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  1. Don't mean to steal the thread but, the 7 shot tube will hold seven shells once you trim the length of the spring. There posts on this subject on this site.
  2. Early on, my M4 had the same issue. I determined that the bolt did not come back far enough to fully cock the trigger. I put in a lighter recoil spring to solve the problem. As I recall, in later years, I went back to the factory spring after the gun was better broken in. I have had my M4 for about 15 yrs. My only current issue is needing to use hotter loads in cold weather (Win XX low brass #8). I can run cheaper loads (Win white box, Rem Target, Estate) only in hot weather.
  3. I was one of them. Reached out to Kenny and that was his first question.
  4. To both of your issues, have you opened up the hole in your receiver? The spring on the Kenny bolt release must pass freely through the hole. The factory hole is too small.
  5. J Kenny will help you with problems. He only responds thru Facebook Messenger. Reach out and see for yourself.
  6. I did make it myself with a Dremel tool and a drill. I did the same to the rear BUIS by drilling out the two white dots. I have sold all to another member on this site.
  7. I have put a few thousand rounds over that extension. Nothing has ever made contact. I do get a bit of carbon build up and just scrape it off at the end of the season. With the CC tube (7 rnd) and the 3 round extension, I can feed 10 in the tube. When a stage permits, I can start with 12 in the gun: 10 down the tube, 1 in the chamber, and 1 ghost load.
  8. The aluminum heat shield is bolted to the fore grip, 4 bolts down from the top sides. Both parts are from the ATI Raven Forend package. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued, and no longer in production. The other parts of the Raven package were junk. The stock was too heavy and complex, and the tube extension and tri-rail would not stay tight. The only good parts were the Forend and Heat Shield. If you can find one, grap it. For multi-gun competition, I flip the gun upside-down and rest the but stock on my shoulder to reload. Therefore, I need the heat shield to keep from burning my left hand (either that of the MJ single glove).
  9. Cerakote on my 3-gun collection.
  10. NoTycoon

    J Kenny latch

    Mine works. You will need to open up the size of the hole in your receiver where the button shaft goes through.
  11. The best heat shield for the BenelliĀ® M4 is the ATI Raven Deluxe Forend-Heatshield. They are no longer in production but can still be found from time to time. I will not part with mine. The rest of the ATI Raven kit was crap (heavy collapsing stock, tri rail that would not stay tight, etc.) but the forend and heatshield are great.
  12. My order took 18 days back in Sept 2019. Let me know your order number and I will reach out to them on Fakebook.
  13. Neither did I. I had to create an account just to communicate with J Kenney.
  14. J Kenney does not communicate through email. You have to use Facebook message.
  15. Correct, a Mesa with a cheek riser.
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