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  1. Very helpful and informative videos. Greatly appreciated! "...Knowing is Half the Battle." MNY THX!
  2. RESURRECTION... I know this is an older post, but THANK YOU to all who have contributed to it as I just changed out my M4's pistol grip to the standard grip in less than one minute. I looked at the Owner's Manual and thought the worst but I checked here with you Pro's and it's a done deal. Saved me $50 from going to the local gunsmith for them to do as listed above. Going to do the same to my M3 as soon as the ordered newly in-stock standard stock arrives. BRAVO ZULU to all, MNY THX! Stock Up & Stay Safe!
  3. Topic... I am looking to purchase a factory Benelli M1/M3 Non Adjustable Drop Stock, Part # 60516, for my M3 convertible. The current pistol grip is nice but I need the standard straight grip offered by the 60516. Any new or good conditioned stock for sale will be great or a trade for the pistol grip I have. Let me know your asking price and details, and thanks in advance! Stay Safe, A. Melton 757 739-7242
  4. Are most of you all still using the newer "original" pin ring? Does anyone use anything different? Good info on tool choices, as I'm trying to see what (easier) options there are for removing/installing this particular pin ring...
  5. Is it possible to swap out the M4's pin ring for a traditional c-clip pin ring like on the M3?
  6. I was able to change out my original mag tubes to the 7 shell tubes by using a heatgun with a small nozzle attachment to precisely direct heat to the outside metal of the receiver. Heated up enough quickly to loosen up the red threadlocker (lots of it) and was fortunate not to damage or warp the plastic parts and my M3. Did this for both the M3 and M4, even though our unit's armorer/gunsmith said to use a torch...
  7. Hello All, first time posting. Got a quick question for you. Would it be sensible change out the "very difficult to remove/install" M4's original trigger guard pin ring with an M3's trigger guard pin ring C-clip? (Extra question - why are they not the same, or which is better?) Did the lifter swap out on both my M3 and M4 and even with a set of Channel-Lock snap ring pliers, the ring on the M4 is a beast... Thanks in advance for the advice and help!
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