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  1. ZarZ

    Clone m4

    I wonder about the parts compatibility with the real deal, wouldn't mind having a couple cheapies in the vault room for beating on.
  2. I ordered the #11707, that way I don’t have to mess with the recoil rod later when I get a c stock, plus I get the ability to run chokes, and it was about $100 cheaper.
  3. Ya I am upfront on all my dealings, I don't want to get burnt, nor would I want to burn anyone else. Thats sad to hear about the FFT, makes me question using a product that is out of spec in such a high-end firearm, like is the hardening done right? My mind thinks "is it so soft it will mushroom or so hard it will break"
  4. I have seen that, but while I prefer the black, I'm not against blue, its actually my favorite colour. Is it a particular model number or all of them? I'm more about features/function. Also like people have pointed out it may become a sought after variant down the road, and 2 tone is nice some times. Ty for the input though, I like how people are responding so quickly here to my post.
  5. I did think about the "instant gratification" route, and at these stock prices you and bigdog listed $800-$1,000, but like you said, the initial investment is steep, and then hassle of locating a buyer, but may be my only option that makes sense. Hate to pay for half an M4 and only get like 2% of the parts ordering just the stock. I have done research on the 922r for these some, I read the FFT Trigger pack was 3 points and lighter trigger pull, I was thinking of building a new trigger pack from all the US parts I could in the A&S Trigger Frame, that way if I mess it up I still have th
  6. I have had Mossberg 500/590s, and I be itching to get an M4 for years. The issues I'm having is you can't just buy what I want without being a LEO per Benelli policy. I would like a FL Magazine, collapsible stock, Night Sights, the #11715 model basically. So my two choices are the M1014 and the #11707. I see the recoil tube tube on the M1014 requires replacement to make the stock functional but the #11707 reportedly has the 3 position tube under the basic stock. The issue I'm seeing is you need both parts to make it work, can't seem to find parts suppliers for the M4, seems the aftermarket is
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