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    I'm around age 50. I am somewhat of a high-tech redneck. I like both modern electronics, but still love the outdoors and having the knowledge of the old ways. I bought my first Benelli, an HK import SBE in '94 so that I would have one shotgun that could do it all. It worked and I only had it (and a .410) for the next 20 years. But, then I started getting interested in the other models starting with a pair of M3T folding stock models. I continued on buying a HK M1, and HK Montefeltro. More recently I acquired a M4 model that was built out with telescoping stock, extended mag, extra shell holders, etc along with the requisite 922r parts. I bought the holy grail also; the M4 H20 11711 model that is NIB. I still am looking for other great Benelli guns in LNIB condition.
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    near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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    Hunting, fishing, shooting, and gun collecting
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    I.T. - Systems Administrator / Engineer
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  1. Yeah, I agree with sniiped. Most likely a person would just buy the other stock instead of neutering an original. Speaking of that, have you checked to see if your recoil tube has the necessary indentions on it for the collapsible stock to lock in to? If it doesn't have them, you'll want to shop for one of those as well. Depending on the other features of your gun, it would perhaps be prudent to look at 922r components to install to keep in compliance.
  2. Congrats on your new M3 and welcome to the forum. Though it is not as popular as the newer M4 it is a neat shotgun with its somewhat unique semi auto / pump capabilities. There may be others, but off the top of my head, only the Franchi SPAS-12 and SPAS-15 shotguns offered this feature. I haven't handled the newer re-runs, but I have a pair of older H&K import M3T folders that I really like. I don't know how many parts differ between those original release and the newer release starting ~5-7 years ago, but I read somewhere on here that the mag tube isn't the same between the early 90'
  3. I'd also be interested in trading a short barrel for a field barrel. It looks nearly new and still has the original box and packaging. It is a very early example. I posted it on another thread here as well. I'd repost this and the above but I don't have my thumbdrive handy.
  4. You probably know Capt.Matt, but you can use a M2 field barrel on the M1. It will require a slight lengthening of the opening for the recoil lug under the forearm. If done, it still fits the original just fine. If you search this site I know I (and probably others) have posted pics on what needs done. As of a few weeks ago, there was some available for the M2 a few different places. https://www.shopbenelli.com/shotugn-barrels.html?Model=M1&Model=M2&Per_Page=16&Sort_By=disp_order&gauge=12 Gauge
  5. As the topic title says, I am wanting to buy Benelli factory OEM choke holders. It is those (the little opaque container that looks like a pill bottle). I have searched all over but can't seem to find just the bottles. I'd be interested in maybe up to 15 in 12 gauge and I think I need 4 or 5 - 20 gauge. I'll have to double-check that one. These are for Mobil chokes if that matters. Mostly I just need the factory length ones, but would buy a few extended if available. I'd maybe even be interested in some of the original black Mobil chokes too, so I'd have a complete set for every barrel I
  6. Outlawyer, my picture above is of a pair of factory top folding HK import Benelli M3T's, not M4. You can see the gap behind the forearm for it to slide back when used it pump mode. There is also a knurled ring with a throw level in front of the forearm where you select whether you want semi-auto, or pump. I was just posting the M3 pics to show the differences to clarify which one he was after. There are a bunch of M4 pics on this site, but I'll put one here at the bottom for comparison. If there is such a thing as a factory collapsible stock specifically for a M3, I haven't heard about it
  7. Do you mean the newer gas operated M4? The M3 is a selectable semi-auto/pump shotgun. As far as stock options, the M3 had a top folding stock, a pistol grip stock, and field stock options. I can't recall any collapsible stocks offered, even on the new released models. I've been wrong before though. πŸ˜‰ Here's my pair of original HK M3T's for comparison:
  8. As truckcop mentioned, the M2 barrel will fit and work just fine on the M1 but does take opening up the area around the recoil lug on the barrel for it to work. I don't believe there was ever a slug option that had the longer lug forearm like they had for the SBE but it might be worth a look. I've got a 28" M2 field barrel that I have thought about selling. I haven't done anything with it. Which reminds me, I was going to also list a 18.5" original M1 barrel too but I forgot about that until just now. Gunbroker has them pop up occasionally, but they are pricey. I think I gave in the upper
  9. bambihunter


    It's odd to use your username for the title instead of "WTB: Benelli M4 Tactical" or similar. But I see this is your first post. So, welcome to the forum... There are plenty available on GunBroker: https://www.gunbroker.com/Guns-Firearms/search?Keywords=benelli m4&Sort=13&PageSize=96 Armslist: https://www.armslist.com/classifieds/search?search=benelli+m4&location=usa&category=all&posttype=7&ships= The market prices currently are artificially inflated on many 'black guns' like this, the AR platform, etc due to COVID-19 panic and product availablity, as well a
  10. No better time to sell if one is the patient type. Sell now for $500+, wait for the panic to subside, then buy them for $180 again later. But, I suppose they could go the way of the bump stock but who knows.
  11. I assume 3-5", not feet? Or, was it 3/5th's? Just clarifying. You can reach in far enough to touch and you can actually feel it? I believe all Benelli's are chrome lined barrels. Did you get any chrome flakes or other shiny metal during the cleaning process? My gut instinct thinks that if anything, it is actually lead build-up from the slugs getting deposited on the barrel instead of barrel damage though that is awfully fast accumulation.
  12. Sorry for the lack of follow-up. Count me in the list of COVID after literally 50% of the people at work got it. I don't know though. Going the other way around m2 barrel in M1 usually require some inletting around where the barrel where that large ring near where they mate up as well as the aforementioned forearm. The pic without the forearm eliminates a forearm issue. Maybe one of the Benelli 'smiths will see this and hop on. Free bump. πŸ™‚
  13. Not at this point in the COVID-19 era. What stock they had built up has been snapped up by all the COVID and election panic buying. They WILL get back to full production as government rules and general prudence allows.
  14. All Benelli's are expensive right now when you can find them. There are currently two listed on Gunbroker: https://www.gunbroker.com/All/search?Keywords=benelli m4 nfa&Sort=13
  15. Congrats on your Monte. I think you will love it. I bought an HK SBE back in ~1994 and for many years it was the ONLY 12 gauge I used. I sold off all my others after I got it. Then, I bought an old HK import 20 gauge back about a decade ago, mostly for my wife to shoot. It has been flawless and for whatever reason, it seems to be a natural pointer. People that haven't shot much can still do well shooting clay pigeons. I live in OK, so not as high of humidity as some face, but it is still a concern. I keep mine in silicone gun socks in the safe with a goldenrod type device. I also agree wi
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