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  1. I maybe going coyote hunting this coming winter and i would like to use my Benelli M4 . What optic would some of you guys recommend? I've been on this forum from time to time and i know the aim point T-1 is a very popular sight and also the eotechs. I've never used a scope or red dot on a shotgun before so any suggestions would be appreciated . Thanks for any help.
  2. Can you still get a Benelli the R-1 in .308 ?
  3. http://forums.benelliusa.com I love shooting my Benelli M4.
  4. What type of snap ring plier do i need to remove the mag tube spring retainer on the Benelli M4 ? Thanks for the info .
  5. What brand of scope is on that shotgun? Nice set up.
  6. What brand and type of of ammo is most preferred for the M4 ?
  7. How do you change the position of the sling mount ? Thanks for the help.
  8. I was thinking of a sneaky bag but i think it's too short too. I'm looking for a case that doesn't look like a gun case for the range and a hard case for traveling.
  9. What model Pelican ? im3200 or 1720 ?
  10. To and from range and for traveling. I'm going to go for a pelican for the hard case.
  11. What 's a good hard case for the benelli M4 ?
  12. What's a good source for upgrading the spring when using the Factory Benelli 2 rd extension? looks like Benelli only supplies the extension tube.
  13. Do you have to change the spring when using the Benelli Factory 2 round extension tube ?
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