours. Anyone with an idea? Insanity was defined by Einstein as repeating the same mistake over and over expecting a different result and I don'
  4. I am curious how everyones season started off. Mine started very slow. No shots fired for the first two days. I began to think that I would never get the SBEII broken in. Then the skies opened, the Benelli barked, and it rained ducks and geese. Very satisfied with the gun. From NW Wa.
  5. That gun does NOT look NIB. I would send it back. A $1500.00 gun NIB should not look like that.
  6. Brandon, that update is outstanding! I am assuming you were hunting early bluewing. As you continue down the road of waterfowling I wish you all the best. Sorry to hear about the warranty issues but I am glad that the factory is taking good care of you. If you ever find yourself heading to Washington State send me a PM. The bay 5 miles down the road winters over 500k waterfowl every year. I would be happy to pull a trigger with you. All the best on your first season and if you think about it pm me with how it is going.
  7. I have the same problem you do. I have to break in a new SBEII. But it's strictly for waterfowl. I bring out the old 40s vintage A5 for pheasants. Been pounding ringnecks for years with that thumper.
  8. I have been shooting Benelli/Beretta factory chokes for years without a problem. You don't want to shoot anything tighter than modified with steel shot. If you are on a budget, look into Carlson tubes. An extended tube is less likely to bulge in the barrel. If you are shooting decoying teal, an improved cylinder may be your best bet as it will open your pattern at closer range. If you want to spend a little more money, look into Trulock tubes. The price is mid range but they give high performance. Trulock makes the extended tubes that Benelli sells in their online store. You can purchase direc
  9. An ounce and an eighth until the gun has at least a hundred rounds through it.
  10. Just got my new SBE2 patterned for the upcoming season. It will replace my old SBE. One of the reasons for the switch is the barrel work that was done to the SBE. The original purchaser had sent the barrel to Seminole for some barrel work. Back bored, ported, and custom chokes. I love the SBE, but with all the new waterfowl loads that have come out that don't work with ported barrels, and the fact that the barrel work required me to use Seminole extended choke tubes only, I was hesitant to shoot 3"BBB through that gun. I am looking forward to putting the hurt to a few more ducks and geese th
  11. Rob Roberts is Benelli's "Performance Shop" guy and he does camo dipping. prices are on his website.
  12. As far as dipping goes, Rob Roberts is the shop Benelli uses for it's "performance shop" work and he offers dipping.
  13. Well said Sukhoi_fan. @ NCTURBOS: As far as cleaning your shotgun and barrel after shooting, I would suggest removing, and cleaning your choke also. One main reason for this is to make sure that your choke has not swelled in the barrel. If it is stuck or frozen in the barrel, it may have failed do to manufacturing or ammunition. Check the blogs and you will find out this happens quite often. Best practice is to clean your weapon completely.
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