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    Im 38, former US MP in the FRG, college grad, postal worker for 7 yrs before being medically retired
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    hi-cap semi autos, tattoos, football
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    disabled veteran/retired disgruntled postal worker
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  1. im selling my Mesa Tactical Urbino stock that came off my M1S90. Im also selling my complete field stock set that came off my M1S90. both are in fanatastic conditon. The Urbino has the limb saver recoil pad as well.pics show lint from my rag. $80 shipped EACH. i accept PayPal if you add the 3% or do f&f. i also accept USPS money orders. buy with confidence, i have a GB acct since 1999 with a 36A+ score. thanks. email at [email protected]
  2. I did a search here but all the topics are a few years old. ive got an M4 and I picked up another M1S90 tactical and im looking for a Surefire type light. my old one was a Laser Devices maybe?? I heard SF bought them out but I dunno, but im looking for one in good condition if anyone has a lead. thank you
  3. I have numerous Surefire lights and even a 9 volt 96 series that cost alot, but one of my 6P flashlights is giving me fits. I can put a new set of Surefire batteries into it, test it and put it down, pick it up 2 days later and batteries are dead. Ive probably wasted 8 - 10 batteries this way. I contacted Surefire and related the issue to them and i was told that they have literally had hundreds of reports/complaints of the same issue and had tested probably 50 lights but they couldnt replicate the problem with ANY light. They offered to have me send it in to be tested but after the other complaints and they still cant or WONT find the issue, i just figured, whats the use? Im gonna keep what i have and look into other high quality makers and give them a try from here on out. Anyone else with this issue or perhaps solved this issue??
  4. prime example of holier than thou attitudes that stink up this board!
  5. some people join, ask their question and some members here treat them like idiots or are very rude and they dont come back! Thats been atleast some of the reasons why..ask me how i know.
  6. Lookin for a Mesa (6 shot ONLY) side saddle to fit my Benelli M4. It must be in like new condition. I have lots of items to trade, from Bayo's, knives, ammo, mags,lights etc..just shoot me an email to [email protected] and let me know what you have and what you want to trade for...thanks in advance tom in tn
  7. i think the VC breecher is more of an 'aiming aid' which will help to ensure proper bbl placement when firing a breaching round.
  8. you wont get a clear answer here or if you call the ATF, you'll still be in the dark
  9. i paid more than that for my factory tube...then again, it is a FACTORY tube...buy an expensive shotgun and throw cheaper made US parts in it...never did make real sense to me.
  10. i already have one and if you dont buy that one, let me or one of us here know and we'll surely buy it!
  11. the original SS was by no means a perfect gun but it was a blast to shoot (no pun intended), ha.. recoil was a beast and and loading was often problematic but when it put lead down range, it wa perfect at that..my dislikes of the AA is the SIZE, cost im sure and alot of composite..the SS was compact, not 'heavy' but heavier and damn wicked to loook at...thats my comparison
  12. that big, clunky thing couldnt hold the original 'street sweeper's jock
  13. This country is at a crossroads. Ridiculous rules and regulations that have no effect on anything other than denying a law abiding citizen their pesonal freeedoms are a disgrace! Boston, NY, CA, NJ and all these other places that require you to have a law degree to decypher a silly reg is insane! Since when did we willfully give up our rights to think for ourselves?? defend ourselves?? If things dont change in this country, this nation too will falll just like other great ones throughout history and with our pick of both parties candidites.......im afraid we're doomed! Installing something as small as an adjustable stock on our shotguns will make us felons??? Laws like that do nothing but turn law abiding citizens into criminals....when are people going to stand up??? im sick to think of what is coming!
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