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    Im 38, former US MP in the FRG, college grad, postal worker for 7 yrs before being medically retired
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    Morristown, TN
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    hi-cap semi autos, tattoos, football
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    disabled veteran/retired disgruntled postal worker
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  1. aznwhip, being a dick is also a dick move. as i said before, id rather do without than deal with this clown. im speaking from experience as well but on different incident that i wont re-hash here.
  2. says the nut swinger with a whopping 25 posts... post counts dont matter when the truth is told
  3. Nethawk, you're always gonna have nut swingers like GM, i wouldnt sweat his comments but the silence from Mr Fake News is deafening.
  4. id do without before i gave that clown any money. he acts like a douche to his customers, then he doesnt deserve customers
  5. legal but shady AF and some here will defend him to the end...its why you all get gouged and are happy bout it..bc Benelli right?? smfh
  6. several on GB but they're not cheap. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/882407979
  7. my 11707 exactly as i purchased it (purcashed new) ..also has night sights and came with three choke tubes. *eta* i did add the sling and overside bolt knob
  8. im selling my Mesa Tactical Urbino stock that came off my M1S90. Im also selling my complete field stock set that came off my M1S90. both are in fanatastic conditon. The Urbino has the limb saver recoil pad as well.pics show lint from my rag. $80 shipped EACH. i accept PayPal if you add the 3% or do f&f. i also accept USPS money orders. buy with confidence, i have a GB acct since 1999 with a 36A+ score. thanks. email at [email protected]
  9. I did a search here but all the topics are a few years old. ive got an M4 and I picked up another M1S90 tactical and im looking for a Surefire type light. my old one was a Laser Devices maybe?? I heard SF bought them out but I dunno, but im looking for one in good condition if anyone has a lead. thank you
  10. I have numerous Surefire lights and even a 9 volt 96 series that cost alot, but one of my 6P flashlights is giving me fits. I can put a new set of Surefire batteries into it, test it and put it down, pick it up 2 days later and batteries are dead. Ive probably wasted 8 - 10 batteries this way. I contacted Surefire and related the issue to them and i was told that they have literally had hundreds of reports/complaints of the same issue and had tested probably 50 lights but they couldnt replicate the problem with ANY light. They offered to have me send it in to be tested but after t
  11. prime example of holier than thou attitudes that stink up this board!
  12. some people join, ask their question and some members here treat them like idiots or are very rude and they dont come back! Thats been atleast some of the reasons why..ask me how i know.
  13. Lookin for a Mesa (6 shot ONLY) side saddle to fit my Benelli M4. It must be in like new condition. I have lots of items to trade, from Bayo's, knives, ammo, mags,lights etc..just shoot me an email to [email protected] and let me know what you have and what you want to trade for...thanks in advance tom in tn
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