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  1. Now that looks more like it. Thanks
  2. They sending me another one. Great Customer Service. Now how long will it be. Field stock back on now.
  3. I'm going to call them tomorrow. It is a green one. I can see the steel washer up inside. Maybe the color ones are off spec. Also came with forends that are nice fit. Looking at some videos where the pad end was shown, looked made different than mine. Mine is solid plastic on back where bolt and washer go. Looked like the ones I saw the bolt in washer was inside cylinder.
  4. I tried it with bare stock and it bottoms out on recoil sling tube before it touches reciever. That sling plate actually is loose in the gap. Unless thats a perfect length it looks like it would have a gap at receiver or a gap in stock where screw is pushing stock forward onto tube.
  5. RJHUB

    Botach order??

    JT can you send a pic of that KZ oversized charging handle in the gun? I think I might get one. Got a GG&G right now.
  6. No interference. I took the housing out and it will not fit flush.
  7. Yeah its hitting on metal insert/washer inside stock where it butts up to the recoil spring tube. Maybe my tube is sticking out a little further than most. I will have to cut me a few thin shims to fit in there.
  8. I think it is stopping on my recoil spring tube. Things like this drives me nuts. I will take it back apart and see whats going on.
  9. Gap is same with plastic spacer. Stock is tight tho.
  10. The plastic spacer did not fill the slight gap I'm talking about. Its still there with plastic spacer. I replaced it with the mesa qd attachment that fits in that gap. Just still a small gap.
  11. If you have a Mesa stock, does it have a small gap between the receiver and the stock. I have it pressed up and tight with a nord washer but its not touching. I have a steel mesa qd ring in the gap now, but the plastic ring that comes with stock does the same.
  12. RJHUB

    Botach order??

    Wanted to follow up. Got my Botach order today. All good. Mesa kit is Green Stock and forend. Looks good with H20 Cerakote TI. Also had QD attachment for front at mag tube and one at front of stock. Kinda loose on stock. Also came with 8 rnd side saddle/rail that I am gonna try. I really like the fit. I posted pics on pic thread.
  13. RJHUB

    M4 Picture Thread

    Havent seen one this color
  14. I want to buy some FLitecontrol to pattern and probably keep in it. I just haven't seen any for quite some time. Do you find it online?
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