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  1. Thanks for taking the time to post this. I am very tempted by the LTT Beretta 1301 every time someone posts pictures / information about it but I’ve promised myself I won’t buy another shotgun that isn’t better than a Benelli M4. The Beretta might be very, very good but I have yet to see anyone post any reason why it’s better. I keep a Benelli M4 beside my bed for the bumps in the night because I want the most durable and reliable semi-auto shotgun available for protecting me and my family. And I keep coming back to that quote you posted from the owner of Battlefield Vegas - “If I ever had to have one shotgun for the rest of my life, it would be the Benelli M4.”
  2. Agreed, Brenneke’ s are my go-to slugs for that reason. This guy found fliers to be an issue with the Federal tungsten / lead free buckshot: I guess I’m right back to where I started. 😀
  3. Unobtanium, thank you for taking the time to post that information! Interesting that you’ve found better patterning with the Federal High Density loads vs the Hornady Critical Defense. I guess I really should give it a try myself but it’s darn expensive. Are you using the standard modified choke? I noticed a big difference with Federal and Hornady buckshot (markedly tighter patterns) after swapping to a cylinder choke in my M4. I’ve watched your YouTube videos too with M4 Entry / Federal 13200 examples. Great stuff. The M4 Entry is cylinder choke, correct? I’ve had a Remington 870 loaded with Federal 13300 (8 pellet variety of your Federal 13200) for years. I’d love a Federal 00 buckshot full power loading with the FliteControl wad and 8 pellet variety but the Hornady Critical Defense is the closest I’ve been able to find. I guess I’m showing my age with my preference for the 8 pellet loads. Have you experienced any reliability or penetration issues with the Federal 13200 loads? My home defense threats include bears and cougars so decent penetration is a significant concern for me.
  4. My Buckshot of choice for the past several years has been the Hornady Critical Defense 8 Pellet Buckshot with the Versatite wad (Stock #86240) due to its 1600 fps velocity and the 8 pellet variety which lowers the chances of a flier. I don’t want the potential flier but want the velocity for good penetration. The Federal ammunition site has recently shown availability for Vital-Shock 00 Buckshot High Density Lead Free (Stock #PHD15900). This is a 9 pellet buckshot using the FliteControl wad and stated velocity of 1600 fps that Federal claims is “high density tungsten alloy pellet construction”. I can’t find any information other than Federal marketing releases for this ammunition. I’m wondering if the tungsten alloy would limit pellet deformation that might cause the 9th pellet flier? Anyone have experience with the Federal ammunition or can suggest a better alternative?
  5. I was worked up and worried over nothing. It really was easy and, like yours, mine went on without needing any modification. This really is a nice modification. The sling and light really make this a tier-one home defense weapon.
  6. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m excited to get it and try it out. I went with the IWCS light mount too so both of these will allow me mount a light and sling to my M4. Woe be to the poor fool who would find himself in my home intending to do harm after next week! 😀
  7. OK, I found pictures Stranger Danger posted in this thread: Sorry I posted before looking as well as I should have. I’m pretty worried about this. Hopefully my buttstock is one that accepts the qd mount easily.
  8. Does anyone have pictures of the IWCS QD Rotation Limited Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT for Benelli Collapsible Buttstock installed on their shotgun? The few pictures I’ve found I can’t see the qd mount with the sling attached. I’m not very mechanically inclined (read: I’m a long time award winning thread stripper) and I’m starting to worry about installing this after reading comments here about the screws being too big for the buttstock slot. Does it come with instructions or will I need to figure it out myself? Appreciate any help or suggestions. I’ve just become aware of the necessity of a sling for my HD shotgun and from other posts here it sounds like this is the best option but I’m worried about the install.
  9. My RMR and American Defense low mount arrived today. I went with the titanium model as the specs listed the height identically and I was happy to save a couple of ounces. For comparisons sake, I have an M4 with the Scalarworks mount / RMR combo and with the collapsible stock fully extended this puts the red dot at the perfect location for my eyes and co-witnessed with the iron sights. The folks at Scalarworks are great folks and their mount / RMR combo is my ideal setup on an 18” general purpose M4 shotgun. I am in the process of purchasing the M4 Entry model (14” SBS) and, in an attempt to keep it as short as possible, I wanted to run the 14” Entry model on the middle stock setting. The iron sights and Scalarworks / RMR combo is way to low for me with the stock in the middle position. When my American Defense Mount and RMR arrived today I put them on an unmodified Benelli M4 that still has the factory pic rail and, with the collapsible stock on the middle setting, this is a great height and sight picture! It may be just a touch high for me as, from the low ready, I’m coming up to be met with the dot in the lower quarter of the RMR sight glass. Perfectly acceptable and something I’m fully used to within a few action / ready drills. I’m getting a very good/ comfortable / familiar cheek weld which was very important for me (muscle memory, etc). This is a great solution that will work for my M4 Entry setup and I’m grateful for everyone who took the time to help!
  10. @bigdog02 , I have the Scalarworks RMR combo on my 18” M4 and with the collapsible stock extended at the last position it’s perfect. Absolutely no better setup. I’m going to add the M4 Entry model (14” SBS) to the lineup and I’d like to keep it fairly short by using the middle setting of the stock. At the middle stock setting the Scalarworks RMR combo puts my head too high above the factory sights and RMR red dot. If this ADM low mount on the factory rail is slightly higher it will help me keep my familiar cheek weld. If not, going back to the last setting on the stock and a Scalarworks RMR will be my backup plan.
  11. @M2_shootr @Nocturnalnature Thank you both for taking the time to help! @Nocturnalnature I think I’m going to give one of those a try. Thanks for your help! I think this is exactly the solution I’m looking for. The concerns about the zero return was due to some comments about the Benelli factory pic rail being less than bullet-proof but if it’s working for you I see no reason it won’t work for me. Thanks again!
  12. Is this it? https://www.primaryarms.com/american-defense-quick-detach-trijicon-rmr-mini-right-hand-mount-titanium-lever-low
  13. Do you have a link for the mount? I think I’d like to give this a try. I’m thinking this might be perfect for the SBS. Does it hold zero for you?
  14. I’m not a fan of the government but I don’t think that’s true. Where did you get this information?
  15. @M2_shootr, I’m considering this setup (T2 on factory rail). Why did you change? @Nocturnalnature, Are you still running this setup?
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