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  1. Thank you for your help, this on my list of what I want to upgrade in the future.
  2. Question for StrangerDanger, I have the field stock on my m4 would the Limbsaver 10403 work for this stock as well ?
  3. I was on Midwestgunworks website today and they have the whole M4 Trigger pack in stock. Are there any issues if it's a polymer frame?
  4. I just looked at some of my saved video files for Benelli and your right ,their erasing content.
  5. I was thinking of getting the Carrier comp magazine tube set up but I may have to go with the +2 magazine route due to if laws change again in my state. I know i have to stay within the 922(r) rules when doing this, But if if i go this route do i have to change the magazine spring too? I'm thinking of doing a trigger pack upgrade from Freedom Fighter Tactical.
  6. Can you post a pic of the bulge?
  7. Experiment with the different types & brands of low recoil ammunition that is out there.
  8. I tried out a few rounds of Hornady Critical Defense ( Black Hulls OO ) 1600 fps tonight and had no problems.
  9. Thank you truckcop for the Alien Nation movie trivia info. Just watched the movie last night.
  10. In the Alien Nation Movie (1988 ,James Caan) ,there's a scene with a Benelli Super M1 90 being used in a hold up which they used a detachable mag with it, my question is that is this a movie prop or an actual factory accessory part from Benelli ?
  11. I think I would buy another Benelli M4 before the Asgard.
  12. Does it pay to get a Wolf spring for back up even if you don't have a full length tube and you are only using the 5 plus 1 tube? Would it function correctly using a non-full length tube? I have an extra factory spare spring now just don't know the difference in function. Thanks
  13. Is Carriercomp still around ? Their Charging handle looks good.
  14. Nice job on your M4 . I was thinking of an Mro as well, just not sure how it would work using a field Stock.
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