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  1. Bolt handle is over inserted. Here is a picture of a M1- Note the step inside the receiver that my bolt handle stops on.
  2. Is that a new bolt handle? Is the handle inserted too far and contacting the inside of the receiver or binding on the slot behind the ejection port?
  3. had it tricked out a bit. What has been done to the gun? Are you saying the bolt will not move to the rear in the stripped down condition your pictures show? or when firing the gun?
  4. Most likely Mobil (a flush tube is 2" long) More info to help you identify the choke tube needed for you gun
  5. I can still ghost load* my M2 with the MOA Precision auto load parts. Since the J-Kenny parts use similar design mechanisms I suspect you can still ghost load, but I have no first hand experience with those parts. * My M2 bolt has the usual modification that allows ghost loading
  6. To close the bolt (without inserting shells into the tube) you press the bolt release - just like you do on a stock gun. If you shoot the gun dry the bolt locks open as expected. You can either press the bolt release to close the bolt, or load the tube and let the gun “auto load” All the “auto” parts actually do is (1) let you load the magazine tube with the bolt locked open on an empty gun (2) allow a shell to come out of the mag tube which activates the shell latch allowing the bolt to close and chamber that round chamber.
  7. The normal functions of the gun remain. You can still load the tube and leave the chamber empty, and you can open the bolt and remove the chambered round without emptying the magazine. If the bolt is closed (regardless of the chamber being empty or loaded) you can load round into the mag tube as in normal operation. The auto load feature allows you to have the gun completely empty (including the mag tube) and the bolt locked open, but now shells can still be inserted into the mag tube.. When you insert the first rounds into the mag tube the first round will then eject into the action and get chambered. This was all developed for competition guns so when the gun is shot dry only one loading technique is needed – just stuff shells into t mag tube and keep going– no need to insert a round into the action, close the bolt, then fill the tube. Whether the “modification” holds up under heavy use / high round count remains to be seen. I have a couple thousand rounds in on my M2 with the MOA Precision parts – so far so good.
  8. The Browning A5 (current model and the older “humback” Auto 5 with the 2 piece lifter) are the only shotguns that I know of with the “auto load” feature from the factory. The shell latch design of the Italian influenced guns (current Benelli, Beretta, Stoeger, Franchi) could be adapted, not so with the Remington 1100 or 11/87 action. There is a lot of “that's the way we've always done it” and “not designed here” in the firearms industry...and the Italians seem to have a “our way is the best way” attitude to firearms technology.
  9. The Browning A5 is factory designed to auto load. If you saw a Benelli or Stoeger with the auto load feature here in the USA the gun probably had the modification done by MOA Precision, they've had the parts available since early this year (2019). I have one on my RAS Benelli M2. The auto load feature allows you to shoot the gun to empty/bolt locked back, then you can insert shell(s) into the magazine tube and the first shell will automatically exit the mag tube and the action closes and “auto loads” the shell into the chamber. Here is a video demonstrating with my Benelli M2. Benelli Auto Load with MOA Precision parts
  10. Midwest Gun Works has the 20ga parts for your forearm, but I bet if you contact Benelli customer service they will get the correct parts to you.
  11. Is the barrel fully seated into the receiver? Are the metal spacers seen as part 16, 17, &18 on this schematic in place on the forearm? Benelli schematic
  12. Check with Phillips for a possible release trigger http://www.phillipsgunsmithing.com/home.html
  13. Loosen a bit more, or better yet remove the stock, then install the trigger group and its pins. Now reattach the stock. (The stock is impeding the trigger groups from seating into place where the trigger housing contacts the stock)
  14. “Carrier Loading” (aka Ghost Loading). See page 24 of the USMC M1014 manual LINK to USMC M1014 manual
  15. This company has a good reputation for laser engraving on firearms. They will send proofs before doing the actual engraving, very quick too. https://www.veritasmachiningllc.com/
  16. SBE uses the Mobil choke tube. SBE2 uses the Benelli Crio Plus choke tube (which is basically an extended version of the Mobil tube) More info on the various Benelli choke tubes
  17. FWIW Brownells has the M4 trigger group in stock
  18. This video is of a Super Black Eagle 3, but if you can remove the trigger group from your Ethos the actual safety reversal procedure is then the same Benelli safery reversal
  19. Does the newer Vinci have the "Speed Bolt" feature? "The Speed Bolt system incorporates a special, high density tungsten insert to make cycling even faster and to give excellent performance even with low shot loads. " https://www.benelli.it/en/products/semiautomatic-shotguns/vinci/vinci-speed-bolt
  20. The pin only comes out from one direction. You drive out the pin by inserting a flat tip punch into the hole opening that only allows you to see a portion on the pin's diameter-in other words your punch will contact about ½ of the edge of the pin's end
  21. No, the M3 has the same receiver shape (where the stock meets) as the M1. The Comfortech stock matches the M2/SBE2 receiver shape. Related thread with pictures
  22. MOA Precsion Lightning Load Lifter in my Benelli M2
  23. The M2 magazine tube can be unscrewed from the receiver. If it installed with red thread locker so heat will be needed to loosen the thread locker. Be careful and use a damp, cold rag around the magazine tube about 2” in front of the receiver. The magazine tube has a threaded junction in that area and will sometimes come apart there if the heat loosens the thread locker in that area. If you can some how drive the follower out the end of the magazine tube (flexible wooded rod inserted from the receiver end?) I think your interior cleaning job will be much easier.
  24. Think of the end of the stock/recoil pad as a rear sight. When making sight in adjustments we move the rear sight the direction we wan the POI to move. In your case move the stock down (more drop than it has now) and to the right (more cast than it has now) to move the POI down and to the right. Which shims to use? Cant tell you that -you will need to see which shim set up you gun has in it now, then swap to the shim that add more drop and cast than it currently has. How does moving the stock change the POI? It really does not, but it will make it easier for YOU to look where the gun is shooting its POI, and that is the goal: to have the gun shoot where you are looking; ie. your eye lined up like a rear sight.
  25. Numrich Gun Parts has the stock
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