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  1. Some states have restrictions on capacity and maybe some people don't know what's available and buy on impulse.
  2. I've have mostly used Federal & Remington Shells. Recently picked up Some RC Tiro A Palla slugs( Stuff from Italy) to try out . Only stuff i could find locally for now.
  3. Thanks for the info. I didn't know they were originally a German product in the past. Were the boxes different from was is being sold today ?
  4. Pretty much what i usually use , but local shops don't have to much inventory lately. I just try to replace what i use.
  5. What brands of 12 ga. slug ammo do you try to stay away from or shoot the most ?
  6. Is the Wolff magazine spring shorter or longer than the factory magazine spring ?
  7. Is the Wolff spring supposed to be the same length as the own ?
  8. Will the Trigger shoe fit other triggers ? Or is it only designed for The Briley Triggers ?
  9. You'll be happy with the a& s conversion. Last week I got a chance to test out my conversion and it worked out fine. I still want to put more rounds through it to make sure there are no problems.
  10. Are you using the Trijicon compact version of the rmr ? Looks like a nice set up.
  11. Try www.genco-inc.com These dummy 12 ga. dummy rounds have been very good.
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