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  1. Gmcrigger2007

    New Optic

    Nice job on your M4 . I was thinking of an Mro as well, just not sure how it would work using a field Stock.
  2. Maybe Benelli will come out with their own upgraded version ,but i doubt it.
  3. Thanks for all the replies ,I 'm leaning towards the FFT Steel charging handle.
  4. What s the recommend charging Handle these days for the Benelli m4? I was thinking of getting either the freedom Fighter Tactical 3/4 Steel or the titanium handle. Just looking for something to grasp a little easier. Thanks for the recommendations.
  5. Too bad the ATF won't abolish this silly rule.
  6. I talked to Scalarworks rep. today and i think i'm just going to go with their rmr rail package. Thanks for the reply .
  7. Is there a mount that you guys can suggest to for the Trijicon MRO to be used for the Benelli M4 ? Would the lowest scalarworks mount work ?
  8. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all !
  9. Looking to get a good gun vise for cleaning shotguns & rifles .
  10. I like the look of the Forend but function wise i rather keep the forend as is. The stock looks nice too, but can't have that in NY.
  11. My M4 came with a Modified choke and the flight control shells worked out fine . I also picked up an improved choke but i haven't tried it out yet.
  12. Wishing a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving to all !
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