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  1. If you want reduced recoil, move to the M4. The piston driven action provides significantly less felt recoil.
  2. I came to own my M4 by trial and error... The club where I was shooting IDPA (pistol only) started to hold 3-gun events. I did not own a SG, so borrowed a 20 ga pump from a friend. After that first match, I jumped onto the VA Gun Trader sight and picked up a 12 ga pump (FNH Tactical Police). My shoulder would be sore after each match, so I picked up a 20 ga Saiga at a gun show. The Saiga did not beat up my shoulder but is was a pain to load (mags would not go in w/o the chamber being held open) and I would come home with cuts on my hands (could never figure out what part was sharp). While cursing the Saiga, the SO let me try his M4. Need I say more?
  3. Sorry to hear you had so many problems with an A&S TG. Min was a perfect fit using the supplied roll pins (and roll pin punches).
  4. I have Venoms on my PCC, XDm 9mm, and above a Nikon scope on my SCAR 16. Much better optic than those Trijicons. I shoot 2-Gun and 3-Gun Open class with these.
  5. I liked the Scalarworks but did not like the Trijicon (and they do not have one for Vortex). So, I removed the factory rail and iron sight and 1) rotated the factory rail to extend back over the spot where the iron sight had sat, 2) used a rotary tool to cut and shape the factory rail to fit the new position, 3) painted the modified rail, and 4) used locktite to bolt it into the new position. This has taken off more weight than the Vortex Razor added. I scratched off the paint from the Right side to show my tooling. NOTE: I also removed the front sight blade.
  6. Just stay away from GG&G. I had one that would, periodically, fall out during cycling and finally broke leaving most of the shaft in the bolt.
  7. Cut the spring. Worst case, you cut too much and buy a new one. They are cheap. How much to cut? (WARNING: math will be involved! Continue only if you are comfortable with using a calculator.) Measure the amount of the 7th shell that extends past the shell catch (call this X). Next remove the spring, reassemble the tube with retention clip and follower, insert 7 shells. Measure the space to the shell catch (call this A). Measure the space where the spring extends into the follower (call this B) Measure the space where the spring extends into the retention clip (call this C) The length of the compressed spring is calculated as A+B+C (call this Y) Now, measure the uncompressed spring (call this Z) If you remove X amount of spring from Y, the 7th shell will fit into the tube. So, we need to convert Y-X= (compressed cutoff) into an uncompressed cutoff. To do this, determine what percent of Y is X and then apply that percentage to Z to derive the amount to cut off. (OK, just key this into your calculator) X/Y=F FxZ= amount to cut off of uncompressed spring (NOTE: calculations with work with both 'merican and metric measurements). This is your first cut. After trying it, you may need to take off another ring of the spring to allow for compression past the shell catch (unless you included that in your X measurement). This worked for me. Hope it works for all of you.
  8. Yes, the auto load lifter worked, plug and play, with the installation of the A&S trigger guard. Note, however, that prior to purchasing the A&S trigger guard, I had already ground down the notch on the shell latch.
  9. Update: I shot a 3-gun match today and the upgrades worked perfectly. The auto lifter saved so much time when the shotgun ran dry (not having to deal with putting one in the chamber and closing prior to reloading the tube). Also, the A&S trigger guard guided the second round of a double stack reload right into alignment with the port. I strongly recommend both products.
  10. It works! After many attempts to tune the parts, I stumbled onto a solution by simply installing an A&S trigger guard. With the conversion to the A&S, the auto lifter functions flawlessly in my M4. I have to assume that the stock Benelli trigger guard was not true to spec.
  11. Update, the replacement part has arrived; however, I am waiting for a new trigger guard from A&S before rebuilding the gun.
  12. Josh is sending me a new lifter. I went a little over-board with my tuning. It was completely my fault but he is replacing it for free.
  13. I was standing in a shooting box, and it was just outside to the right. So, it fell nearly straight down.
  14. Problem solved. My GG&G bolt handle broke during last week's 3-gun event. 😡
  15. While this is a drop in product, some tuning is required. It works most of the time but I need it to work every time. I have been working with the owner of the company to get it dialed in. We are very close. Note, I have an M4 which has small differences from the M2 trigger group. The last issue is an 8th of an inch hang that is, occasionally, catching the shell rather than letting it pass. Josh Kenny is very helpful and very receptive to my issues. I just need to get back to my workbench and polish the butt end of the shell catch. Josh indicated that this has fixed the issue for many others with the same issue.
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