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    Im 38, former US MP in the FRG, college grad, postal worker for 7 yrs before being medically retired
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    Morristown, TN
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    hi-cap semi autos, tattoos, football
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    disabled veteran/retired disgruntled postal worker
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  1. i think if you held onto it for a bit, it might grow on ya. it doesnt look bad at all and its a lil something different than your standard M4. it could be worse, it could be this color blue that Sig put on their 229 Elites a few years back, lol
  2. Not sure why you went through and down voted random posts of mine. I down voted yours because I disagreed with what you had posted not some form of retaliation.

    1. MrMilitaryPolice


      i disagreed with you disagreeing. thats how it goes sometimes. the likes, community reps, down votes are useless anyways

  3. i had a gen 1 590A1 and a 500A back in very early 2000s. The 590 fore-end was so loose that it caused binding on the slide bars when working the action. It had an incredible amount of 'play' in it when it was locked up. i decided i couldnt trust it and sold off both Mossbergs and havent owned another since.
  4. im sure you'll be an asshole your entire life, not just all night..so have at it
  5. try being civilized to others and no-one will have a reason to call you that. you definitely earned it this time
  6. yeah, bc your opinion means so much to so many..i dont know how ill ever sleep tonite
  7. i call em like i see em.
  8. i guarantee you it would'nt have went like this is we were face to face. the whole thing is your wannabe superior attitude and arrogance. i THINK it was post #14 for you and you were trying to chastise people like you're someone special. you're not. You come here telling other people what to do, proclaiming other brands a POS, of which you have ZERO experience. its ok to be a Benelli fan-boi..i prefer them too, but its your attitude towards others that makes you both a snob and an asshole.
  9. how bout this gem from you?? snobbish or just an asshole?? either way, its all the same to me Freelancer99 Junior Member Members 20 26 posts Posted yesterday at 02:10 PM Wow a whole lotta bitching lately. Legitimate concerns are one thing, but once you all start whining about hurt feelings, really!?! Why don't you guys that are unhappy call customer service and cry to them, because seriously you're not
  10. there is a snobbish under tone here but only from a handful of arrogant people, like yourself. the vast majority are very respectful and very helpful..you're not one of them
  11. and i counter that with this users experience Originally Posted By M60-E4: I wish I could have seen his initial review and why he sold it off so quickly.... http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?p=25221202 View All Quotes I messaged him he said : Basically, the gun ran great, only failed to cycle 2 low power birdshot shells out of about 100 mixed rounds of buckshot/birdshot. Apparently real M4s don't cycle low power birdshot very well either. Fit and finish are pretty good too. I'd put another couple hundred rounds thr
  12. ive got an 11707 of my own and two other Benellis, 3 Remingtons, two Ithacas, three Brownings and a Vepr 12, so no, i dont need a Panzer, but thanks for asking
  13. in response to the video you posted, another user on Arfcom had this rebuttal... Originally Posted By M60-E4: As for the video above, definitely not my experience as I’ve shot over 300 rounds now of Speer Lawman and Winchester X Low Recoil, Full Power 00, Slugs, and some birdshot with zero malfunctions to date. see what i mean?? we need to give them a chance and see what happens with buyers in the real world. even the world renowned Benelli isnt without issue
  14. seen it...and?? its ONE review..something to keep in mind if you're considering purchasing, but its still ONE review..seen other praising it, so they offset
  15. i follow this thread thru another sight that posted this link https://www.ar15.com/forums/Armory/Benelli-M4-Clones--Any-Comparisons-or-Reviews/1-520113/?page=1
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