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  1. SD helped me do mine. With the right pliers it’s easy.
  2. I can't find a link on their site either. I ordered one a few weeks back and had no troubles finding the item on their site. I'd send them an email. It may take a few days for them to get back but she said they have springs ready to ship.
  3. I just spoke with them and the next batch from Carrier Comp will be June timeframe. They have a bit of a delay at the moment. For this reason I went with the Briley Carbon tube. I did buy the CarrierComp magazine tube spring to put in the Briley. I've read mixed reviews about magazine capacity with the Briley magazine spring.
  4. I figured but didn’t see any pics of the holes in the light on their site. I appreciate the clarification.
  5. How does the light attach to the mount? I don't see the ring for sale on either IWC or ModLite's site.
  6. Makes sense. I appreciate the clarification.
  7. Any concern tightening the weapon light mount to the carbon tube? Could the tube be crushed or damaged from this mount? Did you install a rubber shim under the mount to avoid damaging the carbon fiber?
  8. For this reason I may buy the CompCarrier spring and see how that works instead of the Briley spring. This is disappointing to hear. I figured Briley would have it dialed in by now.
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