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  1. Benelli Entry barrels are imported as 18.5” barrels and cut down by Beretta USA.
  2. I have no affiliation whatsoever with this seller but since M4 SBS barrels are so hard to come by, I thought I'd let y'all know about this one that just popped up on Gunbroker. Looks like it's getting lots of bids so who knows how high it'll go. They're worth about $900 IMO. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=542990369
  3. What's the max bezel diameter allowed? Surefire lights have changed a lot over the years and 1.37" seems to be a much more common bezel size than the little Executives (which it doesn't look like they still make in a single output, non-flared tailcap model).
  4. It'd be nice if the QD sockets were on both sides OD the mount so someone wanting to use the rail mount instead of the ring mount could also attach a sling to that side. Maybe there isn't enough room there for this or something.
  5. This is a good thread. I too have struggled with choosing the best "from scratch" light/AVA mount combo. AVATactical.com, could you or someone else post photos of an M4 with your mount and a Streamlight TLR-1 attached to the railed side, preferably on the left side of the gun?
  6. Bought a 14" M4 barrel from him recently. Communication was great and he was extremely quick to resolve a manufacturing issue. A++ service!
  7. Can you elaborate on this some? I'm having problems with the last few rounds not fulling exiting the mag tube onto the carrier. I do have the GG&G oversized bolt release.
  8. Factory Benelli M4 14" SBS barrels don't come with choke tube threads (factory 18" barrels do) but they supposedly have sufficient wall thickness for them. Anyone know of a company that could be trusted to cut them in a $800-$1100 barrel?
  9. Yeah, that's why I like SBR M4s. Now looking at the Salvo 12 specs, it comes in at 18.5 oz. in the 6" configuration. Maybe it isn't possible to cut choke threads into a ≤14" Benelli barrel but a 6" Salvo 12 instead of the last 4" of barrel seems like it wouldn't be that bad. The 12" version I think would definitely be out of the question. Maybe just a fun range/gimmick setup.
  10. Seriously? Damn, I thought I saw something about the factory 14" M4 barrels coming with interchangeable chokes. Wonder if anyone would be able to cut a barrel for threads?
  11. This is a super exciting item. User customizable from 6" up to 12". Can't wait! With that having been said, I think this warrants short barreling my M4. I know King Armory offers cut down services but I'm assuming you lose the choke threads doing this, yes? Guess that option is out of the question unless they can re-cut the choke threads. Anyone know if the factory Benelli 14" barrel comes with choke tube threads? ETA: Here's the latest product video on the Salvo 12. Again, very impressive.
  12. I would be interested in this mount if they made one that accepted the new, brighter Surefire lights such as the Fury and the new Scouts. As is, it appears the Fury's bezel is larger than what will work with this mount. Here's an idea... Why not offer a model with picatinny rail on both sides so I can use whichever light mount I prefer (Gear Sector, IWC, etc.)?
  13. If you're asking why I initially got the M80, it was for a flashlight, forward sling mount, dual shell holder, and vert grip. But the dang thing was so heavy just by itself that I only wound up putting a vert grip on it. Even then it was too heavy (the M4 is already a pig by itself). So I removed the M80 and went back to the factory handguards. Don't have a flashlight on it at the moment but could figure something out if I had to. Like I said, the M80 is just too heavy. Carriercomp needs to come out with a titanium railed handguard or someone needs to make a quality polymer railed handguard.
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