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  1. wow bad timing, I just tossed 3 useless factory tubes away. Will send you for free if I find another hiding.
  2. About time Benelli brought them over here, its been 3-4 years? So, has anyone handled one yet?
  3. Ha, good luck. You are going to pull your hair out if you do not possess the proper tools (go to a gunsmith). There is one possible alternative to remove it.... the chances of a safe removal is slim. Purchase one of these, you will need it.
  4. Nobody "needs" these things, there is a reason there was barely a market for it in the late 90s. It just another cool looking accessory for the shotgun. [video=youtube_share;P_gikNgaT0Q] @3m10s, the demonstrator takes notices that front ports are angled 45 degree towards the door to blast particles away from the user, this would totally negate the "recoil reduction". But seriously, I have several of these, steel and aluminium, there is NO recoil reducing property, they are only advertised as such.
  5. While I have never kept track how many shells my Supernova may carry, be mindful that the Supernova is able to load all three lengths of modern day 12 gauge shells.
  6. never mind They are slightly inferior to Benelli Barrels. EDIT: oops i got confused with ithaca.
  7. Perhaps your "shell stop button" underneath the pump is broken or jammed. Another possibility is that you are not forcing the pump far enough rearward. Pictures are very insightful for both of us;)
  8. That is an obsolete safety made by Benelli many years ago for the Benelli M1 practical and XM1014. Several ordinary M1s and SBEI were installed with those buttons. I considered it phased out because it is not compatible with the M2, Monetefeltro, and SBEII trigger guard in addition to the M1 becoming extinct. The M1014 uses the same trigger guard as the M1, but they are installed with the smaller triangle button. The new safety is smaller, one sided, and does not use any screws. Taran and Briely make a similar triangular button. See StrangerDanger's guide on replacing it yourself.
  9. Sorry, I did not deliver. The advertisement is gone now on the link inside the link. I stumbled upon it for seeing how much I was going to price my M1014. http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=986091&highlight=m1014
  10. I remember seeing somewhere (in December) a dealer had a few new in the box for $1400 or something like that. I will try and find a link.
  11. Shipping extra 1.) Supervinci Bolt body $100 2.) Supervinci Trigger Group $200 3.) Sport wood stock $310 4.) M1014 obsolete 2 position recoil tube $40 5.) M1014 civilian fixed recoil tube $40 6.) M1014 civilian fixed recoil tube $40 7.) Royal Arms steel compensator $165 8.) M4 magazine tube $0 9.) stainless muzzle attachment choke tube $55
  12. The front sight on early M1014 retained the older design from the M1 and M3 Ghost ring; which is that it only contact the barrel on two thin legs. The newer style is a full profile contact which must use a shorter threaded sight. I have never seen a M4 that used the older dovetail usually on the HK imported Benellis.
  13. I concur. The Russians create some of the most fascinating optics available. That crudeness and out of the box thinking is what really draws my interest. Unfortunately the ordinary OKP-7 is already unobtainium as compared to everything else on the market, the M1913 rail version is even less produced.
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