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  1. I think I may have one. I ‘ll look for it later tonight when I get home.
  2. Thank SD for your input. I don't haven't had any experience with NP3 products.
  3. Is there any benefit other than for corrosion resistance to upgrade follower to a NP3 coated follower ?
  4. This is the Snap-On 5.5mm wrench that I had picked up.
  5. Snap-on tools sells a nice 5.5mm wrench as well.
  6. Benelli USA just goes by U.S. import regulations & laws. The real blame for Reg. 922(r) should go to the ATF & Politicians who create these poorly designed rules .
  7. I think Fiocchi makes inert shot shells. Brownells had them listed but their sold out the last time I looked. Gunbroker had them too.
  8. Is the oversized bolt release a tough upgrade to do?
  9. Your probably right , but American gun companies may have benefited from the Import laws.
  10. I think American gun manufactures were upset that their gun sales were losing to imported war surplus firearms coming into the US. So they had their lobbyists propose laws to try to beat out their competition.
  11. Looks great ! Very nice !
  12. The Mx24 white looks interesting, would probably be a lot brighter than the white sights that come on M4 that don't have night sights.
  13. Thanks everyone for the input. I just may try out a 2 rd extension for now before changing out the 5rd magazine.
  14. Should I use Loctite when I install the magazine tube ? If so , will blue Loctite be sufficient?
  15. Thank you everyone for your inputs & advice.
  16. I would love to get an Entry M4, but only law enforcement are allowed to have it in this communists state.
  17. Do muzzle brakes work to reduce recoil or are just a novelty item ? Just curious about how well they work.
  18. Some states have restrictions on capacity and maybe some people don't know what's available and buy on impulse.
  19. I've have mostly used Federal & Remington Shells. Recently picked up Some RC Tiro A Palla slugs( Stuff from Italy) to try out . Only stuff i could find locally for now.
  20. Thanks for the info. I didn't know they were originally a German product in the past. Were the boxes different from was is being sold today ?
  21. Pretty much what i usually use , but local shops don't have to much inventory lately. I just try to replace what i use.
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