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  1. Thanks Stranger Danger, I dug up those old post. Thought I would buy the next one position stock m1014 I found local. Was gonna put that stock on my H20. Well they had one in Sportsmen Warehouse and I asked to see it. I was familiar with how they work. This one didn't work. So I didn't get it yet. Was gonna see if Stanger would tell me how to remove. Now I'm still procrastinating. Might go take a look again tomorrow. Also have become fond of my field stock.
  2. That's why I thought it was strange that this one is pinned in South Carolina. All others I have seen would move to center position for removal. This one would not. So, that is why I started the post about how does it come off. Found StrangerDanger and others had dealt with this in some old post. Therefore the talk about removing the screw under the cover on the butt pad.
  3. This M1014 is in SC where it shouldn't be pinned. I have seen them before where you can take them to middle to remove. This one is pinned and will not move. Just a little back and forth. Earlier post dealt with this and there is a screw holding in full extended position. May be how they do all of them now. Still tempted to buy it. And I like the flag.
  4. Ok. I traced some of those old post back and found out there is a screw under the cheek pad holding it in position(Pinned). Sounds like they possibly have red loctite on it. I will let you know if I spend another 1799. and remove that screw to get a collapsible for my H2O. Probably not. I like the field stock. But it is tempting.
  5. Talking about using the stock on another M4 that does have notches. Just wondering if anybody has details about removing pin. And does that stock lock on notches for adjustment not just pinned on the end of tube. It does look like the same stock with release button.
  6. Saw a M1014 today for a decent price. I thought the last one I saw the stock would move to middle to remove. This one was pinned. Anyone know how to remove the pin and if you do, will it work on another tube that does have the notches?
  7. Give it a pulling and twisting motion while holding like you shoot it, but out in front of you with butt against you. If that makes sense. lol SBE3??
  8. Mine seems to be pretty durable as far as normal use. If something is scraping or rubbing an area it will rub off. For example, Where my Mesa 8rnd rail/shell holder was mounted(with rubber backing strip). When I removed it, there was small dash marks at top. I think normal wear and tear on a firearm looks good. Just don't like finish coming off on its on. Other cerakoted firearms I have, have held up really good. If you want no wear to show, then better go with the blue/black.
  9. I liked that one too. I did one similar with a smooth button. Same one on a Franchi Infinity 3.5
  10. This is the SOCOMGUY H20 Titanium Cerakote. Perfect match, fit, and finish.
  11. Yes sir. I think I will give one a try. I had the M300 scout on the Beretta LTT 1301 and it was in great position, but ate my thumb up a few times. I have the Streamlight on the M4 with IWC mount with the tape switch and I will leave it there until it gives me a reason to take it off. I like the pattern it throws. I did buy a modlite(ouch) and I think I will put it on a rifle. Thats what I did with the SF M300.
  12. Thanks Unobtanium, good to know. Will they work on the Modlite?
  13. I noticed he had a original bezel on his light button. Wonder if he has ran at night. Or used it much, StangerDanger don't mill those down for the fun of it. Gloves probably help.
  14. That HLx is what I have on now. I put the tape switch on the hand guard. So far it is holding up. Watch that thumb when shooting. Those bezels will eat you up.
  15. Joeryu, That's what I was thinking for the shotgun.
  16. Zarz, Which model do you prefer for shotgun? OKW(1350L/54000ca) or PLHv2(680L/69000ca).
  17. Been keeping an eye on them for quite some time. Was hoping they would come down in price after a while. Guess I will just have to bite the bullet and try one out.
  18. Was quite impressed with the throw on the HLx. Used it right at sunset the other night at the range and it worked great. Mainly wondered how good tape would last and how it would handle recoil. I will probably put a scout light on it. Just didn't have a spare one. I do have a surefire with the dual switch tailcap on a m600df and when using tape switch it does seem dimmer.
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