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  1. I too, had the same problems as described above with my new Ethos Be.S.T. model that I purchased last summer. I believe that someone on the assembly line in Italy had a really bad day during the early lockdowns of Covid.. The little D-Clip was not installed properly into the cut outs and flew across the room. And, the plastic trigger housing must have been installed with a heavy mallet. I found the solution was to mark up the duck bill opening of the front of the housing (that fits up and sandwiches the aluminum receiver) to see where the stoppage is occurring. I used a thin, flat file to open
  2. "...it’s a joy to shoot – And isn’t that what it’s all about?" Right on.. I can't wait to shoot one.
  3. tdaggett, Sounds good, and thanks for the review. Which barrel length did you go with? Cheers
  4. Nomaspescado


    A crumby advertisement...fffffuuuuudddddgggggeeeee
  5. Nomaspescado


    I just want to know if it has compass in the stock and a thingy that tells time..
  6. Thanks for the info, Spot We have the same plan regarding the slug barrel. Cheers, Steve
  7. Thanks for the info, Spot Do you think that the SBE I forend would look funny with those "cut-outs" at the front of the barrel? Also, It's been quite a while since I have handled a SBE I. Isn't the forend a little less pronounced on the lower edge towards the back end while at the same time being a little wider overall? Thanks again, Spot shooter Steve
  8. Does anybody here know if the SBE I and SBE II forends are interchangeable? I'd love to change out the one on my SBE II as I still find it awkward. Thanks for any replies, Steve
  9. I vote no lead. I am seriously considering getting into reloading steel shot for everything. I don't even like the idea any more of shooting lead at clay pigeons. I'm not selfish enough to justify *****ing on this world at the expense of future generations. Call me what you will.. I'm 37 and love the outdoors. Besides hunting, I enjoy Hiking Trail running Mountain biking Camping Fishing Skiing (I'm in Hawaii now) Surfing Swimming Freediving Scuba Spearfishing and anything else I can figure out how to do. Nature has much to offer...Why trash it??
  10. Yes, you will have to remove the pad and use a socket wrench. Pay attention to the markings on the locking plate to reassemble the same way as you took apart along with your chosen shims. (Look at the manual for detailed information as to what I am referring) Also, I have been able to get away with just "flushing" out the recoil tube with cleaner for quite a while now. Depress and work the plunger back and forth with a long screwdriver or some other suitable device (I use a rounded end that won't scratch). I have yet to have had to heat up and remove the tube.. After it has been degreased
  11. I'm not sure... I never had the recoil reducer installed in my old Nova. The Limbsaver on my SBE II mounts with a plastic adapter pushed into the end of the stock followed by the pad which is screwed into the adapter.
  12. I'm not sure, but I would put a Limbsaver on it instead of the Benelli Comfortech. The Limbsaver is a better pad and since you are talking about the Nova, the constant removal issues with the semi-autos would be avoided.
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