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  1. The parts that have broken on me and that I now carry spares for are: Carrier Latch and Bolt Handle.
  2. Following my order with Zahal (and the 12% discount offered on the site banner), they sent me a discount code for 25% off. One of you may want to use FLASH25 to order yourself one of the recoil reduction rods.
  3. Could not wait to hear how it works. I went ahead and ordered two springs from Zahal (Israeli Tactical Gear). One for the M4 and one for the Hellcat. I need to stop reading about new gear ðŸĪŠ
  4. NoTycoon

    Shell stop mods

    I have taken mine apart many times to 1) gradually take off material to get an easier load pressure, 2) change to a larger release button, and 3) open up the loading port for faster loading. I have done many mods to my gun because I use it for 3-gun competition. Therefore, it gets fired a lot and the mods have held up.
  5. NoTycoon

    Shell stop mods

    We are all happy to learn from your mistakes.😏 Actually, I had the same thing happen years ago. I suspect that the spring was installed on a slant and/or too close to the pivot pin. When I had done mine, I did not know where to put to spring on reassembly. I looked it up after that.
  6. My M4 has the lightest recoil of any 12 ga. that I have ever tried. How much lighter can it get? If one of you gets one, please let us know how it goes. I might look into getting the one for the Hellcat, that little gun has some recoil.
  7. There are QD cups that can be mounted on a hollow stock. Just need to drill a hole in the stock and screw it together. Noveske Flush Mount Push-Button Quick Detach Universal Sling Mount for Polymer Stocks. I mounted one on my SCAR 16 and it holds like it was made there.
  8. Mesa Tactical Urbino Stock Pocket Push Button Sling Adapter with Quick Detach Swivel Benelli M4 Steel Black. Midway has it for $30.
  9. Do not use locktite!!! The stock is screwed into the recoil spring retaining plug. If you lock these two parts together, you will never get them apart. Any future attempt to remove the stock will only back out the retaining plug; leaving it inside of your stock.
  10. NoTycoon

    Shell stop mods

    I've said this on other posts; the catch is designed to bend where the indents have been cut. By simply widening the indents, the spring weight is lowered and the shells feed easier. In the photo below, you can see how much I remove. You don't want to cut any deeper, just wider.
  11. I have tried both the velcro and hard mounted side shell holders. Don't like either. I use a chest rig that holds 24 rounds. It has a quick release belt.
  12. I never had to "break in" my M4. Out of the box, it ate everything. The only issues I have had is in extreme cold conditions, even now, where it will sometimes FTE/stovepipe with low FPS loads. 00 Buck is a great home defense round. It's like putting a spread of nine 9mm's in a single shot.
  13. I use the Briley Mobil Choke Spectrum Ported Chokes. Choke constriction is marked on band so there is no need to remove choke to verify size. As to the slug question, you may not want to shoot a sabot slug through a Mod choke.
  14. Many time in 3-gun competition, I have encountered a stage that required shooting slugs and bird shot and I have chosen to use the Modified choke for the bird shot distances. The slugs work fine through the Mod choke (M4).
  15. I'll put some electrical tape over the back end to cover the shiny spot. 😆ðŸĪĢ😂😄😁
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