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    Im 38, former US MP in the FRG, college grad, postal worker for 7 yrs before being medically retired
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    hi-cap semi autos, tattoos, football
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  1. I have 8 tax stamps for SBR's and SBS's and i have multiple shotguns from 12 inch all the way to 30 inch. They all have their purpose and work well for what they're intended to do.
  2. Waging a ground war/occupying enemy territory as we know it is effectively over. There are electronic counter measures to drone attacks but they've definitely changed the battlefield. I dunno really what us Joe Blow citizens could do to counter them in a SHTF scenario.
  3. That doesnt even qualify as a blemish. IF anything, its the slightest of handling marks. These guns are tools and meant to be used and in the process of use you're going to have dings, scratches, rubs etc. Enjoy the shotgun and dont sweat the small stuff as it really wont matter in the end.
  4. thanks. i like the Shockwave as well but im more of a Remington fan when it comes down to the two. that being said, i may still pick one up before too long
  5. I have a bunch of shotguns and a few SBS included in those, so i didnt need this shorty but since when has a 'need' really mattered? A buddy from BUDS called and told me they had finally gotten in some TAC-14s in wood and i went down and grabbed one. I added a Mesa saddle and an old Remington sling. I put 50 rnds of 00 buck thru it and its loosened up nicely. It might just end up being my stand in the corner, bump in the night go to.
  6. my post from 2021 Posted October 28, 2021 back in late spring/early summer i had a safety failure in my 11707 purchased in 2007. i called, sent the trigger group in for repair. They emailed me with their findings stating that it was a 'very rare failure' and they were sending me a whole new trigger group. I requested that my aluminum TG be replaced with an aluminum vs plastic and they agreed. about a week later i received my new parts with a detailed explanation in writing and everything is right in the universe again.
  7. I'd really like to have my loading gate opened up too....
  8. this page is ran like a shit show. admins needs to let someone run it thats going to actually get off their ass and pay attention
  9. Benelli makes some absolutely fantastic weapons, you'll be fine and they'll stand behind their product. That being said, my older M4 feels better and smoother than some of the M4 ive handled and shot that buddies own. i dunno.....
  10. mine is rock solid, no movement and no strange noises...but its an 11707 from 2006
  11. I would'nt want to clear a house with a full size shotgun, so i have these SBS's. i have SBR's and PCC's but i worry more bout over penetration
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