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  1. I started with a Super Nova a few months ago. I bought a field version and bought accessories so i can set it up for defense. I started using it for Trap. It is a little heavy but its a great shotgun. Then I bought a much more expensive Ethos Sport. I get about the same scores. My friend has a Winchester SXP. They are a little less expensive than the Benellis. It works great too. There are no Benelli semi-autos for under $1000. Go with a pump. They are simple and reliable.
  2. Is there one? shopbenelli.com only shows one for 28" but someone at my club says Benelli has one and that I have to call them. I tried that and didn't get too far. shopbenellie put me off to benelli Customer Service. I have emailed and called and received no reply. Anyone know what the part number would be if any?
  3. I just kind of went through this with me Field version Super Nova. Things i wanted for Tactical mode were: shorter barrel, shell holders, and a light. On both of our stock models there is nowhere to mount a light. Now that you have the Mag tube extension, you can mount a rail to the extension and a a light to the rail. GGG also makes a rail that can mount without an extension. I bought an extension but don't like how you have to deal with the spring popping out everything time you want to take the barrel off. This can go on your Mag tube extension https://www.mountsplus.com/l&m-shotgun-magazine-tube-rail-mount.html Or you can use this which clamps under the barrel nut https://www.gggaz.com/benelli-m2-flashlight-mount.html I wanted one of these to provide a top rail and shell holder https://www.mesatactical.com/products/sureshell-polymer-carrier-and-rail-for-ben-m2-tactical-6-shell-12-ga-4-1-2-in.html Problem is neither your M2 or my super nova are drilled and tapped for this. I actually have my SN at a gun smith right now having this part added. I settled on a stock mount velcro card in lieu of the Mesa shell holder. I also wanted a Breech Choke just because its looks bad ass. I got one from carlson. When I ordered my 18.5 inch barrel, Benelli was out so i got the Cralson one. The Carlson one is threaded for chokes while the Benelli one isn't. Benelli Field models are threaded for chokes but not for a top rail. Benelli Tactical models are tapped for a top rail but not threaded for chokes. Ugh. They don't make it easy. Or, you could just order a Remmington Extreme Defender which basically has everything I wanted. I ordered one a few days ago. We'll see if my local shop can actually get one. https://www.winchesterguns.com/products/shotguns/sxp/SXP-Current-Products/sxp-extreme-defender-fde.html
  4. I have an SN with a Comfortech stock. This one particular I switch back and forth between stock and a more "tactical" setup. I would like to add a pistol grip. I have found two possibilities. Benellli has this one and mesa Tactical has this one: The Benelli one description says "To install this stock you will need a stock swivel plate (60343) & a recoil spring tube plug (60426) which are not included." I have looked at those part numbers and am not sure where they would go. Are they really needed? Is there a diagram showing where they go? Does the Mesa Tactical one need those parts also?
  5. looks like M4 uses the "Benelli Standard" type choke. In that case the tactical cylinder choke would be the same part number I bought. #84130 on choketube.com You can double check by removing the choke supplied and following this: https://www.choketube.com/choke-tube-help-R.php?Which-Beretta-Benelli-Choke-System-is-Right-6 Standard Beretta/Benelli (Ber/Ben) Mobil Choke: - It can be identified by measuring flush mount choke tube. The flush mount chokes in this system are 2” long and have threads located at the muzzle end of the choke (top of choke where choke notches are.)
  6. yes if you buy the Cylinder version. The part number I quoted is the Cylinder version that fits a Super Nova. If you post what model you have, i can help with the correct part number. For Super Nova, it comes in Cyl or Extra Full. You can not shoot slug with the Extra Full.
  7. I recently bought bought an Ethos Sport and am working on getting it adjusted to me. One thing I notice is that if I grip the gun in a natural way, my finger barely reaches the trigger. I also own a Super Nova and I don't have that problem with that gun. The grip to trigger distance is shorter. This is not an LOP thing. Is there a product designed to adjust this? I could pile up some moleskin on the grip but that won't look very good.
  8. I have the Carlsons 84130 (Cylinder) on the way. I ordered it a few weeks ago with some other chokes and at that time they were out. But they called a few days ago to say some had come in and they were ready to ship. If you have never dealt with Carlsons (choketube.com), they are a great outfit. Phone calls to check you ordered the right thing, nice printed color catalog, etc. Lots of others resell their stuff too.
  9. rhodesengr

