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  1. So I purchased the Carlson Choke tube tactical breacher muzzle brake. From what I see on videos and or pictures it looks like guys that bought this are just screwing it right into the M4's barrel. Well I just went and looked at mine and I have no threading, is there something I am missing here? Im sorry if this is dumb but shotguns are still new to me and yes this is the first one I bought haha, I went big and I am trying to upgrade this slowly. Thanks again guys!
  2. So I took the M4 out for the first time yesterday and put about 120 rounds through it. Needless to say it was jamming. Id load up 5-6 shells, shoot 2 jam, shoot 1 jam, shoot another 1 jam, shoot 4 Jam, it made it through its full cycle of rounds probably 3 times? anyways, I kind of searched online and I read a few guys posting about them having to put about 200 rounds through their M4 before it didn't jam anymore. Has anybody gone through this at all? little discouraging paying this much money for a high performance gun to keep jamming. I also run into the issue where I get the loading tube fi
  3. So when I recently purchased my Benelli M4 I was not aware that the “collapsible” stock wasn’t actually the collapsible Stock that Benelli sells? The guy said “due to them selling is it in America” I didn’t really get into to much detail why due to the excitement of my purchase. He did however say that there are hacks out there that let you unpin the factory collapsible stock to actually make it collapsible. Is anybody familiar with this or know where I can find these directions?
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