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  1. NineInchNails

    Cylinder choke tube for Benelli M4

    I've read a bit about Federal FliteControl and Federal supposedly recommends using a full choke. I've seen test results where people claim that the full choke shows deformation of the wad. Many tests I've seen people say they get excellent results using the Modified Choke that comes installed on the Benelli M4.
  2. NineInchNails

    M2 Magazine Follower Jammed

    I cannot imagine why the follower would not come out. You should be able to remove the cap & spring, be able to inspect and clean the tube well enough to get the follower out the open end. Once you get the follower out (if you get the follower out) you should be able to thoroughly inspect & clean the entire magazine tube. It might not be a bad idea to replace the spring and it wouldn't hurt to replace the follower too. You could go through the process of removing the magazine tube, but I'd exhaust all other options before doing that. I've done that with my Benelli M4, it's not that hard, but why do it if you don't have to.
  3. NineInchNails

    FS: Benelli M4 C-stock

    Got good pics?
  4. NineInchNails

    Sure Cycle Bolt Handles

    Look at the tip of these charging handles. Notice how the groove is NOT ground all the way around. This charging handle will NOT spin. These ground flats are what engages a detent and keeps it from spinning. When the groove is ground all the way around, the detent only captures the charging handle, but there is nothing to stop it from spinning 360°.
  5. NineInchNails

    Sure Cycle Bolt Handles

    Look at the tip of that charging handle. Notice how the groove is ground all the way around. This charging handle will spin.
  6. NineInchNails

    Sure Cycle Bolt Handles

    That bold also appears to have been machined round without any facets. It will spin 360°
  7. NineInchNails

    Sure Cycle Bolt Handles

  8. NineInchNails

    Sure Cycle Bolt Handles

    If you check out Freedom Fighter Tactical's Charging Handle, you'll see a big difference at the tip of the rod. If I'm not mistaken, the charging handle you linked to would probably spin 360°. The charging handle on the bottom is the OEM Benelli M4 Charging Handle and the Freedom Fighter Charging Handle is on top.
  9. NineInchNails

    Benelli Nova - Nordic MXT +6 Magazine Extension - Best Price? ? ?

    In all my searching, I only came across one company that used to sell a full length magazine tube. Everyone else only sold magazine extensions. I would really prefer a full length tube, but ended up just buying the Nordic Components MXT extension.
  10. NineInchNails

    Benelli Nova - Nordic MXT +6 Magazine Extension - Best Price? ? ?

    Thanks for the link! Make Ready Pro Shop = $82.25 including shipping. Not a huge cost savings, but the best price I was able to find was eBay.
  11. NineInchNails

    Benelli Nova - Nordic MXT +6 Magazine Extension - Best Price? ? ?

    Optics Planet = $92.92 free shipping eBay = $95.50 including shipping Actually ... if anyone knows of an alternative magazine tube extension that is of good quality and less price, I'd love to check them out.
  12. My daughter has a Benelli Nova with the longer barrel. It appears she would need a +6 round magazine extension. I'm shopping around, but I was hoping someone here might already know where to get the best price. I'm still searching. Midway USA = $95.97 including shipping Brownells = Backordered Joe Bob Outfitters = Backordered Cheaper Than Dirt = $100.32 (not including shipping)
  13. NineInchNails

    M2 Tactical- Putting a scope on it??

    This page shows better pics of a fixed front sight in front of a magnified scope.
  14. NineInchNails

    M2 Tactical- Putting a scope on it??

    I have a Vortex SPARC on a M4. Not the exact same thing you're asking. The front sight shouldn't be a major issue with a magnified optic. Many have magnified optics on AR-15s that have a fixed front sight. My only concern would be whether or not you will have a good cheek weld once you get an optic on a mount on top of that receiver. You might need a cheek comb to raise your cheek weld. Many like the MESA Tactical Urbino Stock because the comb is adjustable.
  15. NineInchNails

    Benelli M4 922(r) Compliance Questions

    The reason I ask is because I have someone telling me the following: 922® compliance does not matter other than maybe for price negotiation purposes. If a prior owner replaced the parts without complying, it would still be legal for the current owner (technically) because 922® only prohibits assembly, not possession. If the original owner purchased it from their FFL with the collapsible stock and full length magazine tube then it’s likely exempt from 922® because it was a LE gun. (All LE guns are permanently exempt pursuant to 18 USC 925). This is the source of all factory-configured non-compliant Benelli shotguns.