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  1. Wow only $213 from them. Shut up and take my money! This guy says easy Install https://bt-parts.com/bt-211510-b-t-handguard-for-benelli-m4-super-90/#description
  2. Try some slugs in a pump gun to really experience some pain
  3. Has it been that long? Still haven't shot it. Just hording ammo:)
  4. That sucks. ive read here benelli cs sucks. Hopefully i never have to use it. Good luck
  5. Soft shooter with buck & slugs. Reliable
  6. Ive had a full stock neutered tube version a few years back. Then scored this baby last year i guess it was. 2 is 1, 1 is none
  7. Youre one of the beautiful people now
  8. You're not my supervisor;) I never clean anything first. Augs x95 m4 ar ak 1911 and of course glocks
  9. I had a '07 zx10 110 (indicated) 1st gear
  10. Briley just quoted ne $45 Well worth the hassle and risk avoidance
  11. I'm local to them. Dont wanna fk with the labor & torch. How much labor do y'all think they will hit me up for? Hour?
  12. What surefire you running? I recently put a fury intellibeam on one of my x95s Would like to put another on one of my m4s if I can decide on a mount. The ava is oos
  13. Mine came with all those goodies. Bought off gunbroker
  14. Tried briley? Edit: oh I see you got it comin
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