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  1. ..or your M4 came with a choke tube already screwed in? If so, the choke tube is likely a M (Modified sized choke tube). If your M4 came with a choke tube installed it’s easy to confirm visually, at the end of the barrel you will see several small notches/u-shaped cuts..they are on the end/part of the choke tube and are used to align with a tool(choke tube tool/wrench) for removing & installing choke tubes.
  2. BamBam


    I own Benelli M4’s & M2’s, wearing Scalarworks mounts. Switchedem’ all from RMR’s over to newer SRO’s & never looked back! Personal choice of course, but some users claim the SRO “looks odd” and is not as indestructible/duty proven vs. the RMR..naaa..I have validated with lengthy runs, drops, & various abuse that the SRO is well built & plenty tough. The SRO has identical footprint as RMR, but SRO sits a tad taller (slight raise under frontside of optic) & a tad wider. For practical application on a shotty, the SRO has a rounder & slightly larger FOV vs. the RMR, which
  3. Total hardware porn!! That loading port work looks spot on..blends nicely as you pointed out & ensures overall integrity of the receiver is not compromised in any way ( just my OCD!) Sold..mail call?
  4. +1 on Briley and their overly aggressive opening/polishing of M4 loading port. At a particular show a while back I noticed Briley had a booth and I was able to closely examine & handle a M4 with a nice loading port job they had on display. The port was deeply cut/angled towards the mag tube, and I mean very closely to the tube. However, the beveling lines, angles & polishing were really impressive, like bikini wax, of course to be clear it was a display booth showing off their work. I have made several calls to Briley to discuss their loading port opening process (spoke to Larry &
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