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  1. The Mesa Tactical Truckee forend looks like the best option to me. I prefer longer forends for attaching a light. It also saves from having to buy a separate mount like the IWC mount or the AVA mount.
  2. I've not seen any wording within the compliance that says that it would apply to you or "possession" of that M4. I wouldn't worry about it at all. Anyone know of anyone who has ever been charged with compliance? I don't think it has ever happened. IF it has ... it was like 1 or maybe 2. It just doesn't happen. Isn't compliance more for the importers or the FFls?
  3. I have the Mesa picatinny shell saddle and while it is a nice unit, I kinda wished I waved money and got the Esstac Shotgun Card that attached using velcro. I have both and the Mesa is cool, it doesn't hold shells anywhere near as securely as the velcro card. The Mesa is super simple to load & unload, but sacrifices in securely holding the shells. It's a trade-off. I went with the Freedom Fighter Tactical titanium full length tube. I'm sure the Benelli tube will be fine. I'd just compare price and see which is best for you. That light mount is the best thing out for the price. I will eventually be getting one of those too. That light is cool, small and light. I have my eye on the StreamLight ProTac Rail Mount 625 or 1,000 lumen version. You can use the tape switch or just the tail cap. It comes with both. I personally keep my M4 fully loaded, but I leave the chamber empty. I only leave my carry pistol with one in the chamber. It's just a personal preference. I'll have to look into Ghost Loading and see if that is a preferable option.
  4. That might have been me. I traded a field stock for the grip stock a while ago. Good trade!
  5. I really love to hear that with manufacturers in the firearm industry. I had the exact same experience with other manufacturers like Magpul and RCBS. One time I had a tiny part that appeared to be out of spec in a RCBS die set. They didn't ask for proof, didn't want a photo or anything ... they just sent me a brand new die set. I tried to get them to just send me the part, but they didn't want to hear it. When manufacturers do something like that they turn their customers into loyal spokespeople & salespeople for them.
  6. Sure, we always like to see photos of accessory fitment! I'm curious, did you apply the RTV in the channel, let it set up then install the forend? There's a lot of different ways to do it. Some might de-grease the forend, lube the channel, apply RTV, install the handguard, let the RTV set and then you didn't modify the weapon at all, only the forend. Some might prefer to let the RTV stay in the channel.
  7. I'm having a very hard time finding any photos of the collapsible stock disassembled. I'm only finding this exploded view schematic. Would you mind taking it apart and post some pics so that those that do not own one can see what might be involved with creating a spacer? That would be greatly appreciated. It's driving me crazy that I cannot find pics and more so that I do not own one.
  8. I intended to use the lowest ADM mount with a Vortex SPARC, I figured cheek weld might be an issue so I wen with the ATI Raven Stock because the cheek piece is easily adjustable. It definitely works, but I think I'd prefer the M4 collapsible stock. I'm interested in a potential modification.
  9. I've used Sharpie markers and I do not like how it contrasts on AR-15's anodizing. It clashes pretty bad. I have also tried the Birchwood Casey anodizing marker and it works pretty darn good. There is still a bit of contrast, but I haven't heard of anything that does a perfect job. Pretty much anything you apply will look different because it is different (not anodizing).
  10. I hear ya, but this is why a really detailed video should be made, in my opinion. If the Auto Lifter causes the bolt to be held open, then how does one close the bolt? I know I sound annoying, but if they had an adequate comparison video, I think it would help them a lot. I just wish they would demonstrate EXACTLY what functions are altered after installing the Auto Lifter.
  11. If it bypasses most normal operational features ... I suspect this is something that might be more predominantly used specifically for competition. I can understand how some people might say that if it is ideal for competition then it should be a benefit to home defense as well as combat. I would agree with that, but I do appreciate certain normal operational features that the Benelli M4 has.
  12. This J-Kenny Auto Loading Lifter does sound quite interesting, but it leaves me a little bit confused about what manual features it overrides with the Benelli M4. I read their product page on their website, but the info leaves me with more questions and confusion. Does the Auto Loading Lifter not allow the chamber to be clear, the bolt closed and a full magazine tube? What I mean by that is ... I really like that I can chamber my first round and upon racking the charging handle, I can quickly & easily clear the chamber without it automatically ejecting a round from the magazine and allow the bolt to close with an empty chamber. This is where I am left a bit confused as to what this part will disable and/or alter in the way of 'normal' functionality. I think it would be a really good idea for that company to make a thorough video showing two Benelli M4s side by side and demonstrating the original/normal functions vs how it functions using the Auto Loading Lifter.
  13. I imagine it is about 'safety', more control over the shotgun and keeping to the original spec/function of the original design. The J-Kenny Auto Lifter appears to override a couple of the Benelli M4's manual functions.
  14. I'd contact Nordic. It shouldn't do that. I've used multiple Nordic magazine extension tubes with clamp, even with a Benelli Nova and never had that issue. Maybe they accidentally sent you the wrong clamp. You could check out GG&G clamps.
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