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  1. The Benelli Is little heavier than the Berettas and will absorb the recoil a little more but I still I would like to get a Beretta A300 Ultimate Patrol one of these days.
  2. Did have to use Blue Loctite to keep the new screw plugs from loosening up ? I'm thinking of taking the factory rail off as well.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I ended up getting a tube of this stuff.
  4. I ‘m running out of choke tube lube , is automotive never seize good to use on shotgun chokes ?
  5. Sounds good that you solved your problem with not too much effort. Did you use blue loctite when you mounted the the new rail? My factory rail started loosening up just recently. I just had to tighten up the screws a bit.
  6. Looks great ! Does the stock make the gun heavier? Lots of luck with it.
  7. Benelliparts.net shows they have it stock.
  8. The corporations own the media & the politicians & the corporations dictate what information the media should tell the people. Some politicians just thrive on the power and are out right greedy.
  9. Where did you read or see that he used a shotgun?
  10. Thanks ,I really didn't realize that the 1750 was that big.I have a couple of small Pelican cases and i like their products. The 1700 is probably the way to go. I don't want anything too big. I have the Dockocil which is fine but i need a shorter case for the M4 .
  11. Do you think the 1750 would be a better fit for the pistol grip & field stock M4s ?
  12. Nice set up, I was looking at the 1700 as well but I ended up with an old Dockocil case which worked out perfectly from a friend looking to get rid of it. The company was bought out by Plano and I was able to get new keys for the case .
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