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  1. I've been using a protac hlx (no laser though) to inspect rebar on jobsites for maybe 3 years now and it's a damn fine light for what I use it for. I have however heard when mounted to weapons it can flicker under recoil
  2. I just stuffed 8 slugs in mines. 7+1
  3. Rich man's accessory 25% of the gun I tip my hat to you don carlo
  4. Get mine Tuesday. Who makes a soft case this length? Edit: is it bad form to bump a 7 year old thread?
  5. Somebody forgot to tell my dealer that
  6. I mean money wise. I've been seeing 5 round straight stock guns for $1700 so when I saw that last night I took the plunge
  7. $1800 & change How'd I do?
  8. Slugs are all i lack in my ammo horde. Have some fiocchi coming. Have a few remington i havent tested. Came across this review http://www.tactical-life.com/gear/close-quarter-ammo-advantages/ The brenneke is fine i know but pricey. The trueball grouped twice as big at 50 yards. Any first hand recommendations? Thanks Ps gun is an m4 if that matters
  9. Title says it all. Not a permanent setup, just to see what it'll group like at 50+ yards. Thanks
  10. Im gonna holler at you when i get my x95 out of layaway
  11. Sprint taking a crap again
  12. Shoots great but the 3" here was a bit stout Shot at 7, 20, & 50 yards. The latter with.the 2 3/4 Didnt get all shot on paper. Might just be me but it will.be interesting to see how the fed flight control patterns. Does the collapsible stock offer equal recoil absorbtion?
  13. Yeah i got some of the rem 00 buck Thanks
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