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  1. Informative and always entertaining 👍
  2. Haha, when someone with an Anderson upper and lower lower with training smokes that dude he's gonna have a heck of a loot box upgrade
  3. I have purchased 2x from Benelliparts.net and have had nothing but professional service and reasonable prices. I bought a collapsing stock (received in less than 90 days), and some smaller items including the entry choke. I dont have a problem with his prices or his pre-order process. I paid more than his website asking price previously for a H2O cerakote collapse stock from another vendor on GB
  4. Probably could use a battery pack on the back of the helmet to help balance the weight It will get heavier when you add coms, and supporting equipment Also recommend a secondary tether for the expensive night vision equipment
  5. What size Haley Strategic ring mount did you use for that?
  6. Thanks for the review. I have one of the AA handguards and I'm quite pleased with with it. The filling of all the slots with Railscales imo seems over-the-top and not an aestheically pleasing option for me. I have utilized the top rail for a TRex light bar extension to put my modlite further forward to minimize light shadow with the barrel and muzzle, mounted on the right side for top of shoulder placement for cqb situations. I will install a few railscales and a Carve handstop/index. I'm currently looking for solution to the loss of the QD option after losing the IWC mount with Agency Arms handguard.
  7. Railscales does make G10 scales in MLock that can be attached to the Agency Arms handguard fwiw
  8. Some 4,5,6 would be a nice Eff You finishing shot after some 00, especially to the face
  9. GT covers range, ammo types, ballistic gel damage...and innuendos
  10. You might not have seen Railscales G10 hand guards then, because they are probably the best grip available for any playform... ARs, M-lock, and keymod
  11. You could always buy a backup assembly and use that until the upgraded one arrives. A spare of the fcg in these troubled times might be a wise investment
  12. Nope, it sure didn't. My shipping info was already sent so they were on hand, and shipping fast
  13. The coveted and hard to get agency arms handguards for the M4 are in stock at Omaha Outdoors. Getem quick because they won't last long. Oh, and bang that green arrow ⬆️ up if you bought one or appreciate the update. 👇 https://www.omahaoutdoors.com/agency-arms-benelli-m4-m-lok-handguard-rail/
  14. Pre-order for next round of M4 collapsible stock available at - 90 day ETA https://www.benelliparts.net/store/p1/PRE_ORDER_Benelli_M4_Collapsible_Stock_70085_90_day_eta.html
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