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  1. So there is no difference aside from the C-stock and engraved flag?
  2. So a couple months ago I sold my Benelli M4 11707. I needed the funds then, but am kicking myself. So I'm feeling the urge again...this time for a new 1014. Have you seen a new 1014 in cyber space?
  3. Dave's Metal Works Thinking about buying it... Any install link? Thoughts on the product?
  4. Amen... They have new tacticool bezels available...looks slimmer like the Scout light.
  5. Why don't they make a dedicated fore end weapon light to replace the factory hand guard for the M4? I currently run the M80, but wish Surefire made one like the M1/2... Thoughts...?
  6. I don't have a 14", but I do know that the barrel alone ran about $900 IIRC. You bring up a great point about differences.
  7. Looks cool, but wonder how he operates it...looks like an awkward position.
  8. I run a TRIJICON MS03 with a 8 moa dot. I had some mounting issues with an AIMPOINT T-1 on Larue low mount. Dot was way high. I currently run (with the MS03) the factory low picatinny mount with thumb screw. You will need loctite as it does come loose after several rounds. With the C-stock collapsed the dot will line up perfectly on the front site... ETA: I want to switch out to an RMR at some point...
  9. $85 SHIPPED SOLD SOLD SOLD or TRADE for LT-110 EOTECH or LT-660 TALL Sneaky PAYPAL as gift Email or PM me...
  10. jc, I actually use both and alternate between the two regularly. MPRO7 - I like this as a cleaner that strips away everything even hints of lube. No smell, so you can clean in a closed environment. You obviously have to add lube after. Oh and it's a little pricey. BREAKFREE- Your all around go to cleaner, lube and seal. Smells is strong and potent. Comes in a variety to include wipes, spray and aerosol. Packaged deal on this one and it's cheaper...WALMART is about $5.00 a can. I personally gravitate towards odorless mineral spirits and breakfree to lube. There are b
  11. Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the club. I like you had the same questions and was lost. The manual linked above is a great resource. Print it out and put it in a binder for easy reference. I use breakfree also but going to try some Slip 2000. Get a bore snake as cleaning for me is easier. It is not that hard once you strip it a few times. Good Luck!
  12. 1811

    Surefire Overkill?

    Great points twowheel...
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