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  1. You want the one with a 11703 code on the packaging. It is the most common M4 being sold and being the cheapest in price. Anything with a collapsible, USA flag, or field stock will command a premium usually. Just get that one. Don't get the other M1014 or Titanium cerakote models. The premium isn't worth it as a first gun. Go shoot it a bunch and then figure out what you like and don't like. Even better is if you can go to a range that has one for rent and try it out or try out a forum member's gun.
  2. M1014 and other models do not have it. I did two M3s and one M1 with the 3 position before.
  3. 1.) Surefire forend 2.) clamp and light 3.) clamp with rail and light I had the first gen Surefire forend and it was excellent.
  4. My stock doesn't have thread locker on it. You should be using a lubricated, good quality screwdriver.
  5. If its too good to be true, it probably is.... Armslist is notorious for shady shit.
  6. Everything is inflated and scarce right now. I am surprised nobody has made one domestically.
  7. I'll probably do the bolt, bolt carrier, and action bars on M3 when lead times shorten.
  8. That makes no sense at all! Why send them the entire rear assembly when you can just take out the sight? Tooltech can just buy the rear and front sight from Benelli or LPA and do their $250 overpriced install on the two parts instead of that backwards process. I am pretty sure XS uses Trijicon inserts for the front sight. I went with LPA, Hi-Viz, and a XS sight (on the way) fiber optic.
  9. I noticed you didn't list the bolt itself to be NP3 plated. Is that usually left hard chrome on the H2O?
  10. I'm looking at new ghost rings upgrades. I wonder if LPA supplies tritium sights to Benelli. They have it in their catalog but only for the rear I see as D3. Or what would be funny is if Meprolight supplies tritium sights to LPA and they resell along with their items.
  11. Nice M3Ts. I've been thinking of making reproduction M3T barrels. I think the sights are really cool. They are pretty much unobtainium. Here's another pic of that first gen M3 with a Surefire M17 and 6P LED. I must say the balance on it is much better than the other M3s. Swings and handles just like a M1 Super 90.
  12. If you were to get the internals NP3 plated, what parts would it be (on a M3 and M4)? I am not too keen on the two tone finish so I wouldn't do an entire gun. Bolt carrier is pretty evident that would benefit the most.
  13. Back up. Spare stuff in storage from various decommissioned guns. I have a small selection of fire control parts; inquire for more details. Parts are used. Shipping extra. 1.) M1014 civilian fixed recoil tube (1 position) $10 2.) M1014 military fixed recoil tube (2 position) $25 3.) M3 bolt body only $110 4.) M3 complete bolt $240 5.) M2, Super Black Eagle II, M1 magazine tube $20 6.) M2, Super Black Eagle II, Supernova recoil pad $15 7.) M4 optic rail $10 8.) inertia spring $1 9.) M3 magazine tube collar nut $19 10.) Supernova collapsible stock bolt $5 11.) M3 1 position sling mount $2 12.) fire control small parts $1 13.) small bolt handle $5 14.) stock support ring $5 15.) M4 optic rail screws $3 each
  14. Does a genuine H2O feel smoother than a regular black M4 (both brand new)?
  15. The old bolt handles were terrible. There is nothing to grab on to.
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