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  1. Check out the M-2 field in 20 ga. Mine has a 26 inch barrel and i use it for dove,rabbit,squirrel and pheasant.
  2. I heard of the older M-2's with the grip tight coating had some peeling issues and benelli replaced them for new ones. I have a 20 ga. M-2 and this is its second hunting season of busting brush for rabbits and the finish is still good on mine.
  3. Howdy!!! New Benelli owner this year and i'm lovin it!!!![ATTACH=CONFIG]2526[/ATTACH]
  4. I here ya !!! Rabbit hunting now i walk around stuff i use to walk through lol!!! The older i get the more i need a beagle to bust the brush for me.
  5. LOL!!! I miss more than i hit and its not the gun fault lol!!! I'm 50 so not young but getting older so i wanted a nice light gun to carry and for my daughter to shoot and that 20 ga. is awesome !!! Dove, squirrel and now rabbits. In the spring were going trap shooting so it will get a good workout then!!!
  6. Talk about a light to carry low recoil shotgun!!!! This M-2 in 20 ga. is awesome!!!! [ATTACH=CONFIG]2514[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2513[/ATTACH]
  7. If you dry fire it then try to pull the bolt back with the safety on you will feel it. Tried it with my M-2 just to see and as soon as i felt it getting tough i stopped.
  9. Got a ad from basspro that there selling winchester super X 22 long rifles for 25$ for a brick of 500. 300 per store limit one per person!!! Doors open at five am!!!
  10. Welcome!!! I have the M-2 field in 20ga. and love it!!!
  11. Soon as you get that check hit them with a F- rating on GB!!!! So how does the new vinci look? I'll bet a lot better than that beater you sent back. Have fun with it and be safe!!!
  12. Our rabbit and pheasant season starts nov first here in ohio. More rabbits than pheasants around but my M-2 twenty will be getting a lot of use!!! Great gun and money well spent!!!
  13. Now that looks like a great time!!!!! Great looking dog also. What model benelli are you shooting?
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