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  1. I noticed the same on my barrel, a few shiny exposed spots. I shoot approx once a week for the last year so I assume in my case normal wear and tear, carrying in range bag, disassembling, cleaning, etc.
  2. I purchased one of these and find this really easy to use and much more comfortable than the stock charging handle with was sort of painful to use. I like that it has the same design as the stock so the insertion and removal works identically as the stock and you can still use it as a tool to push out the trigger pin, etc. I also like the look. Botach has over 1700 of these in stock! https://botach.com/kz-benelli-m4-oversized-charging-handles/?utm_content=Review+your+recent+purchase+from+Botach&utm_source=workflow&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Post+Purchase+Series
  3. Thanks for all the input. After some consideration, I'm just going to stick with the ghost ring sites. I can shoot skeet no problem with the ghost ring sights so I'm just going to follow the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".
  4. Thanks for the input Gorlami.
  5. I enjoy shooting skeet with my shotgun and I've gotten decent at it, hitting most of the time (I know very unscientific). I typically will line up the sights and then let the bird fly and look at the bird and follow it and shoot when it is in the sights. I love the ghost ring sights and easily hit steel at 100 yards with slugs. Any opinions if it is worth getting a red dot that co-witnesses and if anyone has shot skeet with a red dot? I know I am asking a stupid question and not using the right tool for skeet, but it's what I got and it is fun!
  6. I didn't have any fitment issues with mine. However, I did have loosening issues where the stock would loosen after every 1-2 range trips. The solution - Nord lock washers. https://www.boltdepot.com/Nord-Lock_washers_Delta_protekt_plated_steel.aspx With these washers, the stock does not budge after 20 range trips!
  7. One other thing - I contacted Mesa Tactical and let them know about the stock loosening issue and the solution - Nord Lock washers! Hopefully, they will take note and include these in their products going forward, so we don't need to come up with solutions!
  8. I received a couple of messages on where I got the Nord lock washers from. You would be looking for a 5/16" Nord-lock washer. They come in steel or stainless steel. I just got the steel version. Here's where I got them. https://www.boltdepot.com/Nord-Lock_washers_Delta_protekt_plated_steel.aspx I've been using the same lock washer for quite some time now and it holds solid. When I recently unscrewed my stock the nord washer separated into two washers (they are two washers stacked on top of each other). I just put them together and screwed the stock back in. No issue. It still holds firm. You may want to purchase several. They are only $1.10 each.
  9. My Mesa stock would loosen after every range trip. Do not use lock-tite. I bought a Nord washer and that did the trick. Search for “Nord” and you will see my earlier post.
  10. Okay, a quick update. The internal star washer from Lowes didn't work. Stock loosened again after a single range trip. Put the Nord washer on and it is solid. No loosening after a good range trip. I will look to Nord washers in the future if I need to secure a bolt against vibration. And by the way, I didn't use the stainless steel version of the Nord-lock washer - I just used the cheaper option.
  11. I purchased an internal tooth washer from Lowes. It was the 5/16" size and the brand was Hillman. I don't know if it works yet as I haven't had a chance to shoot it. I also purchased one of the Nord washers in case the tooth washer doesn't work. This was less than $1 from boltdepot.com. The shipping was more than the washer. LOL!
  12. Nice bambihunter! Looks like the adventure continues. I may want to eventually get a shotgun that would be used primarily for skeet since some of the ranges frown upon using a pistol grip for target shooting. I don't know why as it works for me.
  13. Nice! That looks like a good method as well.
  14. When I first purchased this gun a few months ago, it would not cycle target loads reliably. After breaking it in (shooting about 100 rounds of buckshot and slugs), it cycles target loads perfectly. It shoots steel targets at 100 yards no problem and I also love it for shooting clays. I am new at shooting clays and it is a blast! So far, I have put on a Mesa Urbino stock (must have for my size), a Vicker's sling, Browncoat Tactical shell cards, IWC light mount (love this mount) and an Olight Odin light. I ordered a Carrier Comp tube and looking forward to installing it. This shotgun does everything well. Anyway, just thought I'd share a little love!
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