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  1. Man! I can see you don't do anything halfway. Why buy one when two is better?😀
  2. Good info. Nice info. The M4 has no proof markings on the barrel. They are on the receiver. Wonder why?
  3. Someone just trying to help. Demand the 7+1 or you will never get it. They are made and are legal.
  4. You have to specifically request one and then they are not impossible to find. Settling for a 5+1 and a fixed stock lets Benelli know that they can continue selling those and then make real buck on the upgrades (as can Freedom Tactical. Wonder if they are affiliated with Benelli's owner group?). Always follow the money.
  5. And what line is that? Law? Policy? Contract with Freedom Tactical? Please tell me.
  6. Apparently not. But now I know, thanks to your remarkable insight.
  7. Ok. Then why do so many people buy 5+1s and fixed stock only to immediately upgrade to 7+1 with adjustable stock?
  8. Good question. I don't think people do know that 7+1s are available to those that ask, otherwise they would not buy 5+1s. I'm reminded of Martin Guitars. Excellent guitars, but they set a minimum price at which their dealers can advertise. Newbies often think that this is the lowest price that the guitar is available. Wrong. The dealer can sell it for any price he wants. Just can't advertise it. I think shotgun newbies think they can only get 5+1s. That is not correct, you just have to ask.
  9. Did you buy the H20 with 7+1 and adjustable stock? Or were those added by you.
  10. I see that a lot of people buy Benelli M4s with a 5+1 capacity and then jump through expensive hoops to increase capacity by 2 shells. Wouldn't it be easier to just buy a 7+1 for $100 more and be done with it? I'm guessing that people just like to fiddle with their firearms (I certainly do), but why buy a product that doesn't fit your needs without performing expensive modifications? Are 7+1 M4s really so hard to find? I wanted an 11715 because it had the night sights, 7+1 magazine, and adjustable stock. I sent e-mails to dozens of places letting them know that I was ready to purchase. Within 2 weeks I received a call letting me know that one was available. $100 over MSRP. Not awful considering that the BLM riots were at their peak. The guy said they had received 9 11715's and he had sold them all within 30 minutes to people he knew were ready to buy.
  11. While you're here, and, for what it's worth. The CIP S code next to the date code means "Superior smokeless powder proof for smoothbore guns". Haven't figured out what the first of the three markings means yet. Educated guess is that it's "Distinctive hallmark of the Gardone Val Trompia Test Bench affixed to all guns" marking. The Italians are serious about their firearms.
  12. Looks like mine. Per this https://www.gunvaluesboard.com/italian-date-codes-up-to-2017-14188.html those stamps are made by the National Proof House. Not by Benelli.
  13. Not sure. On the left side of the receiver at the front of the trigger guard, there are three stacks of symbols. The third symbol is the date code in a square box. Will have two letters, or recently, two numbers.
  14. I found the answer here. http://www.conarmi.org/banchi_ita.jsp The letter date codes were used until 5/31/2020. After that, the actual date is stamped I.e. 20, 21, etc. That is all.
  15. I asked a guy at the LGS today that has been selling Benelli and Beretta shotguns for 30 years. He didn't even know that the guns carried a date stamp. No help there. The only reason I was curious is that Italy makes a big deal about dating their firearms. I guess it's no big deal to those of us in the states. https://www.gunvaluesboard.com/italian-date-codes-up-to-2017-14188.html
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