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  1. I have a Vickers padded sling on the way with push-button connectors for the front and the back. IWC Scout mount is going in front, so I'm good there. But, it seems the Mesa Tactical Urbino stock only directly supports the regular style QD as shown here: https://www.mountsplus.com/mesa-tactical-urbino-pistol-grip-stock-for-beretta-1301-riser-limbsaver-12-ga-black.html There are other solutions that mount further up towards the receiver, but not sure how I'd like that position. Anybody know of a solution for a push-button sling mount on that particular stock itself? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks @bigdog02 for the reply and the warm welcome. Yeah, I'm running the Mesa Tactical Urbino stock (here in California). I think the pic rail is pretty much a lost cause from what I'm reading and from chatting with the (very helpful) folks at Scalarworks (biased, I'm sure, but I feel honest nonetheless). So, I'm gonna retire the shell carrier with pic rail and get the Scalarwork + SRO combo. I'm sure it will be a worthwhile trade-off -- and, since I'm using a fixed stock, I can get a 6-shot carrier and mount to the stock (also from Mesa).
  3. Less than a year into the M4 world, so I apologize for the newbie questions. I've scoured the list on the various comments regarding red dots and do like what I see/hear about the Trijicon RMR + Scalarworks solution. But, I have the Mesa Tactical SureShell carrier with the integrated pic rail and I really don't want to ditch it. I have the Trimicon Type 2 on a couple of handguns, but I'd like to try the SRO. What kind of sight picture issues (and/or other issues) will I run into using one of these red dot options given my configuration? Thanks much in advance.
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