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  1. Yes. That is right type of choke. I have purchased a lot of chokes from Carlson's www.choketube.com They have many chokes that will fit your Nova. I have no hunting experience so can't really say what would work the best. Find a patterning board and try out different combos of load and choke.
  2. Basically just firm pressure. But, I did talk to Benelli support on the phone and the admitted they also has some trouble with the Ethos trigger assembly. They mentioned taking some material off the back edge of the plate. Like with a Dremel.
  3. If you don't want to worry about changing chokes between slugs and shot, I am pretty sure you need Cylinder or IC at the tightest. When you read up on chokes, they will tell you can can and can not put through them. Carlson's 9choketube.com) makes a tone of chokes for just about every shotgun out there. A good way to practice with your gun is to find a local trap range. Get #8 (or 7.5) target rounds like Federal Topgun, or Remington Gun Club. M, IM, or F are good chokes for trap.
  4. You probably already found this link https://www.shopbenelli.com/barrels/81112 They do come in but sell out fast. You can search for Benelli 81112 and set up Notify on a number of w ebsites that carry it like Miswets, Midway, etc. Carlson also makes one and they now sell three versions with different chokes. The model version are listed here https://www.choketube.com/accessories-product-details-R.php?Benelli-Replacement-Shotgun-Barrels&mf=380 JoeBob has at least one version in stock. https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/product-p/car-87014.htm I have the Carlson's barrel. I bought the breecher choke separately. I don't believe the Benelli version is threaded for chokes which is a feature I like.
  5. The tactical model like 11052 are drilled and tapped. I added a Mesa Tactical rail+shell holder on mine.
  6. which M2 do you have. Some are drilled and tapped for a rail and some not
  7. Look at my thread where I modified my supernova. Scroll down to the bottom. The light has to go on the Magazine. Depending on your exact model, you either need a Mag Tube extension and the L&M mount that I used (or similar) or the GG&G part shown in my photos.
  8. What exact load are you shooting? I have a new M2 Tactical and have tested it with 2 3/4 dram 1.25 oz 1145fps target shells and it cycled with impunity. I also have an Ethos with similar action. It would not cycle some very light AA loads. They were like 950fps compared to 1145fps loads that it has never missed.
  9. So here is how my Supernova field to tactical conversion came out. As I mentioned above, I did find a gun smith that was able to mounte the Mesa tactical rail and shell holder. I put a compact red dot sight on the rail. I used the Carslon's 18.5 barrel. One advantage of of Carlson's barrel over the Beneli one is that the Carlson's one is threaded for chokes. I added the Carlson's muzzle break breecher choke. One the right side of the stock, I added additional shell storgae with a Bearcoat Tactical velcro card. For a flashlight mount, I tried two different schemes. The one shown is the GG&G mount. The other scheme requires a magazine extension plus the L&M tri-rail. I trended away from using that scheme because the magazine spring gets released every time you want to change the barrel or take the barrel off for cleaning. It's not that big a deal but with the GG&G mount, I could put the stock spring retainer back in so the spring stays put when I remove the barrel. I also added a sling that has even more shell storage capacity. Interestingly, the M2 model 11052 that I now also have comes with a magazine extension so on that gun, I am using the L&M mount and the spring gets released if you take the barrel off. There is no avoiding it. Barrel: Carlson's 87014 Choke: Carlson 85006 Shell holder: Mesa Tactical https://www.mesatactical.com/products/sureshell-carrier-and-rail-for-ben-supernova-6-shell-12-ga-6-in.html Stock shell holder: Bearcoat Tactical https://www.browncoattactical.com/product-p/h-shell.htm Light mount: GG&G https://www.gggaz.com/benelli-nova-super-nova-sling-and-flashlight-combo-mount.html Mag extension: Carlson 04502 https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1005267676 Light mount for mag extension: L&M Triple rail https://www.mountsplus.com/l&m-shotgun-magazine-tube-rail-mount.html note: With Carlson mag tube, you need the 1" version. With the M2, you need the 26mm version. Slight but important difference. They are not interchangeable.
  10. I found a gunsmith to mount the Meds Tactical part. It came out fine. I will post a photo tomorrow. I tried the slip on stock mount holder but that tended to bunch up when shooting so that's lives in my parts bin. I do like the velcro mount type. Then, after all that I was eventually able to get an 11052 M2 Tactical which is drilled and tapped. It takes a different Mesa part but it bolted right on. So at some point I will info everything I did to my Supernova and put it back to stock field configuration.
  11. I just bought an M2 Tactical model 11052. I am looking to attached a two-point sling. I was hoping to use an MS1 Magpul sling. However, that sling and others I have are 1.25 inches wide. It will fit through the front sling attachment but not the one on the stock. That one is only 1" wide and does not have the extra relief holes that the front attachment has. Is there a way to attach the MS1 to the OEM mount? I have some other slings and they are all 1.25" wide.
  12. I have a field version Supernova that I have more or less converted to an HD/Tactical style. Now I am working on a sling setup. I want to have a front-of body style sling setup. It seems that the stock attachment point on the bottom of the buttstock doesn't work very well for slinging in the front-side tactical style. I have one of these on order which will allow the sling to attach above the stock but I am open to other ideas and products other than drilling and mounting a QD. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2729167792?pid=167792 Thanks.
  13. I bought an Ethos Sport a few months ago and use it a lot for Trap. I bought the Benelli high comb for it. By design, this comb just snap in place. There are no screws that hold it in place. That would be OK except the comb pops loose at times. Since the comb is intended to be replaceable, I have hesitated using any kind of adhesive to help hold it in place. Just wondering if others have seen this and what they did about it.
  14. Just chiming in. You can also get additional choke tubes from places like Carlsons (choketube.com). They have a pretty good quide for figuring out which ones fit your model Benelli since there are four types. Their website is good but their printed catalog is really good. They don't have notches but they are marked with C, IC,M,IM,F etc.
  15. OK, I got it. Took some rather firm pressure and then it "popped" in. The pin is now also retained by the spring like it supposed to be. I wonder how the spring got misalined with the bushing. Thanks for all the help guys.
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