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  1. Too bad I'm band from there. And already got one.
  2. I've been buying galco miami classic stuff. Started with a rig for 1911, then bought a glock 21 holster element, which I was happy to discover my glock 9mm's fit it. So I ordered a mag carrier for the 9 mags. Oh and also a Nelson custom made 1911 holster. As shown on left
  3. That Gatorade bottle is actually a piss jug
  4. Argos system at work
  5. I like the idea (expen$ive option) of the longer Briley handguard and a scout light. Bringing the light closer to the end and therefore reducing shadowing. While you're there pick up their 7rd carbon fiber tube. Yes, this will get spendy.. after all we ain't running mossturds.
  6. Youre gonna have to load 1 at a time directly into the chamber. Aint gonna feed
  7. This was my experience exactly. Pretty sure my cc co. Ended up eating it
  8. Wow only $213 from them. Shut up and take my money! This guy says easy Install https://bt-parts.com/bt-211510-b-t-handguard-for-benelli-m4-super-90/#description
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