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  1. The original M1014 sold to US had a different serial number that went up to 2500. I dunno when they hit the market as it was before my time. They brought it back because it will sell like hotcakes. They even brought back the M1 Super 90 last year.
  2. Because up until the latest M3, all prior ones had a pin that wasn't captured. The M4 is suppose to be easy to field service. Kinda like M16 push pins are captured. If you lose parts, the gun can shoot. It is easier to lose the M3 (or M1, M2, etc) clip. Your regular M1014 isn't going to be taken apart all the time to put in parts; just disassemble and oil. Even if you happen to break or lose the M4 clip, the gun can still be assemble and shot because of the captured pin.
  3. Dissident Arms makes one. The over sized lifter is to reduce thumb pinching; two different parts.
  4. The olders ones aren't made like the riveted ones. you can interchange them.
  5. I think that is a fair price. My very very first M3 looked exactly like that.
  6. Huh learn something new. The Grace slotted screwdrivers are parallel tip just like some of the European brands. Also when y’all decide on full screwdrivers, the handles are pretty important. I really like the Snap-on screwdriver handles, but the tips weren’t that great. Probably just better for a person to invest in bits first because then you can put it in a torque screwdriver (for optics n’ stuff) and replace them when they get worn.
  7. Hop on KCtool company. They have a ton of great brands. The pb swiss is def overkill. Its just nicely finished and maybe just a tad better steel used. But you wont really notice it.
  8. How is the quality on that screwdriver from the recoil reducer from Israel?
  9. It's not lined up, but pretty much twice the usable length. The PB755 2.5 is a special size, it is sold individually.
  10. Ehh I've had a whole bunch of M3s in many configurations and the HK weren't that desirable to me and they suck to modify/do service on. Just because it has the HK mark, it will attract some collectors for certain. I'd think $1000 or under for an older one is pretty fair when there isn't a panic. Most of the HK ones, I've paid between $700-$1300 for mine.
  11. The only way to remove the magazine tube is to heat it up. you will melt the plastic sleeve.
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