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  1. Yeah I think I'm gonna pass on it. It does what it's designed to do now technically. Go screwing with stuff then it won't don't anything right. I've always steered away from lighter than oem springs. Except on my Beretta 92fs. HAD to replace the firing pin spring.
  2. I'm fairly certain it's gonna get better with time as it breaks in more. Just a minor annoyance right now. Guess I'm just not one of the lucky guys that got the runs right out the box guns. But t least it's black and not blue 🤣
  3. Ok so I'm at well over 400 rounds of high brass loads and other various loads. High brass stuff nothing has been less than about 1250 fps. My M4 is flawless with high brass but still isn't cycling low brass very well. About 3 out of every 7 won't cycle. I've cleaned and lubed it well, and I'm aware it needs to be broken in, just thought it would be there by now. Are lighter recoil springs viable and reliable? I want to run cheap stuff for plinking and it still be reliable with everything else. If not it's not a huge deal. I understand the design of the weapon and what it's role is. U
  4. Excellent choice. That's become my go-to sling for rifles and shotguns.
  5. I dunno man... Over the years I've been tempted to order from them, but there are just too many horror stories and bad (read: scathing) reviews, so Ive just avoided them.
  6. I mean... I guess.
  7. I tend to agree with you, as silly as it is. It's not a pressing issue, I was just considering a titanium tube to cut down some on weight.
  8. Well, if it makes you feel better, I just paid 2850 before taxes for my 11721. Still kicking myself for not buying one years ago but I figured it could be now or never, with all the BS laws they're trying to pass. Luckily I found one on gunbroker from a dealer in state, about 2 hrs away, thear accepted layaway. I actually won the auction for 3200 but since I'd have to pay taxes they lowered the price. Took a few months but I finally got it with the last stimulus check. I already knew there were certain things I wanted to do to it (the stuff I listed in my first reply) and didn't want to exten
  9. Congrats. I bought the 11721 model so all I needed to do was:. Gg&g bolt release, fft 1.5" charging handle, iwc light mount, and I out the worry free shell carrier in it. Burris fast fire3 on a qd mount. Streamlight tlr rm2 light. Going to do the a&s trigger guard at some point.
  10. And see I thought itlf it's only if you're changing capacity or the stock. Sigh.
  11. I went with the Stream light TLR RM2, mainly because I wanted the angled switch. Not super crazy about how it looks, but it feels good and works well. Please don't judge me by the mess in my car. Been doing a lot of 14-16 hour overnight shifts, I just dump it at the end of the week. 🤪
  12. Kind of confused on this: I have an 11721, from the factory with +2 extension. If I want to change it to a straight 7 round tube and ditch the extension, does 922(r) still apply?
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