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  1. Mesa Tactical 8-1/2" Truckee handguard Mesa Tactical 11" Truckee handguard Both are 922(r) compliant. I really like this handguard because it allows you to attach a light and QD sling socket without a clamped mount.
  2. Not sure what you mean. LaRue mounts need to be adjusted using a tool to the specific rail you intend to use it with. Often you find that when you remove the mount from one rail and try to put it on a different rail, the mount is either too loose or too tight and require adjusting with a tool to make it function. That is why I no longer use any LaRue mounts. Bobro mounts are self-adjusting. ADM mounts can be adjusted using your finger tips. LaRue mounts require a tool. LaRue has recently come out with a new version of their mounts that can be adjusted using your fingers. I haven't seen any reviews for them yet.
  3. Very very nice! LaRue Index Clips are my all time favorite rail covers. I use them for all of my rails. They are by far the best way to secure wires too.
  4. I like ADM mounts for accessories. I do not use LaRue mounts for anything anymore. Quite often LaRue mounts require a tool to be able to move the mount from one rail to another. ADM mounts do not require a tool IF they need to be adjusted. I used to have LaRue mounts for everything, but after they failed to do what I wanted (swap from rail to rail), I have sold them all and replaced them with Bobro mounts and ADM mounts.
  5. Full length magazine tube GG&G bolt release IWC Light Mount Tactical light - Elzetta or Streamlight for instance Red dot sight with QD mount - SIG Romeo 5 I prefer my tactical lights to have a QD mount so it can be removed quickly, used by hand or quickly attached to another weapon.
  6. NineInchNails


    I've shot many slugs out of my Benelli M4 using the stock modified choke that was installed. No problems.
  7. I totally understand the desire to keep a round in the receiver ready to rack into the chamber. It's all just a preference and you have 1 more round than you would if you didn't. My father keeps every weapon in the house fully loaded, round in the chamber and safety off. I personally don't feel "comfortable" with that, but he does. "Safety" can be argued from different mind sets. I just do what I'm comfortable with.
  8. Check out the Suarez RMR Mount $59.99. I'm not sure about Benelli M2 compatibility. Hopefully someone else knows.
  9. Bummer. I would have given you mine for free, but I somewhat recently traded mine for a Benelli stock with pistol grip.
  10. My favorite sling is the Magpul MS4 sling. It can be used as a single point sling as well as a 2 point sling. I set up all of my weapons with QD sling sockets so the sling works with all of them.
  11. Thanks for the video, I enjoyed watching that. I really like how it's a drop-in part and the screws only secure the adapter. Very cool.
  12. I believe you are correct. Even the front screws are too far back to contact any part of the weapon.
  13. I drilled & tapped threads on my Remington 870. It was a fun and easy project. Really easy if you have a small drill press and a cheapo vice. I used this Mesa Tactical picatinny rail. It says it works on Benelli shotguns too. https://www.brownells.com/shooting-accessories/flashlights-accessories/accessory-mounts/rem-870-receiver-rail-5-1-2--sku100005801-27200-76055.aspx I bought this thread tap: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/262861/hanson-carbon-steel-bottom-tap This drill bit: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/758836/baker-drill-bit-jobber-length-titanium-nitride-tin-coated-31
  14. That looks similar to the Strike Industries forend design. I could be wrong, but I see set screws similar to the Strike Industries Benelli M4 handguard. I really don't like that design because it really gouges the weapon everywhere the screws contact for a snug fit. I'd dig it more if they used nylon tipped set screws or anything other than something that messes up such a fine shotgun. The Mesa Tactical Truckee handguard looks like the best design so far to me. No set screws, it's longer than the original handguard and Mlok all over. I haven't see a video showing how it is installed yet though.
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