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  1. My RMR and American Defense low mount arrived today. I went with the titanium model as the specs listed the height identically and I was happy to save a couple of ounces. For comparisons sake, I have an M4 with the Scalarworks mount / RMR combo and with the collapsible stock fully extended this puts the red dot at the perfect location for my eyes and co-witnessed with the iron sights. The folks at Scalarworks are great folks and their mount / RMR combo is my ideal setup on an 18” general purpose M4 shotgun. I am in the process of purchasing the M4 Entry model (14” SBS) and, in an att
  2. @bigdog02 , I have the Scalarworks RMR combo on my 18” M4 and with the collapsible stock extended at the last position it’s perfect. Absolutely no better setup. I’m going to add the M4 Entry model (14” SBS) to the lineup and I’d like to keep it fairly short by using the middle setting of the stock. At the middle stock setting the Scalarworks RMR combo puts my head too high above the factory sights and RMR red dot. If this ADM low mount on the factory rail is slightly higher it will help me keep my familiar cheek weld. If not, going back to the last setting on the stock and a Scalarwo
  3. @M2_shootr @Nocturnalnature Thank you both for taking the time to help! @Nocturnalnature I think I’m going to give one of those a try. Thanks for your help! I think this is exactly the solution I’m looking for. The concerns about the zero return was due to some comments about the Benelli factory pic rail being less than bullet-proof but if it’s working for you I see no reason it won’t work for me. Thanks again!
  4. Is this it? https://www.primaryarms.com/american-defense-quick-detach-trijicon-rmr-mini-right-hand-mount-titanium-lever-low
  5. Do you have a link for the mount? I think I’d like to give this a try. I’m thinking this might be perfect for the SBS. Does it hold zero for you?
  6. I’m not a fan of the government but I don’t think that’s true. Where did you get this information?
  7. @M2_shootr, I’m considering this setup (T2 on factory rail). Why did you change? @Nocturnalnature, Are you still running this setup?
  8. Will the center of the T2 be above the standard iron sights? Scalarworks lists the co-witness as a lower tenth. Would that mean the majority of the T2 viewing window would be above the irons sights? Sort of like this > ( . )
  9. Are you running an optic on yours, by chance?
  10. I appreciate you guys taking the time to post and offer additional insights. I’m kinda leaning towards buying but I’m still nervous about the NFA aspects. I guess there’s worse things than having a backup Benelli M4 given today’s political climate.
  11. I have a 11715 model M4 with the extended magazine tube and adjustable stock. It’s my go to / favorite home defense weapon. Have a friend looking to sell a Benelli M4 14” Entry SBS and I’m hoping to get current owners’ opinions. I’m not sure it gives me much benefit for the price. That four inches doesn’t seem to do a lot vs the NFA hassles that would go along with it. Current owners: Would you buy one again? Is it more of a help to home defense / CQB than I’m seeing initially?
  12. Thanks SD. I’m not generally a fan of co-witness because of the overly busy sight picture it creates. I have the Scalarworks RMR package on an M4 without the night sights and it’s not bad but I have no experience with the Benelli factory night sights. Maybe they won’t be as bright as I’m expecting.
  13. I just bought a Benelli M4 with the night sights. Hasn’t been delivered yet so I’m not sure what to expect ref: brightness of the night sights. I’d like to add the Scalarworks T2 optics package but I’m worried it might create a distraction with the illuminated night sights and the T2 illuminated red dot. Does anyone have this combination or used it that an give me some insight?
  14. I couldn’t be more embarrassed to make this post. Maybe I just had a really bad day but I’m pretty frustrated. Last time out with my Benelli M4 I was able to get a moderate-to-fair zero but I wanted to fine tune a bit so I grabbed a couple boxes of slugs and headed to the range. I have only modified my M4 with the Scalaworks RMR (rail and red dot sight) and I changed the modified choke to a cylinder choke which works much better with my home defense ammo - Hornady 00 buckshot (versatite wad) and the Federal 00 buckshot (FliteControl wad). I was shooting with the red dot rather than t
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