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  1. By the way, "no logo" is the way to go with the A&S trigger assembly. Have a great day.
  2. This is a great deal. There's no way you can build one yourself for this kind of cash. Good luck with the sale.
  3. #3 - I did the same in terms of building a brand new trigger assembly without removing any parts from my stock assembly. I used A&S trigger guard, FFT upgraded trigger kit and springs, an upgraded safety, and all the rest I bought new Benelli OEM parts. I published a list of everything I bought on a post in this forum if you want to search. it was fun finding all the parts and building a trigger assembly from scratch. #1 - I ordered CC tube, follower, and spring. I just received it and haven't installed but the quality looks great. #4 - Benelli parts announced another pres
  4. I can attest for the need to adjust the hammer on a recently purchased FFT trigger kit when installed on a A&S trigger guard. It works great now. There's a great video on the A&S Facebook page that shows one of the potential issues and how to test the trigger.
  5. I built a second trigger pack using the A&S frame, aftermarket safety, a bunch of Benelli OEM parts, and FFT trigger kit. StrangerDanger has a great post on all the parts needed and how to assemble. He was a great help. I probably didn't need to keep my original trigger intact but it was fun hunting down the parts and figuring out how to put everything together. I'm pretty sure I posted a parts list with all the Benelli OEM part numbers you need to complete.
  6. yes, in a world where mini flashlights and threaded metal tubes cost $100's of dollars everything is expensive.
  7. Greetings, It looks like a new oversized bolt release button is hitting the market. Looks nice in the pictures. I'm buying one when they are available. What do you think? https://freedomfightertactical.com/collections/m4/products/the-fft-oversized-bolt-release-button
  8. ordered 12/31/20 and it's in the mail now. not fast!
  9. you probably already know but you can order directly from carrier comp. Mine is on its way. Take care.
  10. in my experience they are awesome in terms of responding so I'm sure they will hook you up.
  11. Heynowwwww


    I got the call last night that my tube is coming.
  12. Hello, I ordered a magazine tube from Carrier Comp on 1/31/20 and just got the call it will be shipping in the next few days. I'm excited to get it but also wanted you all know the current lead time. Thanks
  13. Thanks, it's not that I don't like the RMR it's more that I really like the Aimpoint. But rather than completely start over maybe I'll start with your riser suggestion. Thanks as always sir.
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