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  1. ^That is what I am wondering. How is this tube any different from an M4?
  2. Adame24

    WTB M80 forend

    ^ From what I've seen/researched used price and Botach are nearly identical. $161 on Botach from what I saw and they had 10% discount not long ago.
  3. Mikjk, What kind of sling is that? Also how is is connected to the collapsible stock? A
  4. Yeah I might cave and get one from Surefire direct, I heard they give 15% off for MIL which would make the price more reasonable.
  5. New or used. Must be complete, factory parts only. Adam
  6. Try GunBroker. I was in the same situation a couple weeks ago, no one had them but picked one up on GunBroker that popped up one night. Keep your eyes open! Good luck. -A
  7. Looking for a new or used +2 extension for my SuperNova. Please PM me with what you have available including price. Adam
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