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  1. We all know it will be gone by the end of this year!
  2. Duggan

    Duggan Sighting

    You know it! I sold it to a friend a few months back ... uncleaned (only lubed) for the better part of a decade! I may get one of the fancy new titanium cerakote H2O versions in the future, if I feel the need.
  3. Duggan

    Duggan Sighting

    Don't mind me, just passing through. 4 year check in accomplished. Hope all is well guys. Duggan
  4. Duggan

    Duggan Sighting

    Ah yes, my contribution to the Benelli world. Does anyone make a true rail for the M4 these days? I don't see it on Carriercomp's site.
  5. Duggan

    Duggan Sighting

    Some of you may remember me. Most probably do not. It's been a long, long time since I frequented this forum (or any gun forum for that matter), but I enjoyed my time here. I just wanted to say hi and wish everyone the best ... I'm glad this forum is still active and people still love their Benelli's! -Duggan
  6. Duggan

    Smell a rat?

    Time will tell the true consequences of this event.
  7. Funny, I stopped coming here due to the mods being overzealous. Deleting posts + threads is unacceptable.
  8. Absolutely no practical reason to buy a 1014 when cheaper, superior alternatives exist (aka 11707).
  9. Do you have any advice on what oil affects the acoustics of the bolt carrier group the most? I'm looking for the loudest racking sound I can get, so I can scare away criminals with the most ease. I'd have to imagine different lubricants have different sound dampening or amplifying properties, and I feel this is a very important issue that deserves some proper scientific testing.
  10. Well since my previous post was deleted for some unknown reason by the overzealous moderation team that apparently has taken command of this forum, allow me to restate my views in a much more concise manner. 1) - If you lose an arm, you have no way to activate your laser ... unless you're leaving it "clicked on" and then lose your arm, in which case you are sending a tracking beacon to everyone around as to your current location. 2) - Using a green laser for "intimidation" to avoid a shoot is the same philosophy that "racking a shotgun sends them running" or "warning shots let them k
  11. A worthy thread to announce my return in.
  12. Utterly fantastic news.
  13. It's not the picture, she's just not shooting properly at all. It's extremely common among new shooters, women especially. The M4 is a heavy weapon ... a 10 lb gun is intimidating to your average woman newbie shooter. Those that don't know any better ... lean back to balance out the heavy gun pulling them forward. It's a natural reaction, similar to leaning to your left side if you're holding a heavy bucket in your right hand at your waist. I've found it's best not to be a stance nazi at first ... let them shoot how they want for a bit with minor coaching, then when they
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