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  1. Is there any true benefit to the aluminum guards, or just a personal preference thing?
  2. I'm not sure how lenient Benelli is with their warranty stuff, but I wouldn't have taken a file to anything. Should have contacted them and sent it straight back...
  3. A lot easier than I thought for controlling depth. I basically just did a bunch of light tapping at a slight angle. Fumes weren't bad at all, but I had a fan going to blow it all away from. Granted I was in a 60x120' warehouse πŸ˜‚
  4. I just decided to bite the bullet. Harbor freight iron with the standard pointy tip. Not bad for my first time. I'll do the other tomorrow, my hand is cramping 🀣 That's about as straight as I can get the lines sadly
  5. Damnit. Thanks for sending me down yet another rabbit hole πŸ˜‚
  6. Scored a like new OEM set of M4 handguards on GB for $31.57 shipped. Instead of sending them off for stippling I'm gonna try myself. I'm going to practice on some PMags then an old take-off 870 forend. I've seen people recommend woodburners over soldering irons, which would you folks recommend, and what tips do you have? I know it's pretty much a straight ahead process but anything to help the process go smoothly is welcomed. Thanks
  7. It's one of those things. I think you're supposed to, but I personally don't know anyone who has, other than one guy I know with a trust.
  8. Pay the extra, get the 11721, be done. Anything you change from there will just be bell and whistles that you want to add. Eta: I'd go ahead and get the mag spring from comp carrier though. I had to replace mine after a few hundred rounds.
  9. Pay the extra, get the 11721, be done. Anything you change from there will just be bell and whistles that you want to add.
  10. Naw, I wrote a long response because I literally had nothing else to do. And you're welcome for the mental image ☺️ Please explain this to me, though: I'm currently working in one of the worst neighborhoods of New Orleans. A vast majority of that is me sitting in my stationary car. The gun is on the seat so I can easily grab it if some thug rushes up on me. What good would a holster do me? What kind of advantage would I gain? What's wrong with burning stuff and drinking beer? It's relaxing for me. Sometimes I even piss in the fire 😱 I bet you're one of those guys that leaves comments on youtube videos of someone doesn't show the weapons clear, rack it 6 times and stick their finger in the chamber, ain't ya? πŸ˜‚
  11. Thanks folks. Torn between a can for my mp5 or the short barrel for the M4.
  12. Same here. Ranger bands are made for a reason. Thank ya, Sir
  13. Oh, your words cut like a knife. πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί What's the revolver gonna do, start walking around shooting people? 😳🀣 Ever think perhaps there's a reason it's right there within easy reach? There is. But you're too caught up in your internet snobbery to consider it, sorry about that. It has to make life tough. And yeah the heat shield is plastic but it works and stays in place. I don't like the offerings on the market that provide a heat shield. Good enough for me. I don't own this shotgun as a status symbol, I want functionality. I'm not some wannabe operator so I don't use gloves when I'm just out having fun shooting it. The heatshield comes in handy. Looks like crap, but works. Again, sorry about your snobby lifestyle. I literally spend close to 16 hours a day in my car, 6 days a week. I clean it at the end of the week. I pull up by my burn pit, rake it out, then that evening burn it and drink a few beers. It's a routine. You don't ride in it so why do you care? Hopefullt this satisfies your holier than thou internet snob concerns. If not, or even if it does, you can still get bent. 😘
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