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    I'm around age 50. I am somewhat of a high-tech redneck. I like both modern electronics, but still love the outdoors and having the knowledge of the old ways. I bought my first Benelli, an HK import SBE in '94 so that I would have one shotgun that could do it all. It worked and I only had it (and a .410) for the next 20 years. But, then I started getting interested in the other models starting with a pair of M3T folding stock models. I continued on buying a HK M1, and HK Montefeltro. More recently I acquired a M4 model that was built out with telescoping stock, extended mag, extra shell holders, etc along with the requisite 922r parts. I bought the holy grail also; the M4 H20 11711 model that is NIB. I still am looking for other great Benelli guns in LNIB condition.
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    near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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    Hunting, fishing, shooting, and gun collecting
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    Computer Tech/student
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  1. Sounds familiar to my sentiments when I bought my first Benelli. It was a Super Black Eagle (HK import) in '94. I bought it to have a single shotgun that could handle all the tasks I was using shotguns for. Previously, those roles were filled with at least 4 different shotguns. Every time I switched seasons and guns, I wouldn't shoot well at all for a little bit. Once I had the SBE in my hands, and after I figured out I could not shoot 7/8 oz dram loads through it, it has been flawless ever since. After having it for so long and loving it, I started looking at other Benelli shotgun models and
  2. Tony, he was just looking for the barrel itself, but judging from the post before yours, he might not need that anymore now.
  3. I can't tell if he did this, but Sportsman's lost them a customer with me in a similar fashion. I had things prepaid for an order when the Obama ammo shortage occurred. They sent out a message saying that all pending orders were cancelled. They had relisted them for the new triple price. They can change the price on their site, no problem. But, to cancel existing paid orders on current in-stock items just to price gouge was a step way to far to me. If they would have filled existing orders on things they stated were in stock when they were ordered, THEN change the price, I get it. The way it w
  4. Just one persons opinion, but I don't feel they give much, if any, advantage in the field. I'd personally recommend going with what you've got. Besides, in the current political climate, they are likely still hard to find. Wait for the tacti-cool frenzy to pass some and get it then for half of what they are going for now if you do decide you still want it.
  5. Building up the front of the grip like you mentioned would likely be the easiest but unsightly as you mentioned. Only thing I could think of that might work permanently would require shortening the FRONT of the buttstock then re-contouring it and refinishing. That seems like a lot to do. They don't look like they have any difference between it and the others, but I guess it often doesn't take much change in this area to really notice it.
  6. I've got one for an M1 as well that I'd sell. I bought it for my M1T. In the top pic, it is the barrel above, not the one mounted on the gun. I've got other pics too if you'd like.
  7. And, from a seller with only 1 transaction on GB. Somebody's got some money and isn't afraid to spend it. When they were going over $5k, I was thinking ouch... I do wonder why this one was in a brown plain box. It appears to have a correct end label though unless it is a re-print. Mine has the typical new style white with red writing Benelli box.
  8. Welcome to the forum. The search in the upper right corner is your friend. There have been a lot of posts about basically this same topic though most are oriented towards the actual installation of the tube itself. The forum member StrangerDanger is a 'smith and makes great pictorial instructions. It's likely you'll find what you need in this thread:
  9. I would go as far as to call it nearly critical in the mag and recoil tubes in field guns. I can't recall how many shotguns I have bought from hunters in our extended hunting group. They complained that their gun was a POS and jammed all the time. I'd take it home, and clean those two areas, put on dry, and took it hunting next time. Many times the same person bought it back after seeing the issue was gone. Take care and enjoy your new Benelli. 🙂
  10. These are fine arms. There is no such thing as being over protective. If you don't already know, one mistake people often make is to use a wet lube on the magazine tube, recoil tube in the butt stock, or putting too much of it on the bolt rails. Always use dry lube on the mag and recoil tubes and either use dry on the rails, or run light oil only. Otherwise, they'll catch dust and dirt and will gunk up to the point that they may not cycle. This is particularly important on fall hunts where the grasses and such are all dry. With wet lube, dropping a shell on the ground and putting it in the gun
  11. I agree with Songdog, they don't know what they are talking about. In my opinion, they either can't afford one for themselves so they are disparaging it so you don't have a nicer/better gun. Or, they've never fired a Benelli; Any Benelli... The only Benelli's that wouldn't be great for skeet are the "tactical" versions with short barrels and without interchangeable chokes. I've got a 1994 HK Benelli Super Black Eagle. I have never replaced a single part in it. I take it goose hunting up in Canada and it is not uncommon to shoot 200 3.5" mags over the course of the long week(s) of hunting.
  12. I can simulate a poor hold on my old SBE at any time by letting it swing with zero resistance. Even then though, it will fire, open, eject, but then close on empty chamber. I thought with gas that should not have any impact. I'll second the sentiment above that a rifled choke tube does nothing for sabot slugs. BUT, the sabots rock on a fully rifled slug barrel.
  13. Nope., not rust. It looks like powder residue to me. I've hunted weeks at a time in cold and wet, during waterfowl seasons with no cleaning and no Ill effect on my SBE. That gun is 26 years old now and still looks and works like new. Good maintenance is always good, but unless spending time in salt water areas, I wouldn't think you'd have any issues going that long between cleaning. That said, if you do have to "ride hard and put it away wet", I'd check it thoroughly when you are done and put protectant on it.
  14. I've seen a person mount a "scout" scope to the barrel itself. These scopes, because of their long eye relief do work quite well. This is EXACTLY why I went with my SBE for a slug barrel instead of the M1 even though I didn't need the extra chamber length. The fact that the receiver extension is part of the barrel, you can mount your scope to it and when the barrel comes off, so does the scope. I put a Leupold UltimateSlam 2x7x33 on mine and it seems to be about perfect for my, admittedly aging, eyes. Very ingenious setup you created. As you said, it certainly took some creativity. I wond
  15. Yeah, I'll take it. I couldn't remember my forum login after I left work. PM will be sent shortly after I post.
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