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  1. I saw it as well and agree it looks nice. Will be interesting to see when some one gets one the difference from the GG&G for 25% more money.
  2. As Nocturnal said, they are not hard to find. I just looked on Gunbroker and there are 11 for sale there, and another 4 on E-bay. If you want one, there are plenty out there. If you want to save some money, and have patience, you are going to have to wait for the next Benelliparts pre-order to open up. Price wise, the market dictates that. If you want ammo, gotta pay today’s price. Want to hold out for the 2 years ago price, you ain’t gonna have any ammo, maybe ever. Want to buy some Amazon stock at the price from 3 years ago? Ain’t gonna happen. So, if you want a C-stock the current market is $850-$1000, or $500 with patience from Benelliparts. Is your patience worth the $350-$500 savings, only you can answer that. From what I gather (and I may be wrong on this) Benelli isn’t really shipping these to the US currently. So you are looking for something no one can just go buy. Benelliparts has a connection somewhere and he gets them in spurts, along with other OEM Benelli parts not found anywhere else. Not sure I have seen the OEM muzzle brake anywhere other than from him. If I was building another M4, and wanted a C-stock on it, I’d buy a somewhat readily available 1014 to begin with and buy a 3 position recoil tube to install on it.
  3. Got mine from benelliparts too. Did a pre-order and got it ahead of schedule. Everything else I’ve gotten from him, if in stock, has shipped the same day.
  4. Cool, that’s what I was wondering. I have a ‘65 convertible. The Lincoln world is a pretty small community.
  5. Good question of the TTI fitment. I though there was a thread where someone had pics and commentary on the OEM, the FFT, and the TTI. I’ll be changing this out as well when I upgrade my trigger assembly. I look for the tread a bit and couldn’t find it. off topic, @Lincoln62curious on the meaning of your screen name? Born in ‘62 in Lincoln NE, have a ‘62 Continental,...... other?
  6. He also updates that on his Instagram at times, that was how I knew a pre-order was open when I ordered mine from him. He also posts when he gets newer items and parts
  7. Mine experiences have been exactly this as well, and would not hesitate to purchase from them again.
  8. Looks great!! @smithjsswhat bag it that?
  9. RAIII

    My M4 Build

    @Camp Stamp nice build. I am planning to send my trigger assembly to Briley as well. Did you have them do all the trigger assembly mods while it was there? Trigger Guard , safety, extended carrier, Wolf springs while doing their trigger? @StrangerDanger In regards to the Wolf springs, what, if any, is the benefit over the OEM Benelli ones? Not sure I have read anything on OEM issues.
  10. Thanks, that was it. I will say that once it is tightened up, TINY adjustments sound easier than they are. Once tight the pressure needed to move it moves it a bit once it moves. I found with the assembly in and moving it back and forth finally got it in place with the stock snug.
  11. I got my C-Stock in today from Benelliparts. Really quick and easy to put, had it done in no time. I have a slight issue with the pistol grip though. If I turn it to where it is snug, the trigger assembly won’t seat all the way. If I rotate the grip back 360 degrees the assembly will go in, but the grip is a little sloppy. There seems to be no other adjustments, so I’m thinking the part of the grip where it meets the assembly needs to be trimmed? My next project is to mod the assembly for 922r compliance and will do the A&S trigger guard. Is there more clearance on it compared to the OEM?
  12. I just ordered a CC 7 round tube. I already have the Benelli Muzzle Brake on it, so I want to order the Nordic +1 to install when the 7 round tube arrive. The CC tube comes with a Wolf spring. I see on the Nordic site they also sell a “+1 kit” that includes the +1 extension, the nut, and a spring. My question is, is the Wolf spring from CC long enough to use with the +1 or will I need the longer spring in the Nordic kit? If the CC one works fine I wouldn’t need the Nordic kit and can buy the two items separately. I used the search function and didn’t find anything on spring use with the +1.
  13. Not to hijack the thread, but @StrangerDanger I recall a thread a while back where I thought you and someone else were working on a 5 position tube. What ever ended up with that project?
  14. Make it 922R compliant after changing to a C-Stock and 7 round tube is what I’d guess
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