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  1. tangy003

    shim question

    OK here is a question for someone(i hope).I have a benelli super sport and took the stock off for cleaning.There is a nut ,lock washer and a plate with letters on it.My question is which way does the plate go back in(no i didn't pay attention taking it out) for a factory type setting?I hadn't realized that it could go several different ways.(I do now) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Here's my little buddy.I actually don't take him hunting ,but if I could get him away from the wife,I think he would do great.Here's snoopy in action with a hen bird. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2393[/ATTACH]
  3. FWIW I have put larger bolt handles on my super sport and SBE II and do not have any cycling issues.I did it for different reasons then most of you on here.I have arthritis in both wrists and hands.Grabbing a factory bolt handle,especially with gloves on and in cold weather is difficult for me and these large handles help out immensely in that department.I put a Briley S.S. model on the super sport and a Nordic BFB on my SBE II.Both were manufactured to factory specs and do not spin when charging the bolt handle.[ATTACH=CONFIG]2372[/ATTACH]Here is a pic of the Briley on my Super Sport.
  4. Black,really?rem and moss are even worse??
  5. LOL.maybe I could try that if anything else breaks?or turn it into some kind of home decor item?LOL
  6. Yes,they make a good gun.However this will be the second "nuisance" thing that will need to get fixed.Anyone else ever have one of the butt-plates fall out? [ATTACH=CONFIG]2369[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2370[/ATTACH]
  7. "Tactically speaking, you shouldn't be doing mag tube dumps on a target. You have limited ammunition with a 12 gauge. Conserve it. Double tapping someone with a 12 gauge should be more than enough to deal with the problem. The only time I could see value in a tube dump in the field is if you are dealing with something like a bear or a hungry hungry hippo. Anything else is generally left to 3 gun crap." Agreed.I have several benellis and cant pull the trigger fast enough to ever create a problem.Maybe I'm just too old?!
  8. keep us posted.I for one am curious as to how this all comes out for you.Best of luck.
  9. Just a quick question.What does everyone use as far as paper or whatever for patterning and at what distance?I'm going to pattern buckshot and birdshot.Thanks.
  10. HAving bought quite a few NEW guns over the years,I've never,ever seen one look like that.Send it back for a refund.
  11. Congrats.Looks like you made a good choice on guns.
  12. Duckwacker....cool.I too was shooting an old gun.A Remington model 11-48.This gun was used strictly for pheasant(killed many).Earlier this year I just decided to clean her one last time and get something a little more modern.Best of luck to you.
  13. I've been pheasant hunting for alot of years and being I have a new Benelli SBE II for this season,I can't wait for the season to start.Anyone else breaking in a new gun for this coming season??
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