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  1. There's a Benelli M4 for sale on gunbroker which is claiming it's a new model 11710 , with extended magazine. there's no mention of it's an L.E. version or not.
  2. Midwayusa had a couple other day. I got an e-mail from them that it was back in stock.
  3. Try this site out. http://www.genco-inc.com/products/non-firing-training-ammuntion/
  4. Gmcrigger2007


    I forgot to mention in my last post about the shop with the expensive ammo ,that he also an M4 That i would guess is a LE model. It has the fully adjustable stock & plus 2 extension. I didn't even bother to ask how much he was asking for that. I think he caters to a lot law enforcement people.
  5. Gmcrigger2007


    Shop by me is asking almost 700$ for a case of 9mm CCI 115gr and almost 600$ for 500rds of Federal 5.56. It’s insane the prices their asking.
  6. I think I'll wait to tackle the butt pad exchange project for now. Thanks for the info Strangerdanger.
  7. Thank you for your help, this on my list of what I want to upgrade in the future.
  8. Question for StrangerDanger, I have the field stock on my m4 would the Limbsaver 10403 work for this stock as well ?
  9. I was on Midwestgunworks website today and they have the whole M4 Trigger pack in stock. Are there any issues if it's a polymer frame?
  10. I just looked at some of my saved video files for Benelli and your right ,their erasing content.
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