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  1. I have this barrel that I bought a few years ago that was allegedly a M1 slug barrel but when I got it, it turns out to be a smoothbore fixed choke barrel with basically fixed sights. It has sat in the safe since. I wondered if someone could recognize it by its S/N or features, particularly the lugs on the portion that goes into the receiver (marked in red). It has the short barrel lug of the early HK era. But, in the one picture you can see the end cap and box. That box is older than any I have seen before. It is marked "S90 M1 CIL. 50 SB Magnum and I will look again tonight but I believe the S/N is what is marked on the box. It is hard to make out looking at the pictures with the writing over it. This barrel is marked C047274. I believe that is the S/N. The last picture is compared to my M1T. It is NIB so I don't want to take it apart and risk dinging something My gun feeling is this is in fact a M1 barrel, and that the S/N does match the box, but not positive. Were there more than 1 type or era of these or does any M1 (and allegedly some M2) barrel work with this? I think ultimately I am going to sell it as it isn't what I was wanting, but it is hard to find buyers for a somewhat unknown barrel. Thanks for any help or insights you can offer.
  2. I'll think about it in the mean time, if I decide yes, then I'll contact you soon. But, if you can't find it after 4-6 weeks or so (let the panic buying slow down), I might just to help a fella. 🙂 I would certainly think someone might want to trade their standard stock for your pistol grip stock as that is the most common direction. Another idea is to go to Gunbroker.com and post on the WTB forums. There isn't a lot of traffic on it, but I have found some very hard to get items that way including a 1 of 151 made S&W 1046, a Benelli M4 H2O 11711 (most rare variant of the M4 if I am not mistaken), and Dan Wesson Razorback 1 of 150 series.
  3. Matthew, all I can say is that chart above shows 1989 which was before the 1993 AWB so I'd call it pre-ban. I don't recall any other bans for shotguns. I think the best part is the factory early models can stay that way without having to worry about 922r compliance with changed parts to make the same thing. I have a couple of M3T's. Those are the top fold tactical folders that are quite uncommon, maybe even rare. I've heard all kinds of numbers for them, with most saying 180 of them in the USA and allegedly used at nuclear power plant facilities. That is all hear-say though so take it for what it's worth. as for use at nuclear
  4. I have one that was taken off before I got it to put on a collapsible stock but I hadn't really thought about selling it. But, the gun still has all the original factory take-off stuff from the gun, as well as box, papers, and such. If you have been unsuccessful after a month or so, contact me again. I checked MGW and you can get notified when they have them. Price isn't bad really. https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/81041 I didn't find it listed on my other couple of "go-to's".
  5. I know they are getting rare, but would it have been better to start with a 11711 model. Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan on cars for instance, when someone buys the very top of the line (SS, Shelby, etc) and then changes it so much they might have been fine to start with base model. I watched a tv show one time where a buy brought in an original Chevelle LS6 454 (fastest factory option if I remember right). He pulled that out to put in either a crate engine or LS engine. But, I digress. You probably already know what they look like since you are a gunsmith, but if you need any pics of the original 11711 let me know. Mine is NIB so don't want to take it apart though.
  6. Thank you for your help TruckCop. I have spent probably upwards of 40 hours on this subject since I first decided I wanted to make my SBE the "one gun for all occasions" type of gun. Seems most resellers just repost the part of the ad that says "Fits SBE II and SBE models. (SBE only–requires new-style forend)" and doesn't know either. I have a WTB ad on GunBroker as well as a "Saved Search" to notify me of every HK / Benelli listed for a barrel (or complete gun if it is 24" or factory slug) and also I still buy mint M3 folders when I find them and considering some of the other early ones just for collecting.
