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  1. Thanks for the input StrangerDanger!
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    Cycle issues

    I shot my brand new M4 for the first time recently and have this exact ammo - Fiocchi 00 Buck Defense Dynamics. They didn't cycle at all. Not a single one. Unfortuntately, I bought two boxes of this. I also tried some Fiocchi Exact Buck shot, 9 pellet, 1325 fps. They all cycled except one which nearly cycled, but just got caught by the bolt head as it was going out. Maybe that was just unlucky. I also tried some Federal Top Gun Target, 8 pellet, 1200 fps. Those started cycling better after I shot some higher power rounds. Now, they hang up once in a while. I am hoping it
  3. Hello, I'm a new M4 owner and I've been to the range twice and shot a few slugs, buckshot rounds and target and low-recoil home defense rounds. The target rounds and low-recoil rounds didn't cycle reliably, so I'm planning to continue with the higher power stuff for now. While cleaning the bolt assembly, I noticed scratches on both sides of the link where the link moves in the bolt assembly and noticed the link has a little side to side play which causes rubbing on the sides of the bolt assembly. Just wanted to check if this is typical/expected wear after a couple of light sho
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