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  1. Hello M1014 --I like your heat shield, where can I get one like this?Thanks.BTW I got the Surefire handguard with rails on my Benelli. Will it fit this setup?
  2. Hi Unobtanium, yes - you're absolutely right when it comes to the bolt modifications (lightening the bolt) - even the cameraman got a HIT in 10th sec. when ejecting the shell Do you think is it only for 3gun purpose or this firearm could be also reliable in self defence scenario? Thanks. /Tom
  3. Can someone post a pictures of the trigger group modified by SAI or TTI? They claim to take off 3lbs from the factory trigger. I would like to see that magic Here's Costa running SAI Benelli M4:
  4. Hi guys, is it reallly worth paying extra $.$$$ for making mods on the Benelli shotgun in SAI or TTI company? They offer: - Custom Bolt Carrier - Trigger Job, 3lbs taken off factory trigger - Receiver loading port has been machined and polished for faster reloading, includes reload cut on the receiver to help keep the rounds centered for more accurate reloads - Extractor and Barrel modifications to prevent jams - TTI Custom Lifter/Shell Carrier - Tune and polish shell catch - Tune and polish carrier latch - Taran Signature tube and barrel point of impact correction
  5. You love it because it's tacticool or because it's effective? Did you notice some recoil reduction/muzzle flip reduction, etc.?
  6. Hi guys, I can see that the brake has the holes all around the muzzle device. What about leaving the bottom part of the brake solid/without the holes, like it's solved in AR15 comps. Will it reduce muzzle flip? Thanks. /Tom
  7. Hi SD, yes - you were right. It's not the spring stiffness - it's the fault of the GG&G bolt release button with the shell stop included. I've checked carefully/slowly today. The shell stop resists when the shell rim meets the final few milimeters. I have to grind it a little bit.
  8. Benelli M4 OEM spring inside Benelli M4 OEM full magazine tube.
  9. Truckcop, SD, Thanks for your quick replies. Ok - I'm gonna quickly clarify what I've got and how I'm doin' reloads: Here's my shell carrier from AP Customs: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-AP-Customs-Q2-8-Shell-Carrier-/221295411336?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item33863c0088 and as an example on this video below you can imagine how I'm trying to do the same feeding with my M4. Of course this guy is using different firearm & shell carrier, without the pistol grip which make loading easier: When feeding the M4 tube I've struggled to push with my thumb 2x2 shel
  10. Hey guys, I'm using my Benelli M4 (M1014) mostly for 3Gun competition. I've figured out that the spring in magazine tube works a little bit too stiff for me. How can I improve it to make it lighter?, by trimming some coils off? Thanks. /Tom
  11. Thanks VF, I've already purchased this item. I hope the manufacturer is H&K.
  12. Guys, where I can buy those extended-threaded chokes? I would like to go for KA-1212 muzzle brake but first I have to arrange the choke? Thanks.
  13. Hey guys, is it really helping to reduce recoil? I think it works more like a muzzle brake than a compensator, right? Can someone post a video shooting with & without this brake? Thanks. /Tom
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