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  1. I recently bought a Benelli M3. I am thinking of mounting a Holosun sight on the gun. (I have astigmatism and the Holosun works best for me). If I get a Scalarworks mount I believe the sight will co-witness with the ghost ring sights. My question deals with using the 26 inch field barrel. Will this setup work with both the 19.75 inch and 26 inch barrels? I was also curious if when changing barrels would the Holosun sight would need to be recalibrated or would the point of impact remain the same (if using the same type of load)?
  2. Anyone know the difference between the Benelli M3 two shot mag tube extension and the Sure Cycle Magazine extension? Which is recommended? Thanks in advance, Bill
  3. I posted my question on another forum and learned that Benelli has, in fact, modified the M3 so as to make ghost loading impossible. There is a "modification" that can be performed to negate the modification, but I'm not comfortable doing that, so I will leave it as it is.
  4. Has Benelli made a change to the M3 that precluded ghost loading an additional round on newer guns. I bought on last week and I have not been able to ghost load an extra shell using either method I've seen in videos on line. I have been unable to get the bolt to close over the shell that I have placed on the carrier. I hope I'm doing something wrong and it will load the extra shell. Thanks in advance.
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