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  1. Just did the upgrade, but, man, is that spring noisy in there, (Wolf one). I oiled it a bit, along with the follower...is this common and how long will it last? Have yet to take to the range, been busy with work!! ***also need to credit socomguy and strangerdanger for their assistance!!!
  2. snman

    hello-quick intro

    LOL RIGHT !? To add to the Italian family, I had two FIATs (Abarths), two Ducatis and two Vespas...
  3. snman

    hello-quick intro

    Thank you!! Yes, LOTS of useful info!! I picked up two..I didn't want to modify anything, but that only goes so far. I have the M1014 / 11701 and the 11707.
  4. hello, everyone! just wanted to say I'm new to the Benelli world. I was skeptical at first really disassembling another firearm without initial guidance, but, if I could disassemble a M16A2 down to the firing pin in under a minute with my hands tied behind my back (had to as a Marine)...I could do this AND help from this forum before signing up!!
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