    M4 Final Setup

    ok I see. the rail is part of this and the shell holder and lightmount are separate accessories https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/si-bm4-hayl-rail
  10. rhodesengr

    M4 Final Setup

    Sorry. I am a little new to shotguns and have been modifying my Super Nova field version. I am trying to understand how the area shown in the section shown below goes to together. I am seeing some sort of rail with a shell being held on the left and the light on the right. I did some searching on the IWC site and could not find anything that looks like what I see here. So I was asking for what components you used. I tried to look up everything in the list on your first post and didn't see what I see in the photo.
  11. rhodesengr

    M4 Final Setup

    In this first photo, what is the light mounted to? Also holds a shell? Thanks.
  12. There are two solutions I have found. The Super Nova tactical receiver is drilled and tapped with holes to mount a rail on top of the receiver. The gun comes with the holes plugged. Mesa tactical makes a rail/shell holder combo that can mount to those holes. If you go this way, the light would be on top. If you don't like that, you have to add a magtube extender. I bought one from Carlsons but Nordic makes them too. Then you can mount a rail on the extended mag tube. You don't actually have to use the mag tube to increase capacity. You can simply use it as an extended barrel nut. This is what I am doing. You certainly can change to a longer spring and have increased capacity but if you do that, the spring comes out every time you remove the barrel. top rail https://www.mountsplus.com/mesa-tactical-benelli-supernova-side-saddle-sureshell-6l.html Carlson extender https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/carlsons-benelli-novasuper-nova-12-gauge-7-shot-magazine-extension-steel-black-04502/FC-723189045029.html tr-rail, 1: size fits carlson tube https://www.mountsplus.com/l&m-shotgun-magazine-tube-rail-mount.html
  13. If one were to buy the Super Nova tactical version (like a #20160), where are you supposed to put a light which is probably the most common Home Defense accessory? The Mag tube is too short to put a mount there. You can put a Mesa Tactical rail on top but is the top a good place for light like a TLR-4 which has a laser too? Is there another way without putting on a mag-tube extender? Details: I already have a Super Nova field version #20115. Stock, its 28". I have a Carlsons 18.5" barrel, a Carlsons mag-tube extender, a Mesa Tactical tri-rail that goes on the mag-tube and the TLR-4 light. So I can go back and forth between a 28" outdoor setup and an 18.5" HD/tactical setup. The thing I don't like, is that once you start using the mag-tube extender, the spring comes out every time you want to change the barrel or remove for cleaning. So I am think about getting the Super Nova tactical as a dedicated HD setup so I don't have to go back and forth. Unless I am missing something, I would have the same problems with tactical version. I'd have to use the mag-tube extender to create a place to put the light and then I am back to the spring hassle thing. Another difference between the 20160 and the 20115, is the 20160 is not threaded for different chokes. I have this cool extended tactical choke for my 20115 but I wouldn't be able to use it on the 20160 unless I swap the stock barrel for the Carlson barrel. That would be OK since I already have that extra barrel but I have this sense that the action doesn't work as well with the aftermarket barrel. The pump jams up a little when you go to eject. 20115 is threaded for chokes but not for receiver-top rail 20160 is threaded for the rail but not for chokes Makes me want to pull my hair out. You'd think when Benelli creates a version called tactical, they'd supply it with a way to mount a light without having to add a mag-tube. Maybe top mounting a light is OK? Seems like it would get in the way of the sites. I know there's lots of other choices out there. Mossbergs have room in front of the fore-end to mount a light. Some versions of the M2 have an extended Mag tube with room for a mount. I'd rather stay with Benelli and I'd rather stay with a pump-tactical for HD for the simplicity.
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