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  1. Kudos for Socomguy and his 7 round magazine tubes @ H2O. Fit perfect on my M4 as well as the Nordic +1 extension. Cerakote was a very good match Fast shipping, packaged in a sturdy mailing tube stapled on both ends, wrapped in bubble wrap 👌 extremely fair priced
  2. I reckon he's talking more like the addon to mossberg 590 tactical shotguns that mount near the top of the barrel as a shroud, such as 👇
  3. Dkay67

    WTB Unicorn

    Gunbroker might be your best chance. Have you seen what benelli collapsing stocks run on with the current market demand?
  4. M4 action starts at about 19:30 in the video. Headshot after a 1oz slug 👇
  5. @SOCOMguy @StrangerDanger do either of you happen to know which cerakote code is the best match for H2O titanium Fwiw, I'm planning on cerakoting a Nordic tube +1 extension, and a few other parts to match the factory h2o coating
  6. Does anyone on here know which Cerakote is the color correct match for Benelli H2O Cerakote has 6 or 7 different titanium colors and i need to find the one that matches Cerakote titanium codes Thanks
  7. I'll admit they look nice, and to offer two shapes of pads is a nice plus... but there are more affordable alternatives that are just as effective and aesthetically pleasing
  8. Someone just trying to flex.
  9. Not yet, other than buying it bc it was np3 coated. Waiting to receive an ordered titanium 7 round tube for full assembly. The np3 coating is a premium treatment, reduces friction, easier to clean (not really applicable in this parts circumstance) and is more corrosion resistant
  10. Hmmm. Can't wait for this explanation 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. Laughing in Agency Arms M-lock handguard. (Although rare in the wild right now)
  12. If you are going to auction it, at least make reference to the non collapsible receiver extension. Many people buy the standard version knowing that there is an upgrade path to the C stock. In your M4 case, that wouldn't be an option they would be aware of until they take off a stock and find a neutered extension. it also seems that the extension with correct 3 slots are harder to find than the C stock itself. Just my 2 cents
  13. Update on this bag? It looks a little like a haley strategic bag or a lynx defense bag
  14. Thanks, The FFT parts haven't been installed yet. Going to either cerakote the A&S housing to match the H2O or have it NP3 coated.
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