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  1. If loose the barrel extension can unscrew off the barrel. I've seen maybe 2 or 3 barrel extension get loose over many years. Take the extension off, clean/degrease both thread areas and apply some red Loctite to the threads before screwing it all back together. It should stay put
  2. On the Brownells schematic and parts # listing the cap retaining pin and spring are the same on the M2, M4 and Super Black Eagle. No mention of a “sleeve” (I still think the retaining pin is staked in place)
  3. I bet the 870 detent staking tool would do the job. I think I have one around the shop....somewhere https://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/shotgun-tools/staking-tools/870-detent-staking-punch-prod25277.aspx An automatic center punch would work in a pinch. A third hand to hold the detest and spring in place while upsetting the metal would help.
  4. True, the older guns came out with a cast link that would occasionally break, same with the original Super Black Eagle (I've seen 4-5 broken parts over the years). Probably why the part was redesigned to use 3 sandwiched/rivets steel flat sections.
  5. The standard Nordic +5 tube(see below) is just a bit longer than the 21” barrel. Nordic also lists a +5B that is advertised as being a match to the 21” Benelli M2 barrel length. The standard 5 tune is 11.60” long, the +5B is 10.83” long. Nordic tube lenght info Some barrel clamps can impart pressure on the barrel and affect POI. There are methods for installing in the Nordic clap that can negate the clamp's affect or MOA Precision makes a “free floating” clamp that does not affect the POI. MOA Precision clamp
  6. Well....here's a different kind, one I finished up earlier this year:
  7. The bolt release is In stock on August 14 Link to MOA bolt release
  8. Yes, that is a TTI safety.
  9. If you dry fire the gun (empty chamber) will the action open easily? If it does open, try a dry fire with a little backwards pressure on the forearm to see the action still opens. We are checking to see if the Bolt Latch is disengaging when the hammer falls. Does the interior of the chamber feels smooth with no rust or plastic buildup?
  10. What brand and type of ammo are you using when the problem occurs? If it is the Winchester "Universal" or their similar promo ammo (silver metal rims, ribbed red plastic hull) its an ammo problem.
  11. Has it always had this problem, or did it start after some period of working well? Which brand and type of shells are you using ? What is the shell's velocity and shot weight? Have you ever removed and checked the inertia spring inside the bolt carrier? (There was a run of Stoeger inertia springs a few years ago that would break)
  12. The NFA/ATF no longer requires a CLEO sign off (as of July 2016) ...but it does not matter in this case. As far as I know New York does not allow Short Barrel Shotguns (less than 18" barrel) https://www.nationalguntrusts.com/blogs/nfa-gun-trust-atf-information-database-blog/new-york-state-nfa-rules-and-allowable-nfa-items
  13. On the 1301 the lifter drops when the hammer falls. What makes the lifter drop on your Benelli mod?...or just go shoot it, I want to see it work! 😁
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