  7. I have a 28" HK matte black/synthetic that I bought new when they first came out (seems like ~1991). I have bought and sold many shotguns since and this one always ends up in the field with me. So, I decided I wanted to add another field barrel to the mix as the 28" isn't the best for every situation. I have looked fairly thoroughly over the past few weeks for an original SBE (1) field barrel in either 24" or 26" and the ads around the internet are so misleading it is hard to tell whether it is for a I or II. So, a few questions: 1. I know they made a 26" barrel. Did they ever make a 24" field barrel for the original SBE in matte black? 2. Did they ever make a factory slug barrel for the same? 3. Are there ANY of the original barrels still available? If not, does anyone know the part numbers so at least I can search that way and keep an eye out? It sure would be nice to only have one set of chokes to deal with across multiple guns and barrels (I also have several HK/Benelli M3 folders) 4. I had bought a SBEII slug barrel and the required modified forearm (but have only test fitted it thus far). 5. Will the modified forearm required for the SBEII slug barrel to work on a SBE in previous question work also for a SBEII field barrel or are they different also? 6. Lastly, I believe the SBE barrels are chrome lined. Does that mean they can't be cut down to a shorter length or is that an old "wives tale"?
  8. If anyone else is looking for one. I found this very helpful place that was able to order both a barrel and forearm for the original SBE. It wasn't cheap, total was $664 (barrel-499, forend-150, shipping-15). But at last the items are on their way to my house. I dealt with Nena and the whole experience was smooth. I don't know if they have access to more, but they indicated that it was no big deal to get this one. Their number is 812-536-5533 Dave's Gun Shop, Inc. PO Box 411 Holland, IN 47541
  9. Thank you for your information. I appreciate it.
  10. I am looking for a fully rifled black factory SBE slug barrel and modified forearm. I was told the SBE II barrel would work, but the forearm would not. Is this correct? If not, does anyone know where I can get a NIB one (or in perfect mint condition)? It doesn't show it anymore on Benelli's barrel and parts list. I don't really want the newer SBE's as much as the first one and after buying it from a HK rep back in the early 90's, I vowed I would never own another shotgun! I have now got tens of thousands of rounds through it and it still shoots as well today as it did when I bought it. I guess I didn't keep my promise, I did buy a Remington 1100 but it is a .410 gauge for my wife. If only Benelli made a .410 or 28 gauge!
  11. I understand this was featured in a ban on imported firearms circa 1989 but I don't remember all the specifics. I am positive there was something BEFORE the AWB ever took effect as it kept me from getting a M3 folder like I wanted because the prices skyrocketed after the ban went into effect.
  12. bambihunter


    I've been skeptical about how the gel will hold up say 10 years down the road. I don't see how it could not harden and lose effectiveness. I sure hope I'm wrong though. While I am not bothered at all with recoil of shotguns I don't like the recoil of rifles (with scopes in front of my eyes). If the technology is sound and seems to last I might finally soften up my deer rifle instead of perpetually using my smaller rifles and carbines instead of my magnums...
  13. I am not a FFL holder/dealer, but I thought there was a ban that affected IMPORTED shotguns and some certian other firearms circa 1989 that prevented guns from having features similar to the AWB design (you can have an extended magazine OR a pistol grip but not both or something like that). I do know for a fact that the Benelli M3 folders were affected by this and that is why they now sell for $2,500 instead of $1,200 like they should... I've gotten most of this info from reputable source on the forums at GunBroker.com but I don't have the best memory but I think I have the overall idea right. Anyone know the specifics?
  14. A gun is only as good as the shooter, that's the way it is, and the way it always will be. I know deer shooters (note the lack of the word hunter) that will fire 5 to 10 shots at a running deer. I'm not keen on single-shots, but I sure don't see the use for more than 2 shots at an animal. If you can't hit it in two shots, then you likely need more practice. The same applies for wingshooting. A person must know what they can reliably drop thier quarry at or don't shoot. Everybody has had a wounded bird get away, and it doesn't feel good. However, yes, you can take a quail in particular at 25 yards very often with a full-choked .410. Yes, I do shoot further with my 12 gauge.
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