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    I'm around age 50. I am somewhat of a high-tech redneck. I like both modern electronics, but still love the outdoors and having the knowledge of the old ways. I bought my first Benelli, an HK import SBE in '94 so that I would have one shotgun that could do it all. It worked and I only had it (and a .410) for the next 20 years. But, then I started getting interested in the other models starting with a pair of M3T folding stock models. I continued on buying a HK M1, and HK Montefeltro. More recently I acquired a M4 model that was built out with telescoping stock, extended mag, extra shell holders, etc along with the requisite 922r parts. I bought the holy grail also; the M4 H20 11711 model that is NIB. I still am looking for other great Benelli guns in LNIB condition.
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    near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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    Hunting, fishing, shooting, and gun collecting
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    I.T. - Systems Administrator / Engineer
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  1. I understand that it is a tool to some. Honestly, all my hunting arms are tools. They will get bumps and bruises but I still try my best not to. More than once I have fell down in the woods and I rolled over and landed on my back so the firearm stays good. This was particularly true on my (only) elk hunting trip. I had a Rem. 700 Titanium and a Leupold VX-6 (~$3,500). But, I was mainly worried about it being damaged and me not be able to finish my hunt after spending all that money. I also knew that may be the only time I ever get to go elk hunting. You may call BS on this but it's the ho
  2. I have hunted with my HK import SBE since '95. All I can say is for whatever choke I am using, it is always at least 2 chokes "tighter" than any other shotgun I've used. As a result, I rarely use above modified, even for turkeys. I've got quite a few other Benelli's (2 HK SBE's, 1 HK M1, 2 M3T's, 2 M4's, HK Montefeltro 20 gauge, etc) but I haven't shot them enough at in close time frame to know if they also exhibit that. However, every single one of them pattern great although the newer ones have a higher POI than my older ones. That is part of the reason I haven't shot them as much. When I go
  3. I have a NIB 26" version that I bought for my M1. However, this one is cheaper than what I'd sell mine for: M2 barrel at MWG
  4. That's what I though RJHUB. I realize all the things I mentioned would just result in blemishes on the surface, but these are expensive guns (at least to those of us that purchase our own. I wouldn't treat my cheapest firearm like that. But, to each their own. Similarly, I can't believe the things some people do with their vehicles.
  5. Did anyone else cringe when he was shooting off the rock with the forearm resting on the rock? Or, when he leaned the shotgun down with a clunk onto another rock? Maybe it is me, but I wouldn't do that on any of my guns. My hand would be between it and the rock. His door shots I think were right at the side collision bars. Slightly down would make quite a difference. I liked the video, and he displayed good trigger finger discipline.
  6. While I wholeheartedly agree with what you are saying on your last post Alpha33, it can end up putting you in legal trouble. I think however if the story below was in a personal residence instead of a business, it would have been very different. The state of Oklahoma is a VERY gun friendly state. I was actually surprised by the outcome of this case. I also think that due to the fact that he went and reloaded and came back and shot again put the nail in the coffin so to speak. Race might have factored in, at least subconsciously. Pharmacist shooting people holding up his store gets life in
  7. Glad you got your money back. Hopefully you can get the ones you are after. 🙂
  8. Providing they are nice and bright, what would you take for them?
  9. I believe the point alpha was making, is by getting a "fire-rated safe", you'll hopefully have temperatures inside the safe low enough that it doesn't hit the ignition point of the ammo inside. For ammo, I follow the recommendation of a late friend of the family. He was the fire chief for 25 years and a fire investigator for another 10-15 years. He said from their perspective they'd rather the ammo be inside a good, high temp rated fire safe. In absence of that, then they'd rather loose ammo in boxes. What they don't want is ammo loaded in the chamber in guns, and especially not in a tight fit
  10. 10 year old post necro-bump. Nice. 😉
  11. Glad to hear it. Benelli's are a perfect example of "buy once, cry once" product. They are expensive, but for me, they have been perfect. I hope they are for you as well. That length is a great option. I had forgot to mention barrel length (and why I have the full barrel set). I originally bought my SBE with a 28" barrel with the old "wisdom" was that longer barrels gave more velocity and tighter groups. While that is true to a point, it isn't everything. My 28" gave me TOO tight of patterns. I rarely shot above modified choke for any game. Anyway, the 26" that you are choosing is the perfect
  12. Absolutely is a multipurpose shotgun. I have had the original Super Black Eagle since '94. Before I had numerous shotguns, each with their specific role/season. The problem was that every time I switched seasons, it took me a bit to adjust to the new fit, feel, and point of impact. I read about a semi-auto shotgun that could shoot 2.75", 3", and 3.5" mags in any order, without adjustment. That I was intrigued was an understatement. I drove 5 hours (each way) to the closest retailer that had one in stock. Though I couldn't afford the price then of $1,000, I knew I had to have one. So, I sa
  13. That was from August 2019... If they do have any, you can bet they'll be much higher than that now. Ah, 2019. Before COVID, before gun-grabbers were elected in US, good times. 😒
  14. Yeah. That's it. I knew gall wasn't correct but was having a brain fart and couldn't remember correct term.
  15. Same. Just keep it all lightly oiled, especially the rails (the ears on the bottom sides). It will "gall" (not correct term, but only one I could think of), and smooth out a little. After that is done, it will shoot smoother and you shouldn't see much more visible wear from then on. I've got thousands of rounds through my SBE1, maybe even 10k+ at this point. Rails looked like that within a few weeks and haven't changed since except maybe a little more silver.
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