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  1. NoTycoon

    Bolt release

    Note that installation requires drilling and tapping factory carrier latch.
  2. To remove the charging handle, just twist and pull.
  3. Here is a third recommendation for the Mesa Urbino.
  4. No, no mods needed to run low brass. However, it did take a few hundred rounds to get fully broken in.
  5. Is that a joke or a serious offer?
  6. Not a single cycling issue. All shells ejected after firing and the bolt locked open after last shot. The mechanism only engages when the bolt gets to about 3/4 open. Therefore, it is at its strongest when the bolt is fully open. There are 4 springs to select from to get your final pressure. If your load is too light for a given spring, drop down one power until it cycles consistently.
  7. I tried mine two weeks ago with a variety of shells to get a feel for which spring to use. There is a significant recoil reduction with all of the high brass loads; however, with low brass, I don't know if the third spring is even engaged (Including your stock spring, there are three springs in the recoil reduction system). I shot a three gun match on Sunday and used the gun with the recoil reduction system. The gun ran flawlessly, no issues with chamberring. I only use my M4 for competition and I only run low brass ammo. The recoil reduction is not significant with low brass. Again, you feel it with high brass shells. I will put mine up for sale. Ordering from Zahal, it will cost you $134 ($150 and 12% off/free shipping offer) and take 2 months for delivery from Israel (the hold up is through Turkey). You can have mine for $120, shipped.
  8. The space is so tight that I made my own wrench out of a scrap metal.
  9. I have been using one for over a year. No issues.
  10. Do you want just the button or the button with the pre tapped shell stop? I have the button (with screw) if you want to tap your existing shell stop. Yours for $20 shipped within the CONUS.
  11. I plan to try mine out on Saturday.
  12. Sorry you had to go through that.
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