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  1. shojus

    WTB Unicorn

    I ALMOST bought the full shotgun that included the adjustable stock for $750 on GunBroker. It was the LE edition and had the full tube and adjustable stock. Just keep your eyes open, as the stocks demand more of a premium, as they are almost impossible to obtain at a decent price!
  2. I know right! I'll sell it to you for $3000, and that's below cost! I can ship soon!
  3. Thanks for the info! I'll be taking her out tomorrow! Glad to finally be able to have one in hand!
  4. From the research I have done, this looks to be standard. So I'm not really worried about it, just was wondering is all.
  5. Finally brought my Benelli M4 home from layaway and it's beautiful! I quickly installed the collapsible stock that I purchased long ago and a +2 adapter, as well as an extended charging handle. My only issue is with the import/Benelli etchings/engravings that are on the opposite side of the serial number on the receiver, right above the trigger. They appear to have been VERY poorly done, like you can't even tell what the markings say unless you already know what they are supposed to show. Just curious is anyone else's like this, or if you can post a pic of what the engravings are supposed
  6. Thank you kind sir! I missed the post before this one, so sorry for the extra post...
  7. Thanks 4 the reply! Mine just shipped yesterday, so good to know it's on its way!
  8. Having just ordered a combo set that includes the Urbino Stock, Limbsaver buttpad and 6rd shell carrier, I am a bit skeptical whether I should even attempt to install them... Yikes!
  9. What does everyone recommend to use as a rust prevention oil or grease? I live in Michigan and typically want my firearms quite well, even if I haven't shot them often, but I'm getting a Benelli M4 and I like to always coat my barrels with something to prevent future issues.
  10. I think I am one of the lucky ones that managed to grab one of the stocks that was in that batch, but not a pre-order, so I paid $100 more than you paid probably, as I paid $516/shipped if I remember right. I haven't received a shipping confirmation yet, but I also haven't been waiting over 4 months like you have. Were the pre-orders $398? Just curious, cause the new price is up to $498 plus shipping now. Congrats on finally getting one, well soon anyways!
  11. I'll keep you in mind, as I may end up grabbing the Mesa just to compare, and if I like the Mesa better I'll PM you.
  12. I just paid $518/shipped for a collapsible stock, and it should be here soon, but MAN that's a lot of money!! I maybe should have just bought the Mesa Tactical stock, but for some reason I just HAD to have that "look" of the collapsible stock... I'm sure I will always be able to sell it if I end up regretting the purchase. Anyways, thanks for sharing your experience and I'm glad you got a new Benelli that's 100%! Cheers
  13. SO glad that they helped you like they should have in the first place! I have been lurking in this forum for about a month and I finally joined up today, and I also just purchased a Benelli M4 11707 because I just have been wanting one for ages, and because I waited I ended up spending $1999/shipped, but I'm sure I could have done worse, maybe... Lol I also bought the Benelli adjustable stock and a 2rd extension. I was watching this thread closely and wanted to hear back from you before I made my purchase, and now I'm glad I waited and I feel confident Benelli will take care of me if my uni
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