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  1. I'd go with benelli c stock. I have a urbino stock on my m4 and it's been another short of a nightmare. Unless u need a cheek riser I'd stay far from it. The grip came loose and had to glue back on and at high round counts it gets wobbly. Magpul needs to put out a stock so I can trash this thing
  2. Ended having to repay a gunsmith to re thread all the screw and attaching original benelli rail. Attached a insight mrds and sho about 30 rounds today and it held up like a champ. Just bought the esstac shotgun cards and gonna use that as my sidesaddle. My buddy has same and he warned me about the mesa stuff. Urbino stock grip is still kinda loose but that's minor in comparison to other issue. i warn everyone, stay away from the their side saddle. I know some people have had luck with it but I wouldn't take the chance. Because of their shotty product my expensive shotgun had to be re tap
  3. Listen I'm not on here to rant and rave...I'm on here to see if others experienced same issue and what they did to resolve it...I'm also on here to let others know there's other options. This isn't an isolated incident, a simple search can reveal that. Yes unfortunately I didn't do my research and based my purchase on mesa tacticals supposed "good" reputation. This is my patrol shotgun and god forbid I get into something where my life's on the line I would like to say the product held up and did its job. Its a little disconcerning that they cant even reply to a simple email to try and r
  4. Isolated incident??? Google it and you find tons of threads on it, all complaining about the same issue. What bothers me is that they continue to put out this shotty product and then their excuse is "sorry is a rare incident". It isn't $400 shotgun, it's a very expensive weapon system and the "we are sorry" excuse isn't going to cut it. I found someone very reputable to re thread holes and ill let guys know how it turns out. As far as grip, I also got email from "Mitch" and he states he would send me another grip and never heard from him again. I have all magpul furniture on my 870 and
  5. Luckily not all five were stripped and I've found someone to re thread and install new screws. I highly doubt is " poor installation" since I followed instructions. This isn't isolated incidents either, all you have to do is google it and it comes up. The fact they keep putting the produc is OBVIOUS flaws ridiculous. I'm gonna try and get the c stock directly from benelli thru LE pricing. I also got a email from "Mitch" and he said he would glady ship a new grip and never hear from him again. I would seriously stay away from any of their products. I have all hr magpul furniture on my 870 and i
  6. The actual grip came off the butt stock. I'm gonna try and cement glue it back on but I just can't believe how bad there products are. I should have gotten the 3 gun gear Velcro side saddle and figured sonething else out with the butt stock. Oh well that's what happens when u don't buy quality
  7. Hi, I recently bought benelli m4 and switched out the butt stock and sidesaddle for the Mesa tactical ones. This was a huge mistake as the grip on the buttstock came loose and the side saddle stripped the threading out of the top of the reciever. I was able to salvage three of the screws but the other two are gone during a shooting class. Anyone else have this issue?? It's looking like I'm going to have to re thread the holes somehow because the screws no longer fit properly. And if you did what remedies did you take. Emails to mesa tactical have gone unanswered. I for sure thought mesa tactic
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