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  1. Received the CC tube, spring and follower today. Packed well. Fantastic fit and finish. Color match is great for the DG park. Fit in perfectly. Ordered 3/20 delivered today 8/02. Worth the wait.
  2. Carrier Comp order for 7rnd titanium tube (parkerized) placed 03/20. Just received call for payment today (07/27). It will ship out in 3-4 days. So if any of you guys are waiting for tube, they are still working down the list!
  3. Welcome to the site! Chokes tubes can be confusing sometimes depending on what you plan on shooting. You can buy aftermarket turkey chokes that are choked full but are rated for steel shot. So they might work fine, but if you are using steel shot - it might actually HURT your pattern. As you try to compress steel, it will cause fliers or could hurt your barrel/choke because the steel does not conform to the choke like lead will. The general rule is to shoot steel shot in a choke 1 full level below what you would shoot with lead and you should get roughly the same tightness of pattern. So for turkey lets say, you would want a full choke or extra full with lead but with steel you will have just about the same tightness of pattern with steel in a Mod choke.
  4. Excellent choice, you will be pleased. Scalarworks is good people and their gear is good stuff. Install is pretty simple and it locks in pretty well. You should not have any optic view problems with that stock and the Scalarworks. The M4 is an expensive gun to experiment on, I changed several items on mine as I shot it more and tried the gun in different ways/situations. Ever evolving.
  5. Welcome! Wealth of info here, enjoy cruising the threads! I can't speak for the SRO completely but with the Mesa with pic rail and just about any type of low mount on the SRO, I bet your iron sights will not be very useable. I bet they will just be a hair too short (mount and SRO too tall) to be ale to see through them. I tried a Holosun Airmpoint T-1 clone on an ADM QD low mount on my factory pic rail and found it worked okay, but I lost my iron sights and it just felt like the optic sat too tall. I ended up with the Holosun in a Scalarworks mount and am very pleased with it. Irons are useable, optic sits low enough that it does not feel like it is gonna snag everything. Something to consider and think about is what type of stock you are running too. If you are using a collapsible stock, your site picture will be different than if you are running a fixed stock.
  6. M4 parts are popular right now it seems. I am sure a large number of us are waiting on stuff we ordered/preordered. They say misery loves company, so what are you waiting for the notification/call on? I am a big CarrierComp fan. Patiently waiting for the call for my parkerized titanium 7rd mag tube/follower/spring. Order placed 3/20
  7. Blue loctite would be sufficient. After talking to some more knowledgeable folks than myself, I skipped loctite on my install of the 7 round tube. As long as you tighten it down and make sure your magazine cap is tight - it will be held in place fine. Make cleaning and maintenance a little easier being able to take the tube on and off if you want.
  8. Sounds like you are well on your way already. I did a Holosun 503 (T1 footprint) in an ADM QD low mount on my stock rail. With my head size (big head?) and the C-stock, I found I could just not get comfortable with the height of the optic with the longest and mid setting. It just did not quite sit right for me. Jumped to a Scalaworks mount with the same 503 and it is perfect for me in the long and mid setting. I liked the ability to remove and put the optic back on with the ADM, but I found myself having to adjust my head when I would bring the gun up fast.
  9. Looks nice! a 21 fresh off the press ?
  10. It is not super aggressive, which I like - the points in the pattern are wide and flat. I would think you would have a tough time tearing up a hand or glove on it. Edges are turned down nicely and smooth as the pattern drops off. Pricey upgrade but is a nice piece of kit.
  11. Update with a couple items. Optics: After working on bringing the gun up, shooting on the move, and some snapping between targets; I noticed that I was just not quite getting the reticle where I wanted it in my vision. With the C-stock in the farthest and middle positions, it was just not quite where I wanted it after running it a bit. Purchased the Scalarworks mount and put it on. Install was super easy. OEM top rail is held on with just a little but of torque on the screws and locking washers on the screws. Scalarworks mount does not take much to install and is a clean look. Bolt Release: FFT bolt release is installed. Nice clean look, I am really impressed. I tried the round pad and the rectangle and for my big mitts, I liked the rectangle more. Install was easy aside from having to install the pin 3x because I kept tapping it in too far lol Watch the install of the spring to make sure that it is not turned or pinched. Installed with just a drop of blue loctite and snugged up by hand on the bolt. Pictures attached showing bolt back - showing the angle, then bolt forward showing distance from the gun. Front of the release is all that touches the gun and only does it when you mash it down to release the bolt.
  12. I am not extremely well versed in the M4 yet, but mine is the same trying to double load. I am pretty sure that my issue is the shell stop/spring - not the A&S guard. It is just not worn in yet so the shell stop is pretty stiff to get past. I read on the forums previously that some guys have polished the shell stop but it is a fine line between polishing to make it feed better and taking too much material and then the shell stop does not work properly.
  13. I bought mine because I liked the option to change the length. I am a big guy and the longest setting and middle setting work great for me. It saves a little weight I am sure too. Lets all be honest to - a lot of the reason everyone gets it is because exactly like you said: it is how a Benelli M4 SHOULD look and it just looks cool.
  14. Nice! I am not sure what the M2 comes with - it may even come with a fuller set of chokes than say an M4. Great choice! Toss an IC in and run everything to your hearts content!
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