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    Im 38, former US MP in the FRG, college grad, postal worker for 7 yrs before being medically retired
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    Morristown, TN
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    hi-cap semi autos, tattoos, football
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    disabled veteran/retired disgruntled postal worker
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  1. my favorite mounting option for a light on my M4 is too just use my M1! lol just never could find an option that preformed like i wanted for the M4
  2. i see zero reason to buy a $2500 Italian shotgun and replace parts of it with possibly/probably inferior parts bc some waste of flesh bureaucrat says i have too. just not happening
  3. ive never concerned myself with 922r...big waste of time
  4. my 11707 from 2007 came with these sights
  5. have you checked EBAY? i know people buy low and sell at a profit there. perhaps you'll get lucky..............
  6. excellent choice. i have six of them..one on my M4S90 and M1S90 , my Vepr 12 and 3 of my Colt AR's. i dont think you'll be dissapointed. they're great slings
  7. Rubicon, a buddy of mine that works at a LGS sent me a pic tonite of a SPAS w/ upgraded safety . The hook is off of it but he says its there with the manual and a bunch of other parts they dont know anything about. They know enough to be asking $3k, lol im gonna go down tomorrow and look at the actual condition, what parts are with it and show them how it works. i may decide to come home with it depending on condition/parts/price
  8. buy the VTAC MK2 and save $45 and have a sling that actually works
  9. yeah, ive noticed that as well. i guess he cant take the heat and hopes we have a short memory. i'd be ashamed too if i were him.
  10. wow..you did NOT have to tell me that, lol. thats just insane
  11. i had original sling, manual and a diverter with the one i had but let it all go together.
  12. that M4 entry is a nice piece!! i feel ya on the tax stamp deal. ive got 7 NFA items and im concerned that i may not be able to get anything else down the road with all the ignorance in todays world
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