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  1. Starts with a B Ends in S Took me under a min.
  2. Yes fk botach. Those slimes failed to ship even after giving me tracking. Then claimed i was getting a refund which never transpired. I think my credit card co finally ate it
  3. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/835455690
  4. You're one of the beautiful people now
  5. My m4 is stuffed with slugs right next to me. I have an 870 stuffed with buck and a 9 with hollowpoints. Variety is the spice of life
  6. Had no idea that hg existed. At only $130 I might have to pull the trigger
  7. I've been using a protac hlx (no laser though) to inspect rebar on jobsites for maybe 3 years now and it's a damn fine light for what I use it for. I have however heard when mounted to weapons it can flicker under recoil
  8. I just stuffed 8 slugs in mines. 7+1
  9. Rich man's accessory 25% of the gun I tip my hat to you don carlo
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