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  1. SBE uses the Mobil choke tube. SBE2 uses the Benelli Crio Plus choke tube (which is basically an extended version of the Mobil tube) More info on the various Benelli choke tubes
  2. FWIW Brownells has the M4 trigger group in stock
  3. This video is of a Super Black Eagle 3, but if you can remove the trigger group from your Ethos the actual safety reversal procedure is then the same Benelli safery reversal
  4. Does the newer Vinci have the "Speed Bolt" feature? "The Speed Bolt system incorporates a special, high density tungsten insert to make cycling even faster and to give excellent performance even with low shot loads. " https://www.benelli.it/en/products/semiautomatic-shotguns/vinci/vinci-speed-bolt
  5. The pin only comes out from one direction. You drive out the pin by inserting a flat tip punch into the hole opening that only allows you to see a portion on the pin's diameter-in other words your punch will contact about ½ of the edge of the pin's end
  6. No, the M3 has the same receiver shape (where the stock meets) as the M1. The Comfortech stock matches the M2/SBE2 receiver shape. Related thread with pictures
  7. MOA Precsion Lightning Load Lifter in my Benelli M2
  8. The M2 magazine tube can be unscrewed from the receiver. If it installed with red thread locker so heat will be needed to loosen the thread locker. Be careful and use a damp, cold rag around the magazine tube about 2” in front of the receiver. The magazine tube has a threaded junction in that area and will sometimes come apart there if the heat loosens the thread locker in that area. If you can some how drive the follower out the end of the magazine tube (flexible wooded rod inserted from the receiver end?) I think your interior cleaning job will be much easier.
  9. Think of the end of the stock/recoil pad as a rear sight. When making sight in adjustments we move the rear sight the direction we wan the POI to move. In your case move the stock down (more drop than it has now) and to the right (more cast than it has now) to move the POI down and to the right. Which shims to use? Cant tell you that -you will need to see which shim set up you gun has in it now, then swap to the shim that add more drop and cast than it currently has. How does moving the stock change the POI? It really does not, but it will make it easier for YOU to look where the gun is shooting its POI, and that is the goal: to have the gun shoot where you are looking; ie. your eye lined up like a rear sight.
  10. Numrich Gun Parts has the stock
  11. The Nordic round button may work for you
  12. The guns here in the USA do not have a mid tube crimp. Is the mid tube “crimp” visible on the outside of the tube? If not, could what you are feeling stop the follower possibly be the welded area that attaches the magazine cut off tabs? If you gun has a factory installed crimp you can unscrew the magazine tube from the receiver (heat required to loosen the thread locker) and remove the follower from the breech end. If the tab welds have penetrated into the inside of he mag tube you may have to fashion a method of sanding down the protrusion from inside the magazine tube.
  13. Make Ready Pro Shop http://www.makereadyproshop.com/nordic-components-shotgun-tube-extension-assembly-nut-sold-separately-12-ga/
  14. Midwest Gun Works has some SBE 2 barrels which (along with a new forearm) should work on your gun https://www.midwestgunworks.com/benelli-sbe/barrels.html
  15. Are you pressing in the bolt release while inserting the trigger group?
  16. It should run just fine with decent quality 1200 fps (3DE) 1 1/8oz loads.
  17. Here is another idea. This device acts as a bolt release lever with no modification to the factory Latch Carrier https://www.brownells.com/shotgun-parts/bolt-parts/bolt-hardware/benelli-rapid-bolt-release-tabs-prod61488.aspx
  18. The bolt release “button” is an add on part. You will need to drill and tap the stud on your factory part to accept the screw for the button (buttons available from Nordic, Briley, Taran Tactical, Arrendondo, etc). The tapped size will vary based on the brand (generally 4-40, 5-50, or 6-32. A hint...DO NOT drill all the way through the factory part. The stud can break loose easily. A blind tapped hole about .250” is best
  19. More than one way to skin the cat, and your intended use comes into play.... I prefer the sling sockets opposite the ejection port side so I can sling the gun tight on my back without the bolt handle gouging me. Drop the rear QD about half way down the stock and its away from your face when the gun is mounted. Yeah, the picture is a rifle but my scatter gun hangs the same way when slung in matches. You get the idea.
  20. I use a lot of those Noveske QD sockets myself.
  21. “Flite Control” buck is a different animal from the traditional buck shot load. The Flite Control will perform best with little or no choke constriction. The idea is that the buckshot stays in the wad for a few yards after exiting the barrel and holds the shot in a tighter pattern on the target (and it works!) Try your Improved Cylinder or Cylinder (no constriction) choke tube and see what works best with that Flite Control buck. Too much choke constriction slows the wad at the muzzle letting the shot exit the wad sooner and negating the effect of the “Control” design.
  22. Take the trigger group out and check the spring tension on the Carrier (floor plate). Does it have tension with the trigger group out of the gun? If so, check for any binding/rubbing of the Carrier, Bolt latch (dog) and/or its spring against the side of the receiver where the trigger group is installed. If the Carrier has no spring tension with the trigger group out of the gun check that the spring and strut are not bent and the area where they contact the trigger housing and bolt latch is not damaged or hampering the spring compression or movement. Link to a schematic: https://www.midwestgunworks.com/benelli-ethos/parts.html
  23. Really?....We'll see about that....
  24. Post that video showing the loading procedure and problem. The M4 shell carrier SHOULD move back down after loading each shell. The shell latch (shell stop) will hold the shotshell in the magazine tube – if the the shell latch is working properly AND the shell you just loaded is fully inserted into the tube.
  25. This Reduced Power Spring Kit will yield similar results http://tarantacticalinnovations.com/tti-ultimate-benelli-power-pack-spring-set/
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