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  1. Hey everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. Been a Benelli/Stoeger fan for a long time and just got into the M4 world. First item, I have to give massive props to @strangerdanger. He is one of the most knowledgable shotgun guys I have ever ran into and is humble and friendly. He is an asset to this forum and to all here who enjoy Benelli guns. So the purpose of this post is to go through what worked for me and what didn’t as I took an out of the box M4 and upgraded it. There might be other lurkers or people wondering or on the fence about stuff, and if I can pay it f
  2. Excellent choices! 1# I too am in the CC waiting list. Ordered 3/20, waiting for the call. 2# I snagged the Benelli 2 piece muzzle brake as well and was pleased with my initial testing. Shoots slugs surprisingly well. 3# I am sure others have experience with the Benelliparts trigger kit and can offer more details. I and several others recently put FFT trigger kits in our A&S triggerguards and several of us have had to do some very light work on the hammer to get it to reliably/correctly function. Not bad or dangerous work, just something to be aware of. Not sure if Bene
  3. Yup other users have went that route with pretty decent success - get 2 guns, mix and match - live happy with your gun or guns. IF you would go this route and decide to sell the 1014 gun that has bad stock tube - please make sure you disclose it to the buyer that they would not be able to just put a collapsible stock on it and expect it to work properly (since without the regular stock on, no one can see the bad recoil tube). You are correct on 922 - the FFT trigger pack is what many guys have done (me included) and paired it with an A&S triggerguard. A word of additional advice -
  4. I suggest you scratch that M4 itch lol welcome to the forum! You have to weigh the options, cost, and your tools/ability to each option. With the 1014 you get the collapsible stock (which is currently worth 800 to 1000 bucks) and you get a fixed choke barrel (barrel is not threaded for chokes) is that is something you prefer - I have not seen the info about the 1014 barrel being thicker per se, just that it is not threaded for chokes. Downside is that you do not have the 3 position recoil tube. So in order to make the collapsible stock functional on the 1014, you will have to buy a
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