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  1. Don't "pull" the trigger; squeeze it. Use the pad of your finger, not the crease. Now, here is a drill for getting over the anticipation of the recoil. With red dot on your target, squeeze the trigger just enough to feel some resistance, then release the trigger back to no resistance (not all the way back out). Repeat this adding a little more pressure with each subsequent attempt. If you do this correctly, it should surprise you when the gun actually fires. Repeat the drill until you get a feel for just how much pressure is needed to fire the gun. You don't want to over pull the trigge
  2. I have these on my shooting glasses: OPTX 20/20 Hydrotac Stick-on Bifocal Reading Glasses. 🧐
  3. I feel your pain. As part of my cataract surgery, I chose to have my right (shooting) eye set for close up and my left eye for distance. So, for pistol only competitions (IDPA, USPSA, etc.), I shoot iron sights. However, when I shoot multi-gun, I need to see distance and so, I put in a 1x contact lens in my right eye and shoot all guns with optics. 😏
  4. A red dot on a pistol is more accurate than iron sights. The typical complaint people have with them is "finding the dot". This is simply a case of not doing enough dry fire practice. If you practice enough, you should be able to bring the gun up from the holster with your eyes closed and open them to see your dot in the window. When I first started to practice, I found that the dot was too low. I trained myself to bring the nose of the gun up by pulling up on my strong hand wrist. With practice, this is now my natural draw. Good luck.
  5. Venom is a great optic. I run them on all of my 3-gun (Open) gear (9mm pistol, Benelli M4, and BCM AR). After a few years of abuse, the one on my pistol stopped working, turned out to be the battery contact plate had come loose. Sent it back to Vortex (No BS Warranty) and they sent me a new one.
  6. What JustM4s removed was NOT a collapsible stock. It looks the same but is a fixed length.
  7. They can be on there very tight. Try this, with the trigger group removed (assume you have but just making sure), sit down, hold pistol grip between your knees, then use both hands to twist the receiver off.
  8. I ghost load all of the time in 3-gun competition. It is still a complex operation. I pull the bolt all the way back, drop one shell in the chamber (muzzle pointed down), then bring the bolt back to half closed and feed the ghost round under the bolt then down on the lifter. Drop the bolt and go.
  9. It is normal, and a good sign, that the pistons fall in both directions.
  10. I removed both the sight and the rail; then, reversed the direction of the rail and cut off the overhang. This puts the optic where the sight was. Yes there are open holes where the rail used to sit. Has no effect.
  11. I don't like investing in tools that I will rarely ever use. I remove this clip with a small, flat head screwdriver and reinstall with vice grips and a hammer. First, I set the vice grips to be just wider than the shaft. Next, I place the clamp on the shaft and center the (sideways) vice grips over the clamp. A few light taps with the hammer (on the side of the vice grips) and it's on. Have done this many times over the years.
  12. IMHO, all GG&G parts are inferior. I had one of their bolt handles break off during cycling.
  13. NoTycoon

    Bolt release

    Note that installation requires drilling and tapping factory carrier latch.
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