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  1. https://www.midwestgunworks.com/benelli-828u/forend-adjusting-screw.html
  2. Is the trigger housing damaged and allowing the CSP to move out of place? This after market CSP is better materiel than the factory part (but it will not help if the spot in the trigger housing the CSP resides in is damaged.)
  3. Steve Rose

    Sbe2 click

    Does the hammer fall with significant force/speed when you take the trigger group out of the gun and hold it in hand for testing? Was this a one time occurrence? or does it "click" on a majority of shells now?
  4. If this was a gun with an extended magazine tube I would tell you the magazine spring it too short/too weak – the last round coming out of the tube does not get pushed all the way back into the action....but since its a factory length tube something else may be the problem....but I would try a new magazine tube spring first, and make sure the plug is installed properly and not binding up the spring. When reassembling the magazine parts: Follower > spring > plug (with big end toward the muzzle) > spring cap
  5. Start with Improved Cylinder for traditional buckshot shells (some loads might pattern better with Modified, but IC generally works well). If your Buckshot loads has a Flite Control wad use Improved Cylinder or Cylinder (no constriction). Anything tighter will degrade the pattern.
  6. M4 or M2/SBE stock? I have a black M2/SBE Comfortech stock with the GripTight (rubbery) coating that can be for sale.
  7. A Wolff reduced power (-25%) action spring and reduced power hammer spring might let you run 1145-1200 fps 1 1/18 oz loads with the Salvo attached.
  8. Midwest Gun Works has the parts (they come as a full set)
  9. Remove the 2 metric set screws in the ejector housing (#28 on the schematic), they are loctited in place and may need heat to get loose, then slide the ejector case back out of the barrel extension. Put the new ejector and spring in place in the ejector housing, then slip the ejector parts back into the barrel extension. Tighten the the set screws and you should be good to go. SBE schematic
  10. Has it always done this, or did it just start? What type of ammo is stovepiping (brand, velocity, weight of the shot load) (No.... this gun, or any other, will perform at its best potential with EVERY type of ammo. There is some junk ammo out there)
  11. Black is the only color of Compact stock I have seen from the Benelli factory. Sorry, I do not have a stock on hand to measure. A call to Benelli customer service might provide that information.
  12. Benelli 12ga Compact Stock (black)
  13. Steve Rose

    Beads for SBE2

    Yes. Get a brass bead from Brownells, MidwayUSA, etc. with a 3-56 size threaded shank.
  14. I sent you a message with a source for both.
  15. Are you saying the 2nd shell is not coming out of the mag tube and cycling into the chamber? If that is the issue is the 2nd shell coming partially out of the magazine tube, but not getting far enough back into the action for the bolt to close and feed the shell into the chamber? - or is the 2nd shell not exiting the magazine tube at all?
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