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  1. Actually..and not to get into a pissing contest here..the BM4 is offered in quite a few different variety models. Albeit the heart/primary nomenclature of receiver-barrel-system does not change, but that is also fairly standard of how other shotgun manufacturers offer their platforms. The BM2 is a terrific overall & lighter platform vs. the M4. The M2 has been proven extremely successful/popular, particularly amongst 3-gunners and other competitive shooters..where it is often tricked out/customized & further lightened in weight than factory OEM. However, sticking to & emphasizing reliability in any/all environmental conditions?..the ARGO system of the BM4 always comes out on top vs. the inertia system of the M2. This is because the BM4’s ARGO system utilizes a short-stroke, 2 stainless steel piston design that totals only 4 parts. It has been compared numerous times vs. the M2 and validated the BM4 design cycles faster..and also against the Beretta 1301 which utilizes a long-stroke design piston system that involves more parts and results in slower cycling vs the M4 system. Totally concur regarding technology advancements and users embracing change vs. never changing. I am a long time owner of a variety of 1911’s, I always stuck my nose in the air & dismissed any mention of the newer 2011’s. Then about two years ago I handled & thoroughly shot an Atlas Athena double stack, incomparable trigger, highest quality & performing semi auto pistol shooter I’ve ever experienced..so I custom configured & ordered and now my Athena is my every day CCW cocked & locked complete with RDS(also used to be frowned upon!) Also agree regarding Youtube videos, etc. Flannel Daddy makes a video advocating how great a product is and then the price doubles..or he shits on a particular LPVO and that makes gospel with internet trollers without real user experience.
  2. Try Limbsaver #10403.. should work.
  3. Good Grief, I have fairly long rant that I hope will be appreciated here. On other various forums, it is mind-boggling to me how people constantly inquire/compare/suggest/..if the Benelli M4 is a good shotgun for 3-gun, race competitions, hunting or for shooting sports. Immediately the universal responses (I mostly agree) are that the M2 is lighter & better suited for 3 gun & other race/speed applications, hunting & shooting sports. Then of course, all the Beretta 1301 advocates chime in, due to it’s lighter weight as well. Lighter weight & better swing/overall balance are valid reasons relative to race-competition shotguns, shooting sports, and some hunting applications. However, what gives me major eye-roll..is when so many people continually make ignorant claims comparing reliability. I hear this all the time & everywhere ..”the M4 gas system has softer recoil but it’s not as reliable as the M2 or Beretta 1301”..”the M4 is heavier than the M2”..”the M4 is way overpriced”..”the M2 has more aftermarket support”..”the Beretta 1301 is less expensive/a better value” It’s as if people are unable/don’t want to comprehend the BM4’s purpose built intention..requested openly for submission in 1998 by the US Military for manufacturers to provide a 12ga. combat-reliable semi auto shotgun platform that goes boom when it matters most in the harshest of conditions. Many Beretta 1301 owners are unaware that Beretta owns Benelli. Additionally, most 1301 owners are clueless their 1301 piston system somewhat replicates the BM4 ARGO system, however the difference is the 1301 piston system is heavier with more moving & complex parts as failure points. As a long time owner of two BM4’s both of which are fully modified with known parts, I have used them occasionally to hunt various creatures, with various loads including birdshot..very successfully. I love bringing my M4 to all sorts of shooting clays/sports..and every time other shooters I have never met come up to me puzzled and often ask to handle & shoot my M4 live with a full spread of discs..they always smile & shake their head as they pass the gun back to me. However, the BM4 cannot compete with purpose built & tricked out over/under shotguns for shooting sports..something BM4 owners know & we don’t insist otherwise. Relative to 12ga. semi auto platform reliability, battle-proven by US & other world wide militaries for near 3 decades across conflicts in extreme conditions, in firearms history there has never been a more reliable semi auto shotgun than the Benelli M4 and it’s ARGO system..always copied but never duplicated or improved upon yet!
  4. Understood and thanks for the insight. We’ll “see”..lol!
  5. Damn skippy! Thank you for providing another overdue, excellent & practical-application item for our M4’s!! This will micro-adjust the comb height of my stock in the middle position using Trijicon SRO w/Scalarworks mount. I’ll be ordering two when available..thanks again!
