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  1. Have a couple of their slides on glocks and one with their trigger. Not my DDC but a sweet shooter.
  2. It came back with the gun. I check it tonight and let ya know!
  3. Thanks! I like RailScales...I have them on a lot of my guns. The PVD is just a smoother process that has been shown to reduce friction and wear. It's smoother than my M1 and M2 so I imagine it has improved the factory M4 stroke.
  4. I found a NIB M4 early last year and sent it out to California for the Agency Arms build. Details Include: Agency Arms octagonal Extension Tube Kit (Increases TOTAL capacity to 7+1, 9 if ghostloading), Barrel Porting, Agency Arms Extended Carrier, Agency Arms Extended Bolt Release, Agency Arms Extended Charging Handle, Modified Bolt Carrier, Receiver Loading Port Machining, Agency Arms MLOK® handguard/rail, Gunsmith trigger job, texturing of the stock (on select models) and installation of an oversized dome safety. Extended Carrier and Bolt Carrier are polished and refinished in a PVD coating
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