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  1. filthy phil

    Got the disease

    What surefire you running? I recently put a fury intellibeam on one of my x95s Would like to put another on one of my m4s if I can decide on a mount. The ava is oos
  2. Mine came with all those goodies. Bought off gunbroker
  3. Tried briley? Edit: oh I see you got it comin
  4. The Briley looks best. I live close by May have to grab one. And their bolt handle
  5. Brilley fore end. Just think of the possibilities with all that rail space
  6. You have family here could act as intermediary,?
  7. Where in tx? I got a spare with the neutered mag tube pistol grip straight stock. I'm in htown
  8. Oh no I just noticed it's " glass filled polymer" 🤐
  9. I have a fury intellibeam coming and looking for a under $50 mount for it. My bbl already caught a few scratches so slight marring isnt an issue. If this dont work out I could p ut that setup on my 870 and just save up for the briley rail I suppose. Thoughts? Thanks
  10. I have the surefire fury intellibeam 1500 lumen. Need another for my m4
  11. I just put a surefire intellibeam 1500 lumen on a x95 with a cheap amazon light (This mounting location may change so save the criticism)
  12. get one with everything
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