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  1. Maybe give it a good cleaning and fire some hot loads through it. My m3 had a slight break-in period but runs everything in semi now. I wouldn't give up on it, they're great guns.
  2. I had no idea I had a $900 collapsible stock laying around the house. I need to dig that thing outta storage and sell it. Lol
  3. Looks awesome, I recently turned a m2 20g into a home defense shotgun for my wife.
  4. I'm definitely not an expert but I've own an m4 for about 6yrs and I would say yes to all those questions. The only guns I dont dry fire are rim fires, dummy rounds are excellent for malfunction training and the bolt release is there to be used. Enjoy your new shotgun!
  5. I cut the barrel even with the mag extension. I think its 19.25" and it has a 7+1 capacity.
  6. My wife wanted a benelli m2 20g as her home defense shotgun so I made one for her, I think it turned out really well.
  7. now I just need to find a m1 to complete my little super 90 collection.
  8. NCswamp13


    Here is my new m3, not as interesting as yalls but I'm enjoying it nonetheless
  9. NCswamp13

    Both M2 and M4

    I love it! I bought a m3 Saturday and found a m2 20 gauge today so I bought it. I've had a m4 for about 5 years now. I'm going to make a "m2 tactical 20" out of the m2, I'll post pics of the project as it progresses. Its for the wife.
  10. NCswamp13


    delete.....noob here
  11. Was playing around with my new m3 last night and realized after I removed the stock it was threaded on the back of the receiver just like the m4, i have a field stock for my m4 that I wasn't using so I tried it out and low and behold it works. Besides some slights differences in contour which doesn't affect the feel, it works perfectly. Sorry for the bad pic, I'll take more when I get off work.
  12. Like most have said, mine had a breaking in period of about 100rnds of full powered buckshot, now it eats anything.
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