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  1. I couldn’t be more embarrassed to make this post. Maybe I just had a really bad day but I’m pretty frustrated. Last time out with my Benelli M4 I was able to get a moderate-to-fair zero but I wanted to fine tune a bit so I grabbed a couple boxes of slugs and headed to the range. I have only modified my M4 with the Scalaworks RMR (rail and red dot sight) and I changed the modified choke to a cylinder choke which works much better with my home defense ammo - Hornady 00 buckshot (versatite wad) and the Federal 00 buckshot (FliteControl wad). I was shooting with the red dot rather than t
  2. DFWSFO, Just wanted to offer my sincerest thanks for your help and taking the time to post on this subject and offer an alternative. I appreciate your willingness to spend some time and trying to help me resolve my concern. Thank you. I decided to go with the ScalerWorks mount and the RMO6. My M4’s primary role is home defense and although I don’t like the co-witness view it just seemed to make more sense given my desire to have the iron sights readily and immediately accessible In the event of an (albeit rare) optic failure.
  3. DFWSFO, Wow! That looks good. That looks real good.
  4. Thank you for posting those. If the SRO were more durable that’s exactly the setup I would get. As it is I’m happy with the height of the stock ghost ring sights so I’m leaning towards the Scalarworks SYNC and RMR, even though it means putting up with the busy co-witness sight picture I’m not fond of. But I’m still debating between that and DFWSFO’s Aimpoint T2 setup.
  5. Birdog19, I do have the telescoping stock but I find it uncomfortable at anything other than the maximum extension while dressed without-winter-coat casual. The ghost ring iron sights are not in a bad position for me but I don’t feel like anything slightly higher would be either.
  6. Please do. I’ll be interested in hearing your opinion.
  7. Thank for the replies; I didn’t realize the SRO was a less rugged optic so I guess that makes the RMR the best choice. DFWSFO: I considered other optics on the factory pic rail but was concerned with the comments on this forum about the weakness of the pic rail given its sight groove. I also wanted access to the iron sights in case of a failure of the optic. Has the factory pic rail been an issue for you? Does your mount have a quick detach?
  8. OK, the many great reviews here have convinced me to give the Scalarworks Sync mount a try on my M4. I’m not a big fan of a “busy” sight picture but so many positive comments here must mean that owners are happy. I notice that the Scalarworks is offered with the RMR or SRO optic. I’m not sure what the difference is between the two or what the Scalarworks mount will mean for the sight picture of either one. Any advice or suggestions?
  9. Wow! I’m really surprised that there are so many proponents of the smaller sized red dots. I was ready to order the 6 mos size after reading on another forum “Jerry Miculek uses a vortex venom but with a custom 8moa dot on his pistol and his old 6moa rmr on his shotgun.” Now I’m not so sure which to get.
  10. Looking at several red dot options and not sure which size red dot is most appropriate. I’m guessing my primary range for the M4 would be 50 yards or less. Is there a general rule or suggestions for appropriate size?
  11. If it’s inappropriate to resurrect an old thread I apologize but I had this same question and don’t see an answer here. Will the RM33 mount raise the Trijicon RMR high enough so that the ghost sights DO NOT co-witness ? I have trouble with the co-witness view being too busy and want my RMR mounted above the ghost ring sight-line but I’m thinking the RM34 mount might be higher than practical?
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