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  1. That looks pretty good. I'd be looking to fill those holes somehow. Is there a way to do that? Can they accept a short pan head machine screw? Excellent light mount. Do you have a link where I can get it? How is the target acquisition using this set up? Gotta be faster than the Ghost sites. Sorry for all the questions. I'm a newb. Thanks!
  2. Looks like you would have to have a pretty high comb to mount the gun to that site. No?
  3. I'm a right-handed shooter with left-eye dominance. Will using a red dot optic help me with quickly acquiring on target? Should I consider a 45 degree left offset rail mount for the optic? Any suggestions is appreciated.
  4. Don't happen to have an image of it from the top looking down? Also, do you find the comb of the stock you are using to be sufficient to get a good cheek weld?
  5. Was wondering if someone could post an image of what the top of the shotgun looks like with the sites removed. Thanks for the replies! /H
  6. Hello! I am considering putting the ScalarWorks rail on my M4 and mount a Trijicon SRO. I am thinking about taking off the original sites in order to have a cleaner, less cluttered look. Will this leave open holes? If so, is that a problem? If it does leave open screw holes, are there flush-mounted screws available to cover the holes? Thanks!
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