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  1. Good point Evolution. I was just thinking of collapsible / extended model.
  2. bambihunter


    I'll play... Here's my pair of H&K import M3T's. One little bit of trivia for anyone looking at these. Always verify the folding stock locks into the rear sight correctly. The rear sight is slightly different location for the non-folders and while it will fold properly, they won't lock like they should.
  3. What finish is actually on it? NP3, Cerakote, something else? Or, just painted that color? I think a M3T folder would look awesome with that finish but those were all H&K to the best of my knowledge.
  4. You can also look at the model numbers. The 11711 is the real NP3 model.
  5. I'd add a tac light since you are going to want both hands on the weapon. Other than that, practice shooting around corners, etc. I don't think the M2 is as bad as a SBE would be for this, but with it, if you don't have the gun held securely, preferably against your body, it may not cycle right. It might fire, but not load the next round. I can hold either of my SBE's "free arm" and they will both do this on shells that work perfectly when shot normal. But, that said most likely you'll be shooting heavier loads for defense so it may not be an issue anyway.
  6. If it isn't an H&K era, then it likely won't. I find the shorter chambers harder to ghost load. On my 3.5" SBE, I can load it quickly and float the 4th easily, even in the dark. SD above I believe is a gunsmith so his comments carry more weight than mine probably do. But, I had a Benelli rep back then tell me they were designed to 100% clear the round on the carrier. It wasn't designed as a way to hold more, it was how the gun would clear what would otherwise be a malfunction in the event an extra shell came out of the magazine. I'd trust my life on it. I have used it ever since I discovered it in ~1995 (whenever legal). I preferred to add a single shell back there instead of an extended mag tube out front which changes the swing for me.
  7. They are great the way they are for hunting IMHO. Great balanced and a lighter weight. I think the main reason a mag extension isn't just a simple add-on is because of the way the barrel attaches to the magazine. At least on our 20 gauge, the ring is smaller than a 20 gauge shell so it couldn't pass through without major modification.
  8. Unfortunately, since this is also an election year, I don't expect this to change until after November. And, even then only if a Pro-2a gets elected.
  9. I guess you don't have good experience with that site. I love that site. I think this may largely be because I like and collect unusual or hard to find items that would take me years or decades to find otherwise. I've bought probably a dozen items on there that had production runs of less than 150 units (each). The local gun shows here in Oklahoma are an absolute joke. They are $10 to go to, and most have turned into Etsy, vape, and craft items with less and less firearms every time. Of course that doesn't include the incredible Wanenamacher Gun Show in Tulsa twice a year http://www.tulsaarmsshow.com/ This spring it was cancelled thanks to COVID. The next one is in November. If you have never been, it is worth the trip just for the experience. To quote their site: "If all our tables (2800 8ft. and 1300 6ft.) were placed end to end they would stretch 5.7 miles! If you spend the whole 18 hours we are open to the public and divide that by 4,200 tables, You will have 15.4 seconds to look at each table."
  10. I always like to ask first. Thanks for everything truckcop. This has been educational. 🙂
  11. It can also be used to show where things are rubbing together by finding what it has a different texture or missing.
  12. The 922r rules are among the silliest laws created by BATF. The other big one in my opinion is requiring non FFL's to overnight, where from FFL to FFL it can be done normally. I mean, for the 922r, we can create exactly what is available already to the rest of the world and our police force, but for us only after a set number of US parts to make compliance. 🤔
  13. I fully expect this to be the new low price from now through the election in November. If Trump wins, it will go back to normal. If not, who knows...
  14. Yep, they do. It doesn't get a ton of traffic, but if patient, it works quite well. I see you already put up a post. I also set up "saved searches" on the auction side to get notified when certain things are listed. Very handy when after those elusive items. I am sorry to get your hopes up DeepSix. I looked last night and the take off buttstock on my black M4 is also a pistol grip stock. It was changed out for collapsible. I thought it was a standard stock that was swapped to collapsible.
  15. Thank you very much Truckcop! I had actually searched for the referenced post but I guess I didn't go back far enough. I found it later. Last night I realized that on the box end, partially obscured by black writing, is the serial number and it does match the barrel. On the box end, I assume the top line is S90 M1 (obviously M1 Super 90) CIL (cylinder bore), the "50" is probably the length in Centimeters and magnum due to the 3" chamber. However, I am not sure what "SB" would stand for. Last night I looked at the date code in the box on the barrel and it shows manufactured in 1987. Is that still during HK's partnership with Benelli? I am not sure when they started, and when it changed to BenelliUSA. I think the end of HK markings was maybe 97 or around there. No idea when they started though. If I list this for sale (on Gunbroker) do you mind if I use those pictures so people know what to look for as far as compatibility? I knew there was a one piece extended mag tube and the standard type. I didn't know there were 3 or that they weren't necessarily compatible without modifications. I've learned a few things the last couple of days on this and a few other posts about the compatibility between models. I have been a big Benelli fan since the early 90's. a HK SBE was my 2nd shotgun. Shortly after, it became my only shotgun since it could do it all. Since then, I've acquired 2 M3T top folders, a 11711 H2O M4 (NIB) and a standard M4 with the conversion and 922r parts to be legal with an extended mag and collapsible stock. Also, another SBE, 24", 26", and 28" barrels both from SBE and SBE2. I also got a slug barrel and modified forearm. I got a 20 gauge Montefeltro for my wife to skeet shoot with (she loves it and hits better now than ever before).
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