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    Im 38, former US MP in the FRG, college grad, postal worker for 7 yrs before being medically retired
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    Morristown, TN
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    hi-cap semi autos, tattoos, football
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    disabled veteran/retired disgruntled postal worker
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  1. keep the LE model and buy a fixed pg stock, change out as you wish... fixed stocks are cheap. best of both worlds
  2. Viking Tactics MK2 ... VTAC MK2
  3. i had that M3 with the top folding stock back in the day..wish i had kept it now
  4. while i like the M3, you're delusional bout it vs M4. i own/have owned all three and the M1 is even a better shotgun. IMO 😄
  5. ive not yet found a need for an optic on my M4. the ghost rings are fantastic and i do alot of coyote killing with them. to each their own
  6. stock was delivered quickly and in fantastic condition. thank you
  7. ill take the M4 stock..message inbound
  8. "And complaining about the owner of Benelliparts is also pointless because we all know that if he actually did anything shady to anyone, his business would be over in a heartbeat. I doubt he's going to burn that business just to steal a few hundred bucks from a retail customer, who would do that?" you really believe he gives a flying f*ck what people think? he doesnt, thats why hes not addressed his BS here other than with ignorant memes. he's well aware that the parts he gets are so hard to come by that people will look over others valid complaints about him and throw cash at him. my experience is hes a thief, a crook and an as*hole...in any order you want to put those
  9. thats a useless piece of kit designed be 'tacticool' if you ever need to break a window, the muzzle is more than capable
  10. i never understood what was 'wrong' with the OEM hand guards that they needed to be replaced with those. and ftr, id be sending those back for a refund. lastly, 922r?? its not for me, but to each their own
  11. my favorite mounting option for a light on my M4 is too just use my M1! lol just never could find an option that preformed like i wanted for the M4
  12. i see zero reason to buy a $2500 Italian shotgun and replace parts of it with possibly/probably inferior parts bc some waste of flesh bureaucrat says i have too. just not happening
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