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  1. Give it a pulling and twisting motion while holding like you shoot it, but out in front of you with butt against you. If that makes sense. lol SBE3??
  2. Mine seems to be pretty durable as far as normal use. If something is scraping or rubbing an area it will rub off. For example, Where my Mesa 8rnd rail/shell holder was mounted(with rubber backing strip). When I removed it, there was small dash marks at top. I think normal wear and tear on a firearm looks good. Just don't like finish coming off on its on. Other cerakoted firearms I have, have held up really good. If you want no wear to show, then better go with the blue/black.
  3. I liked that one too. I did one similar with a smooth button. Same one on a Franchi Infinity 3.5
  4. This is the SOCOMGUY H20 Titanium Cerakote. Perfect match, fit, and finish.
  5. Yes sir. I think I will give one a try. I had the M300 scout on the Beretta LTT 1301 and it was in great position, but ate my thumb up a few times. I have the Streamlight on the M4 with IWC mount with the tape switch and I will leave it there until it gives me a reason to take it off. I like the pattern it throws. I did buy a modlite(ouch) and I think I will put it on a rifle. Thats what I did with the SF M300.
  6. Thanks Unobtanium, good to know. Will they work on the Modlite?
  7. I noticed he had a original bezel on his light button. Wonder if he has ran at night. Or used it much, StangerDanger don't mill those down for the fun of it. Gloves probably help.
  8. That HLx is what I have on now. I put the tape switch on the hand guard. So far it is holding up. Watch that thumb when shooting. Those bezels will eat you up.
  9. Joeryu, That's what I was thinking for the shotgun.
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