  6. If the cost of the Benelli M4 was cut in half and cost $1,000 vs. $2,000..it wouldn’t matter..people would still; compare, analyze, criticize, complain about how it could be improved upon for shooting; 3-gun, competition, clays/trap/skeet and hunting purposes. Of course, the intended purpose the M4 was built for had nothing to do whatsoever with any of those markets..because it was purpose built as a trench gun, now called a combat shotgun that fulfilled all the requirements requested by the U.S. military/marines. Never understand how people constantly compare apples-to-oranges in this manner..precisely why there are never any comparisons or criticisms made for taking 3-gun shotguns and issuing to soldiers for war.
  7. That’s a solid shotgun line up!
  8. Damn..Stranger has the Ferrari’s of M4’s..and those bad boys are built the for the harshest of business while still looking sexy asf!! Every time he post pics of those things, particularly the bronze one..I just smile & get all warm & fuzzy inside..followed by an urge to go find my wife lol!! Benelli should hire Stranger as a Consultant!
  9. Looking to help a friend purchase a new M4 model #11715. Typically have to go thru a LEO/MIL dealer of Benelli, but often(pre Covid anyway) the model can be found & purchased other places. Any suggestions??
  10. Before potentially buying an M4 from Cabela’s, I would strongly encourage you to comeback here to the Benelli forum and share/validate whatever the staff at Cabela’s tells you regarding the M4 models, either on line or in store. I live in Virginia as well and the Cablela’s employees that work the firearms area I have witnessed numerous times misinform customers about M4’s and other firearms altogether. Since Covid and the ongoing hiring shortage/difficulty of finding employees across many industries, the problem has worsened. The Cablela’s where I live remains a joke amongst local informed shooters..I go there to browse ammo, etc. Last week I listened to a young employee at the Cabela’s firearm display tell a customer to stay away from /not recommend Benelli M2’s because..”Benelli really designs them to be used in competition as race shotguns, not for hunting or home defense”. Of course, the customer was inquiring how long it would take to order an M2 and the young employee was trying to sell the customer on something that was in stock.
  11. I’m with Doge & share his perspective..particularly regarding Freedom Fighter Tactical..never have/will purchase a single part from that outfit. Several years ago I met & and spoke with the owner Todd of FFT, maybe he was having a bad day or whatever but the dude validated to me why so many of his M4 parts are outrageously over priced(long before Covid)..pretty sure he treats firearms manufacturers & relationships with them way better/another level vs. peasants like myself. I go my own direct-personal experience, regardless of a company’s/person’s reputation. Btw, HUGE advocate of RoofTop Defense..great products at fair prices & run by truly genuine people.
  12. Regardless..I’m out on my property now deploying your cover technique..no shit!
  13. Awesome..well explained & easy to understand..practical & tactical..nice work & appreciate your efforts! Another example that validates why this particular forum is absolutely the best firearm information forum anywhere..period! If this was posted on Reddit & other forums, someone or multiple “Karen’s” would chime in and ignorantly criticize the method/something displayed, stated, or suggest a better/faster alternative. Again thanks for taking the time to share!!
  14. Definitely sucks for a brand new $2K shotgun. Minor dings & a long scratch on the butt stock certainly won’t affect cycling or the business-section of the the gun. Having said that, even if you would have properly inspected and caught the damage at your FFL & refused to accept the gun as others have pointed out, then you would have had the wonderful pleasure of being held hostage by Benelli and their recent for-shit quality control plague that’s ongoing for the last 18 months. Customers always have to closely inspect new firearms before accepting delivery & you are expected to fully cycle live fire various rounds to ensure proper function, standard procedure of course. But the new-norm these days is if the gun has failures & ongoing malfunctions..it’s part of the “break in period” and/or you’re doing something wrong & must defend/fully explain your competence. I’m dealing with this now with a new Shadow Systems pistol I purchased. Their customer service is supposed to be absolutely the best, but in the last year they’ve released 3 new pistols and have grown considerably, so I’m going on a month now with phone & email messages with only a single response back requesting pics of the malfunction which I sent 3 weeks ago but radio silence since..will soon be feeding the SS pistol to my Benelli M4! Rant complete.
  15. +1 for Black Rifle Balm(Cherry Balmz)..awesome stay-put-light-grease for all my firearms since it became available. I stocked up when announced it was no longer going to me made. According to the owner, the primary base/source of the Black Rifle Balm is no longer available/refusing to be supplied. Forward Controls has their own product called Snake Oil..it’s a combination made with Black Rifle Balm..same type of stay-put-light-grease & works great. Two other great products: Polydyn 2A..and Extant Labs Alpha Sauce..both are “oils” that provide excellent lubricity & stay pretty well.
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