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  1. I have a field version Supernova that I have more or less converted to an HD/Tactical style. Now I am working on a sling setup. I want to have a front-of body style sling setup. It seems that the stock attachment point on the bottom of the buttstock doesn't work very well for slinging in the front-side tactical style. I have one of these on order which will allow the sling to attach above the stock but I am open to other ideas and products other than drilling and mounting a QD. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2729167792?pid=167792 Thanks.
  2. I bought an Ethos Sport a few months ago and use it a lot for Trap. I bought the Benelli high comb for it. By design, this comb just snap in place. There are no screws that hold it in place. That would be OK except the comb pops loose at times. Since the comb is intended to be replaceable, I have hesitated using any kind of adhesive to help hold it in place. Just wondering if others have seen this and what they did about it.
  3. Just chiming in. You can also get additional choke tubes from places like Carlsons (choketube.com). They have a pretty good quide for figuring out which ones fit your model Benelli since there are four types. Their website is good but their printed catalog is really good. They don't have notches but they are marked with C, IC,M,IM,F etc.
  4. OK, I got it. Took some rather firm pressure and then it "popped" in. The pin is now also retained by the spring like it supposed to be. I wonder how the spring got misalined with the bushing. Thanks for all the help guys.
  5. I am doing that. Following instructions in the manual. It is hanging up on something. I do appreciate the help guys.
  6. I fixed the spring. It now protrudes into the bushing like it should. But I still can't get the trigger assembly back in to the receiver. It seems like the rear edge is hitting. It was in before and came out so is there some trick to getting it to slide forward the last little bit?
  7. or if the spring is supposed to engage the slot in the pin, the spring does not appear to be protruding through the bushing
  8. so that spring is there. But it doesn't hold the pin. It holds the trigger pin bushing https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/60462 I think that is the part that that is supposed to be a friction fit with the pin. But now that I took the trigger assembly out, I can't get it all the way back in
  9. OK. I will take a look for that. I thought the pin was held in by sort of a press-fit, fiction fit. Seems like that on my Super Nova
  10. Is that part of the trigger assembly?
  11. Check where? What part number is that?
  12. I have had my Ethos Sport for only a few months. The trigger guard pin is so loose, it can almost fall out. I could just buy another pin but that won't help if the hole it goes in is too big. Is this known issue? Is the problem with the pin or the trigger assembly?
  13. I started with a Super Nova a few months ago. I bought a field version and bought accessories so i can set it up for defense. I started using it for Trap. It is a little heavy but its a great shotgun. Then I bought a much more expensive Ethos Sport. I get about the same scores. My friend has a Winchester SXP. They are a little less expensive than the Benellis. It works great too. There are no Benelli semi-autos for under $1000. Go with a pump. They are simple and reliable.
  14. Is there one? shopbenelli.com only shows one for 28" but someone at my club says Benelli has one and that I have to call them. I tried that and didn't get too far. shopbenellie put me off to benelli Customer Service. I have emailed and called and received no reply. Anyone know what the part number would be if any?
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