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  1. Strike Industries should be able to easily improve their handguard design by beefing up the area a little bit and use nylon tipped set screws.
  2. I read that Benelli's pattent ran out or something like that and that is why copies are now coming out. If that is true, that would be why copies never came out in the past.
  3. There's a good thread on AR15.com regarding M4 Clones. Lots of compatibility and options shown there.
  4. I've always wondered how a 922r compliance conversation would go down. Authoritarian: Excuse me sir, is that 922r compliant? Me: Do you have reason to believe that it is not?
  5. Right now I'm using a Vortex SPARC with the lowest Bobro mount. I'd be interested in a Trijicon SRO.
  6. They couldn't even type the message out in proper English. Probably a diversity hire. Way to go potato heads. Ebay spreading fake news. I just FACT CHECKED and no accessory works in making ANY firearm an "assault weapon".
  7. I'm shocked no company makes collapsible M4 clone stocks. I know Pro Mag used to, but evidently not anymore. These stocks are NOT worth what people are charging, but I get it ... the market and scarcity dictates the price. Flood the market with a reasonably priced alternative and the price WILL drop.
  8. You could probably screw QD sling sockets through that round hole in the stock. There are kits you can buy, Magpul is one brand, where you can install a QD cup on both sides of the stock and a single screw secures them both together to the stock through that hole.
  9. On a side note, I noticed you have a Vortex StrikeFire with the cantilever mount. That mount is likely approx 1.5" from center of optic above the picatinny rail. That is really high for a shotgun and that height is for AR-15s. You would be much better off using the lowest mount can can possible get for a decent cheek weld. I use a Vortex SPARC with the lowest Bobro mount and I had to adjust the comb of my stock up to get a good cheek weld. How are you currently going about getting a good cheek weld with that current setup?
  10. I wish Vortex made a larger one like the Trijicon SRO. I installed the Vortex SPARC. Is the Vortex Razor more like the SRO?
  11. I installed one of their 8 shell, top attaching carriers with picatinny rail several years ago and no issues. I admit that I don't shoot 100s of rounds per year either. I do really like the Esstac shotshell cards though. I put one on my Remington 870. They hold shells a LOT better than the Mesa Tactical carriers. Just yesterday I had a couple shell just fall out of my M4. Could be either the rubber deformed, shells deformed or a little of both. It came with multiple pieces of rubber and indicated what their physical properties are for warm & cold weather if I recall correctly. Makes m
  12. Could Benelli have cucked out and jumped on the clown world bandwagon?
  13. As mentioned, don't use split rail (aka light rails) with LaRue or Bobro mounts. If you use an ADM mount (or other similar styles) it will be fine. ADM mounts return to zero accurate enough for a shotgun. Personally ... I'd probably go with the ADM mount route just to save the expense of replacing the rail. Up to you if you want to swap it out for an actual mil-spec rail. I swapped mine out with a Mesa Tactical shot shell carrier, that picatinny rail was mil-spec and I mounted a Vortex SPARC using the lowest Bobro mount.
  14. I'd like a reasonably priced collapsible stock, even if it is an identical clone. For $549.95 I imagine it will sell like hotcakes!
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