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  1. I mean... I guess.
  2. I tend to agree with you, as silly as it is. It's not a pressing issue, I was just considering a titanium tube to cut down some on weight.
  3. Well, if it makes you feel better, I just paid 2850 before taxes for my 11721. Still kicking myself for not buying one years ago but I figured it could be now or never, with all the BS laws they're trying to pass. Luckily I found one on gunbroker from a dealer in state, about 2 hrs away, thear accepted layaway. I actually won the auction for 3200 but since I'd have to pay taxes they lowered the price. Took a few months but I finally got it with the last stimulus check. I already knew there were certain things I wanted to do to it (the stuff I listed in my first reply) and didn't want to exten
  4. Congrats. I bought the 11721 model so all I needed to do was:. Gg&g bolt release, fft 1.5" charging handle, iwc light mount, and I out the worry free shell carrier in it. Burris fast fire3 on a qd mount. Streamlight tlr rm2 light. Going to do the a&s trigger guard at some point.
  5. And see I thought itlf it's only if you're changing capacity or the stock. Sigh.
  6. I went with the Stream light TLR RM2, mainly because I wanted the angled switch. Not super crazy about how it looks, but it feels good and works well. Please don't judge me by the mess in my car. Been doing a lot of 14-16 hour overnight shifts, I just dump it at the end of the week. 🤪
  7. Kind of confused on this: I have an 11721, from the factory with +2 extension. If I want to change it to a straight 7 round tube and ditch the extension, does 922(r) still apply?
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