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  1. We have 2.5 more weeks so I'm hoping to get another before it goes out.
  2. Winchester XX 00 buck
  3. I scored my first m4 turkey last season, found a choke and shot combination that is lights out.
  4. Mine came in today, i ran about 12rds of field loads and about 3 3" turkey loads, no issues. I love the feel of it and if it holds up I'll be content with it as permanent charging handle....I'll keep yall posted.
  5. The factory pic rail on the M4 is kinda garbage and seems like an afterthought. I get as close to a true co-witness with the scalarworks rig as you can get.
  6. Holosun with ACSS reticle....don't laugh, ive tried to break this optic but i have not been able to. Its sitting on a scalarworks mount. Love it.
  7. I got mine in a trade, best gun I've ever owned.
  8. Does anyone here use their m4 turkey hunting? If so, how do you have it setup?
  9. Anyone know where I can get one of these?
  10. I found one on ebay for $80
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