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  1. Gmcrigger2007

    New Optic

    Nice job on your M4 . I was thinking of an Mro as well, just not sure how it would work using a field Stock.
  2. Maybe Benelli will come out with their own upgraded version ,but i doubt it.
  3. Thanks for all the replies ,I 'm leaning towards the FFT Steel charging handle.
  4. What s the recommend charging Handle these days for the Benelli m4? I was thinking of getting either the freedom Fighter Tactical 3/4 Steel or the titanium handle. Just looking for something to grasp a little easier. Thanks for the recommendations.
  5. Too bad the ATF won't abolish this silly rule.
  6. I talked to Scalarworks rep. today and i think i'm just going to go with their rmr rail package. Thanks for the reply .
  7. Is there a mount that you guys can suggest to for the Trijicon MRO to be used for the Benelli M4 ? Would the lowest scalarworks mount work ?
  8. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all !
  9. Looking to get a good gun vise for cleaning shotguns & rifles .
  10. I like the look of the Forend but function wise i rather keep the forend as is. The stock looks nice too, but can't have that in NY.
  11. My M4 came with a Modified choke and the flight control shells worked out fine . I also picked up an improved choke but i haven't tried it out yet.
  12. Wishing a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving to all !
  13. If a benelli m4 came with a civilian stock and a new owner wanted to install a benelli pistol grip stock instead , will additional parts be needed to for the switch ? Also , what about switching to a colapsable stock ?
  14. Welcome back ! Happy Thanksgiving .
  15. Thanks Mike. I was looking at The M2 today on line with the 24 in. barrel. Have to check one out in person. Bernie
  16. My friend got me interested in Trap ,so I'm looking to get either a semi or a pump to start out with. My friend suggested maybe a benelli M2 or a super nova field. What would you guys suggest that's not too expensive? Thanks for reading my post.
  17. My friend got me interested in shooting trap this last weekend ,so i'm thinking of getting a shotgun for trap . I used a mossberg pump to try Trap shooting ,it didn't have removal chokes . What would you guys suggest to start out with? I was thinking of either the benelli super nova or the Benelli M2 field.
  18. What brand of front sight did you replace the old one with? Did you go with the benelli night sights ?
  19. I'm waiting for production to start up again too.
  20. Very interesting , I never thought about an optic getting wet and what effect it would have on it. Thanks for the input.
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